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A town called Malice

With apologies to Paul Weller, one of the greatest song writers and musicians who has ever graced our planet.

Walk down the main high street of Anytown. This is a place near you, maybe where you grew up, maybe where you’ve just moved too, or moved from. If you dare look up and look around, not walk with your head down through fear of incurring the wrath of today’s Public Enemy No1, you may catch a glimpse of the moronic and anti-social phenomenon called ‘the chav.’ This is the most serious health threat to the country since the great plague of 1666.

The chavs/ettes ambitions are to turn their estate and/or home town into something that looks like the only part of Britain that wasn’t re-built after The Blitz. Between them they have done more demolition in England than Hitler. Burnt out cars, boarded up windows, grime, squalor, rotting food, mucky kids, broken prams, empty beer cans, tab ends, discarded shitty nappies. All the main and major design specifications of the chav ‘ideal home.’

The parks and playgrounds that you once played happily in as kids, are now used as breeding grounds where they procreate more vicious, venomous, vindictive reptiles (do they really use crisp packets as condoms)? The more ingenious ones in requirement of an IUD, actually insert a small upside down jamjar. That is a true story imparted to me by a mate who’s a doctor in a local casualty. She’d left the label on and it had got infected (surprise surprise).

Here in what was once leafy suburbia (or sometimes never was) dwell rodent faced savages with no hope, no future and nothing to look forward to except decades of misery and despair. They are surrounded by urban decay and social disease and their whole and sole purpose in life seems to be to exploit the benefits system. They then get their giro’s and get angry, blind and brutal and go on alcohol fuelled rages of violence and fury.

They have no courage, no moral fibre, no work ethic, no respect for others, for property, for their children, for their spouses/partners, for the law and above all – for themselves. Their lack of fear of the law and the consequences of their actions is partly due to a lack of action on the part of civilized society, a lack of action on the parts of the Govt and the courts to punish those perpetrating this behaviour and dragging their neighbourhoods and towns and inevitably the country down. No wonder the cops think they’re fighting a losing battle.

Oppenheimer must have borrowed H.G. Wells ‘time machine’ and gone forward 60 years and seen this disgusting and inhumane downward spiral, which is what probably spurred him on to develop the Manhattan Project to put paid to this. [Chav’s; Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb. Manhattan was the project’s name. I don’t expect you paid attention in history on the 2 days a week you went to school]. It just makes me wish the Enola Gay would fly again (to quite a number of different locations with a maximum payload).

These are the morons who offer apples to police horses on riot duty, only for the apples to have numerous needles pushed into them. If they can come up with such innovative ways of destruction, why can they not apply them in positive ways of bettering themselves? These rejects from a Stephen King horror story with a culture of hate filled eyes, and a vocabulary to make Chubby Brown and Billy Connolly blush, hang around on every corner thinking they’re as frightening as Freddie Krueger in ‘Nightmare on Whatever Street.’ Each and every place they inhabit is competing for the coveted title – ‘Chav Central’ of the universe. They are a grave and grotesque problem, and epitomise everything that is wrong with our society(s) today. The epicentre of their existence is always cheap shops, fast food joints, amusement arcades (which amuses me to see those that civilisation left behind putting their hard earned and well deserved giro’s and profits of the latest pensioner assault, or illegally procured kids dinner money into slot machines). They congregate at food stalls on the local market, that sells poisonous yellowed chicken that looks like it been on 40 a day for 10 years!!

We all know their uniforms and modes/methods of transport, invariably knicked. Like the scavengers of the animal kingdom such as the hyena and vulture, they prey on the defenceless and intimidate only the weak. They thieve, swear, spit, s**t, bully and swagger their way through life. They take take take, ask anyone of them the last time they gave. Gave blood, gave to charity, gave time to help someone less fortunate.

A bloke goes into a pub and shouts out “all chavs are arseholes.”
Another bloke replies “I resent that remark.”
The first guy says “why are you a chav?”
He replies “no I’m an arsehole.”

Whatever happened to the generations that fought to keep Britain free and ‘Great.’


Don’t miss it because it’s coming soon, to a town, to a park, to a city, to a suburb – near you!

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