a quick **** annalysis on poole and bournemouth

I,ve been living in Poole now for 24 years, and during that time I have noticed that the roughest chaviest area,s in the entire district are probably West Howe, Trinidad Estate (lost count of how many times an arson attack has been commited on the boxing club there), Bourne Estate, Alderney, Waterloo Estate (which I lived on for 10 years), some parts of Canford Heath and Turlin Moore.

West Howe I,d say has to be the chaviest out of the nominee,s there though. Its probably the biggest area of them all for a start. If you go to Retail park area at West howe, guaranteed your find a group of ***** in seconds. Theres even two **** shop outlets there, Argos and a JJB sports.

But I,ve started to notice area,s that are just outside of the district

How grim is your Postcode?

If your gonna look at the area of Bournemouth however, then it seems to me Boscombe and Pokesdown are the chaviest areas of all hands down. In Lansdowne however, it seems to me as if either ***** or skaters have bought the area of land furthest away from the store on the ground floor of the ASDA car park. As I rarely see cars there, just either skaters skating, or ***** dossing or blasting electronic music from their cars. During the day, your even get full time street ********** ******* on the corner of the pavement that leads to the train station (on the side of the railway ASDA is) making up sob storys to scrounge loose change off you.

Of course, I cant finish, without mentioning about how Bournemouth is one of the nightclub capitals of the UK, with millionaire Richard Carr owning nearly all of them.

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