Living in Aldershot
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Aldershot. Heaps of cigarettes, clumps of chewing gum and ponds of spit and phlegm is what makes this town such an attraction. The town that belongs to the royal army, very well protected, has become a haven for crime, ASBOS and yep, chavs. The teens deserve to be locked up for life, and it’s not just teenager chavs in Aldershot, oh no. It’s chavved up 40 year-old mums too, trying to look all bling-bling wearing their extra large pink Lonsdale hoodies, wearing at least 3 massive gold necklaces, and have a huge ring on every finger. It definitely makes them look much uglier with their screwed up wrinkly faces, I seriously want to pull up and strangle every one of them I see!

Every corner and every straight you see is riddled with those pieces of scum that have nothing better to do than just sit there on the railings, have a cigarette and shout abuse at people passing by. It just makes you wonder, have they ever heard of a thing called a youth centre, leisure centre or a cinema? Normal kids go to these places with their friends to socialise, what is so fun about sitting around a street corner and having a cigarette every 5 minutes? Maybe this is why Aldershot suddenly got it’s nickname ‘Aldershit’. Is there nothing to do around the place? Theres tons to do in Aldershot, but the facilities are not being used because of the population of chavs!

Aldershot has had a new complex built over the old Warberg car park that replaced The Galleries shopping centre. I dread to think how many chavs will be visiting this new complex if TKMaxx and Primark are moving in!

Another terrible thing about these mindless hoodies is that they are moving out of the town and are terrorising the peaceful neighbouring villages such as Ash and Tongham. The other day I was walking up to Ash’s Co-Op and couldn’t help notice a group of 12-13 year-old chavs climbing and phlegming off the edge of trees at the local library. I see this is a hot-spot for chavs as the phone booth opposite the library is always smashed to pieces. They clearly haven’t noticed the big CCTV camera next to the phone booth. It is constantly panning around to spot the troublemaking idiots.

Furthermore, all villagers of Ash would have remembered the dreaded night that the former Co-Op caught fire after a group of chavs dropped lit objects into a litter bin. You could hear the fire engines echoing down the Ash Street bypass which made the neighbours exit their homes to see what was going on. It’s chavs, love! Same old!

Oh how I hate chavs. If there’s a fight uptown, it’s chavs. If something catches fire, it’s chavs. If a car gets hijacked, it’s chavs. Only in the town of Aldershot.

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