abbots langley

South East

A rural idyll now turned into a heaving river of chavdom.
This once cultural oasis that avoided , through sheer determination of style and standards, the pinnacle of chavdon Watford. Sadly Abbots has now miserably sucummed to the worst attributes of the **** nation invasion…….
Ill spelt grafitti adorns ancient footpath walls evidence of the ill repute that ***** hold for even the most base education. Ensuring that they make an A level out of squandering the nations heritage is a prime occupation of the Abbots *****, hostile at worst, Faaarck Off being their
most notable expression and at best uttering banalities like, ‘boring lets rip it down’as another sapling tree bends to the shallow violence that creeps through the **** clogged veins of this once classy place.
Phone boxes are the home of the adult ***** off spring…here in the faded village glory they piss, **** and spit their way through an evenings fun and frolics, leaving unsubtle reminders that chill the village elders as another **** morning breaks over a village centre strewn knee deep in cold chips alcopop bottles and take away detritus….baracking **** moms givin it large to their adoring *********,emerge from a night of rowing and bonding , pony tails swishing, mid drifts exposed as they march authoritively past the incredulous on lookers,powerless to combat the overwhelming glare iminating from the inevitable bling. All strategically placed on the neck and wrists as well as dangling from the over exposed abdo areas, wild mini bags flopping on wind chilled shoulders with mobile phones firmly grasped in the their right hand, texting **** off messages to nearby chavvers waiting to join in the throng.

**** dogs rule the park barking and ******** at will. while their proud **** owners belittle village worthies for caring about the village image and its environment. Cos afterall **** kids never walk into dog poo, far to smart.
Yes the **** occupation is well underway here in Abbots, a haven in a heartless **** world is what it has become……..

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