So this place – described as an old roman town is a **** and ******** city! It is divided into 2 stereotypes really. Council house and Privatly owned! The Council estate is situated right in the middle of the 2 better places. Alcester is all walkable – so you can get anywhere aslong as you are holding a puschair and holding a ciggy! Utter segregation is shown as the 3 secondary schools.


This section and comments on this post have been removed after a legal threat from the Acting Head of Alcester Academy

As you go down the hill – you have the council estate on the right ( The CONWAY  – which is absolutely **** of scummsville) The newest estate being Crooks Lane etc probably being the worst. This part of Alcester is full of people who dont work, smoke loads, have loads of kids and talk ******** – there are also the crackheads which have caused alot of problems with local crime ( these kids are 16) – the alcoholics – who still get away with everything even after attempted murder and attacking a police office – yes he is still on the prowl in Alcester. You can find most of these people ******* around tescos express or round the back causing fires or writing grammaticaly incorrect graffiti!

St Benedicts is opposite Tescos express unfortunately – as its a nice school!  Alcester town is not dis0similar to Alcester as a whole. The same people out every night. 40 year olds, ******* around with 16yr olds, taking copious amounts of cocaine and weed before spending every single night in the pub. The pub owners know these people and so they can get away with being complete dicks and taking drugs in there premises. When the kickouts have happened – thier will usually be a huge fight in the middle of the town – which in the past has led to a murder and numerous glass/bottle injuries. At the back of the pubs is the wreck – which is used to smoke drugs for younger kids.

The whole entire place is a ********* full of disgusting people. Drugs are spreading like anything – the youth have no consideration for anyone or anything in which there parents do not seem to care, everyone is in it together. I can say – they all know each others business and are inbread *******!!

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