Most of the town of alcester is an okay place, but other places are absolute rubbish to be honest, there are three main parts of it as far as I know, there is the industrial estate, the conway estate, and the high street and stuff. The industrial estate is an okay place, a few ***** live there, but these aren’t the normal *****, these are mainly female ***** that have got quite some money and don’t have fake burberry and what-not, they have the official stuff, which is a bit dodgy, but thats only the ***** mind you, there are a few girls that are great around there.

The conway estate is a number one **** place, it is full of council houses, therefore leading to the fake burberry and nickelson-wear, these people are complete ****, I mean they stare at you for two hours and you so much as move your head in their direction about 20 of them will jump on you and kick the **** out of you!!! These are the type of people that will try and intimidate you by standing outside a gig for ages jumping about and waving their arms in the hair as high as they go! There have been many problems in the school where I am taught, there have been fights, the ***** off the conway estate are complete losers, they won’t drop anything at all, but once you fight them, probably winning, they won’t touch you, or loads of people will pack on you. But if you pack on one of them, they have to get their older brothers to run you over, its just a generally crappy place, their habitat is the tesco express and small area where there are a few shops, they are complete losers…

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