abbots bromley

**** central!
just down the road from the well known **** land uttoxetor, abbots bromley is a small village with a growin **** population
there is a gang of ***** aound 15-16 years old, who all wear the same thing on the same day (its a gang thing apparantly) they like to date girls who are around 10 years old and wear more gold (be it fake) than the queen
their favorite pass time is ******* out in the kiddy park (ohh hard! get them!) whilst smoking and drinking shandy and throwing bark at cars, apparantly it makes them look big, hard, scary and amusing, its a shame the rest of the village sees them as talentless croud followers. they walk around the village, getting served in the pubs that have more underaged drinkers than legal, shouting abuse at anyone that looks slightly normal and doesnt have their jeans tucked into their socks or who isnt wearing surfer shorts (yes surfer shorts! its the new burberry apparantly, and yes they do all have the same pair)
oh how we are proud of our group of yobs, they do make everyone else look so much better after all!

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