Addlestone: a nasty little place

South East

I live in addlestion (luckily on the outskirts to Weybridge). ’tisnt the greatest place in the world but it’s better then chertsey by far although I don’t think thats actually in Surrey. I’m not great with geography but anyway Addlestone is a nasty little place where nasty little ***** with nothing better to do but get pregnant or other people pregnant (usually underaged) and get a nice little council house and what the hell, lets give them some money too.

It’s scary going down to the shops, the ***** walk about in gangs (most of them with spiked up hair with the little blonde tips, of course). They own tesco! only safe person in that place is the security bloke, somehow he manages to stay friendly.

What I hate most is the ********* going around wearing hardly anything, pushing their fatherless children in prams while the ***** at the pub stare google eyed at them blatantly.

How grim is your Postcode?

I’m sick of going thought my local park and seeing used condoms and syringes in a place targeted for 4-12 yr olds.

I’ld say that 60% or more shops in Addlestone are restaurants/take aways/curry houses and pubs. You wouldn’t believe the amount of eating places there are here! There also used to be quite a lot of funeral places too… only two left now I think. We have three pharmacy shops, THREE! in a small town! shows how much medical needs the ***** have here, ***** work in there too, it’s chaos. I’m just glad I don’t live deep inside the horrid place.

Addlestonians are trying to make it better. They’ve just finished taking down the wood of the train station and put up bars.. makes you feel very welcome now. They still haven’t put the benches back into the train station (taken away as too many ***** were ganging around it). They put out all these new shiny bus stops and benches, no innocent bystander would use these freezing, solid steel benches (in a stupid, painful design) and the amount of glass they’ve decided to put in. WHY! it’s obviously just going to be broken in a day or so.

Soon as I can I’m getting the hell out of here to Cornwall. People smile there, despite their pirate problem.

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