Aberdare, it literally feels like the land time forgot

Aberdare, Property Guide and Review
Aberdare, Property Guide and Review

Aberdare, it literally feels like the land time forgot

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Well, what can i say? It seems the sun NEVER shines in Aberdare, it literally feels like the land time forgot. Everywhere you go you are surrounded by mountains, which gives you the feeling once you enter you will never leave.

When it comes to the people in this dreary old town, you would be extremely lucky to find an occupant who isn’t a ****. **** central (The hirwaun flats) were so extremely ****** the council finally agreed to blow them down a couple of years back. These flats contained the biggest druggies and ****** you could ever put in the same building. Overdoses were the “in thing” in those flats, if you hadn’t had one you were a nobody.

The most popular career choice in Aberdare is shoplifting. Items stolen range from washing up liquid in kwik save to poppers in the sex shop. If anybody does actually buy anything (which is a rarity) most of the ***** will shop in “What” situated just outside Penywaun. Which is a good job too as penywaun contains the most idle, smelly, dole dodgers in south wales. Warning to anybody visiting Aberdare, please do not enter Penywaun as you will exit with rabese.

Local night clubs in Aberdare include “Judges”, “The Market Tavern” and the boot. For a night of watching 13 years olds girls getting their leg over standing up a wall then chucking up the litre of white lightning they just downed in their partners mouth Judges is the place to be. The dj looks and plays as if he is on smack and the lighting system is so dire you start to believe you are in an episode of the teletubbies.

DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE BOOT! As they havnt bothered to install a decent lighting system, it is so dark that with all the fighting going on around you, you actually believe you are in a game of murder in the dark!! A guy with a leather jacket and very strange hair will always offer you speed for the price of £15, even if you say no he will continue to approach you.

The market tavern offers you the pleasant entrance of squelching in pee as you walk in. If you don’t pull in there you must either be extremely dumb or uglier than Quasimodo! Loose is an understatement.

So basically Aberdare, next to Iraq is the worst place in the world to be!!!!!!!!!!!

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