Abertridwr (Aber)

Located between caerphilly and senghenydd (also knows as snegi) it has to be the most roughest place going! This is the ultimate ****-VILLE! all chavz either hang out at the huge main bus station in the centre ov aber called the square. Aber and Snegi are the most roughest places around caerphilly, both towns hav their share of chavz who hate each other but are so stupid with their lack of knowledge only thing they seems to argue about is which town has the most boarded up windows.

Chavz are aged between about 12 and 26, also hav the little 8 year old **** wannabies with their **** hat under their white hooded jacket with a *** or beer in their hand. And the 26 year old jobless guys incorriging the youngsters to nick bags from old woment or throw a load of wheelie bins in the centre of the road.most of the kids under the age of 10 hav drivin a car or had their first warning from the police.Even the little local shop sells the pink burberry hat for the chavetts who just stand on the corner of the square for a boy racer to drive past n shout sum insulting comment like “****” which the girls will think is a good thing. Even buses have stopped running throught both towns because they have eggs and stones thrown at the vehicles!

Every **** in the two towns go to The Buffs every friday n saturday even if they are 12 they can get served and hit on by an 19 old desperaite drug addict who cant get any!

How grim is your Postcode?

these towns r that bad rottweilers walk in twos!

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