a bad, sad and scary place to know(or live in!)

South EastSurrey

If you can think of nothing better to do than rub shoulders with pregnant teens, and work shy,dole s**m,benefit seeking council housers,then Redhill is the place for you!
If you’ve ever had the misfortune to be in Redhill on, say, a Friday night, you too must have suffered the fighting,vomiting, and general nastiness of this town that manners forgot. It gets better too…..now that the old embassy nightclub has been ‘blinged’ up to the ‘glitzy’ Liquid/Envy shiteclub, you can bring upon yourself a whole night of violence, whether you want to be involved or not. It doesn’t take much to get in there either, as long as your drunk,have breasts,or know the bouncers best mates sister, your in! And if you think it can’t get any better than that, head on down to Favourite Chicken for your very own helping of vomit burger, and if your really lucky, a good old fashioned stabbing. Seriously, this has actually happened outside here. When you’ve recovered from your night of hell, why not pop into Redhill in the day, for yet another eye opening (to say the least) experience of this charming little town. You may encounter a fight outside mcdonalds, a 13 year old from Warwick school asking you to buy them cigarettes,or a trail of 11, at a push, 12 year olds with their own little sproglets dressed to the nines in Burberry, and something pink and fluffy. Welcome to Redhill! Have a nice day!

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