I am soo surprised Aberdeen has not had a previous mention so here goes!
On entering Aberdeen you would think the ***** (or bams as we like to call them) have not quite taken over the city centre ..yet.
In thinking this you would be badly mistaken. Take a walk to a number 17 or 18 bus stop. These are the buses that will take you to bamland otherwise known as the cheerful Torry. Not surprisingly these bus stops are located just outside the local “maccy d’s” …very handy!
As it happens i was forced to venture into that particular “maccy d’s” today, i was hit by the smell of cheap perfume and chips and greeted by the site of burberry caps and immaculately clean nike trainers. Quite an experience.
Aberdeen, being quite a large city, has many areas almost totaly under the control of the local bam groups. I do not think i have the heart to name these places (hint they are Torry,Mastrick and Westhill).
To be fair i have to say i do know some decent poeple who live in these areas, they are just gravely outnumbered by the bams.
The biggest dissapointment of 2003- the closure of Amadeus. This must have been the biggest, most bammiest nightclub in the city. The under 18’s traffic light evenings certainly attracted erm a lot of attention. Surprisingly popular.
Do not just judge Aberdeen by what I have said, come and check it out yourself. Just remember to bring plenty of fake Burberry and you will fit right in!

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