Abingdon – ‘nar meen lark’

Abingdon.Six or seven miles south of the glorious city of Oxford. And yet a lifetime and a half away.
    You see whereas the main pastimes of the residents of Oxford town consist of high-brow intellectual pursuits such as debates and art galleries, the denizens of Abingdon are more concerned with squilling stella and taking lumps out of any innocent person they believe has tried to ‘**** them off’
And its not just alternatives, goths, skaters and the usual people in the firing line, oh no – here is truly a place where ****-on-**** violence is in full effect.There is never more evident in the ridiculous turf war-style conflict that perpetually goes on between the north and south of the town.

The southerners- or ‘sackies’ as they termed because they mostly come from the area around council-owned saxton ‘sacky’ road – are perhaps the slightly less amiable of the two.Although the difference is roughly equivelent to jumping off the 242nd floor of a tall building or the 241st.
   Those from the north of the town (mostly centered around the ****-mecca Peachcroft area) will tell you that south abingdoners are thieving, scheming lowlifes – although they will probably tell you this after nicking your wallet.
The two sides have despised and mistrusted each other seemingly forever, and what makes this different from any other small town ‘east-westside’ mentality is the fact that this hatred genuinely seems to extend to grown men and women as old as in thier fifties.The local newspaper reported in the late nineties about a youth football match between a team from the north district against the souths local team, which erupted into a full-scale pitched battle between the parents of both sides, it was reported that knives, coshes and ‘home-made slashing devices’ were confiscated by local police.Remember this was a match between ten-year-olds.

Thats not to say that the ongoing conflict between gangs of ***** here means any less violence is directed at ‘grunjers’ or any other minority group, in fact the attiude of abingdoners towards outsiders was once expressed nicely by the foot-high graffitti on a wall in Peachroft which once read simply ‘Turn Back or Die’.How I wish Id grown up in Oxford !

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