Accrington is the worst town to raise anyone let alone a young person

Accrington is the worst town to raise anyone let alone a young person who is growing up and being influenced by negative people and a town with the only promise is to offer racism, boredom, closed minded people and a very unsafe place to walk around. Examples.. thieves, druggies, sted heads and yes the **** **** that we see today.

The town isn’t full of bad point’s.. there is a poundland, home bargains, iceland, netto and aldi. Get my drift? This is as good as it get’s…. I left this town and never looked back!

Why these young girls decide to get pregnant here is beyond me! Why raise a child in a town that has been forgotten about? Prospects are very low in accrington! Silly **** girls! Dont even get me started on the lads of accrington! Teh only thing you need to know is.. trackies, superbrew, footy, computers, drugs and ******* around town.. The accy girls love it!

Don’t even get me started on the ***** ****’s! Rob anything that isn’t nailed down, although they’d still have a go! They are one of the worst ***** points about accrington!

Can’t be bothered wasting anymore of my time on this god foresaken town. In summary; Do not visit this dump nothing remotley interesting. Never associate with the general raised trash here and if you are a positive person like me this place can suck the life out of you literally!

I left the town yesterday after a visit. When I got on the M65, I shed a tear for all the children that will grow up there and probably get pregnant early, turn to crime, drop out of school, turn to drugs or just become a dole *********.


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