Adlington, Nr Chorley

LancashireNorth West

Ahhh Adlington…or “aggy” as it is fondly known as. You think you have seen everything until you have lived in Adlington as sadly i have for the last five years…to the untrained eye you might be fooled into thining that aggy is a fairly large but very picturesque village. Boy would you be wrong. As soon as evening falls (and all day during the school holidays!) the ***** are out on parade. They have been preparing themselves since they came home from school, or in the case of the more mature ****, since they finished signing on and drinking their giro, the trackies are tucked into the rockports, the fake burberry caps are jammed on the greasy streaked hair, the gold is on display hanging from necks and ear lobes alike..its time to cause trouble. Jubliee playing field is a favourite hang out, just by the skateboard ramp. Should you ever consider walking your dog along the field you may not return. Unless that is, your dog is a 12 stone rottweiler..but even then. Its a risky business. There they stand with their cans of cheap lager and their dodgy knocked off fags, usually setting fire to something or shouting harassment at those who dare walk past without displaying a **** badge such as burberry or a pair of rockports..your car will have stones thrown at it should you drive all its not a great place. And if you think its bad on a normal day..just wait until the carnival comes to town. Once a year the ***** get to mix with that other well known breed of ****, the ****..god help the children that are spawned from the mixing of **** and **** blood. In fact god help all who live in adlington…if anyone finds a way out, let me know!

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