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Posted by jackal 4 nov 05 1535. Well ive heard them called *****,scroats,**** and various other things but i think the best description of these things in addy is C**TS .

Adlington, Addy, Aggy whatever you hear it called stay away for your own safety. as chorleygirl wrote (see adlington near chorley oct 05) there are some places which are worse than others one of which is the jubilee playing fields where on any night of the week you will find gangs of these numbnut arseholes having a good night smokin da weed as they say or burning “things” which includes cars bikes bins trees benches etc etc, one evening i took my dog over there for a walk and they were rummaging in the dog **** bin and pulling the bags of ***** out and pelting each other with them . What the ***** that all about , mind you it did improve the smell of a few of them! or maybe it was a competition to see who could catch Hep b+c first… The other place to look out for is just outside the co-op where they try to get people to buy the white lightning or cider for them, I know a lot of people who wont go there after dark as you just get hassle. On one occasion i got told that i couldn’t go into the shop unless i bought some ale for them ,so when i told them to **** off they started on me but i dropped the tallest one who i think was the oldest and told him that if he got up while i was in the shop then i would hunt him down so he stayed on the floor bless him,I dont see him around any more but he knows who i am , so come on Bibby you bag head and get some more. I’m not saying that attack is the best form of defense for every body out there but it worked in this case,so either stay on the M61 or the A6 or enter this town at your own risk cos they’re out there. Bring lots of ammo!!!!

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