Alloa: I have never been in such a hell hole

Oh my goodness! I have never been in such a hell hole. I was stood at the bright green bus station in Alloa a few weeks back, and I could play "spot the junkie".

There were woman walking about with their hair so slick back you could see lumps on their heads! Their eyes so drawn in you had to look hard to see. This place is so obviously a dump. As I was standing at the bus stop I got "awrite dahrlin" many times, which made me feel sick. They obviously felt high and mighty in their own ***** hole after cashing in giro cheques.

And boy racers kicking about during the day, which just shows they don’t have a job. And every female aged 8-25 had a pram/buggie or a kid round their waste. This place should be bombed and started all over again!

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