what can i say about aldershot that hasn’t been mentioned?? well i think i can mention 4 VERY important points that everyone hs missed out on!!! First things first everyone talks about denmark square. i would like to point out there is another council estate in ashot, namely being TICES MEADOW. i live near tices, not in it, and in my 19 years of life, have walked through the outskirts once, and i was very scared. it’s the biggest hell hole, and the kids are proper ******. they’ll nick anything, the One Stop shop on boxalls lane now has to stock coffee, bacon, sausages and various other food items behind the counter as the tices kids nick them!! who’d have thought their mothers could afford kettles!? oh, and they drug deal in the alley way opposite the shop, u see women in the shop shaking as they need their hit, its quite funny to watch!!
Secondly, no one has mentioned the delightful public house, Known as The Railway Tavern, its now tiffanys by the way. this pub WAS the under-age haven in its hey, well i suspect it got busted and closed down. most of my friends pid a visit to the railway when we were about 14, and the general rule of the tavern was “when you buy a drink, you HAVE to buy a can of coke with it, so if the police come in, you can say you’re drinking coke.” what a stupid idea?? surely the police will question why there is a pub full of 14 year olds without parents, just “drinking coke”. and to make matters worse, they over charged you for the coke, at 1 pound a can!!!
my 3rd point about aldershot is Crackerjacks. who doesn’t remember Crackerjacks?? their techniques were amazing, being, “are you 18?” “errrr yes” “3 pound then” a 12 year old could get served in Crackerjacks!!! its a shame its shut down, i had many a drunken time becuase of it!!
and my 4th point is linked to Crackerjacks, right opposite was the park of dreams, Manor Park. my god i used to go there every friday when i was 15, go to Crackerjacks or the total garage if we were feling daring or “older”, then just generally lark about in the skate park. and before you say, i wasn’t a hooligan, we just used to sit down and do those cheap shots, or drink red square, and generally chat. i even remember one night, me and 2 friends went down there, with our bottle of lambrini, and had to buy chips and sat for 30 minutes huddling over these chips to keep warm as it was january. absolutely insane. and the times we had avoiding Tango Security. it was so funny when someone got busted in the park you could just say “haha, u’ve been tangoed” oh the minds of an innocent group of teenagers.
although i’d say aldershot is a **** hole, i’ve had some hilarious times living there, Particularly on a night out in cheeks, (i went there 3 times when i was underage) the DJ gave a happy birthday shout out to 40 year old, i never went back!!!
aldershot is unique, and ******, but absoloutely mental.

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