(1) Coventry

West MidlandsWest Midlands

Coventry – Breeding inbred **** **** since 1980

First off, I’d like to make clear that I don’t hate people for their music taste. I judge people by their character…. which is why I hate *****!! I’m tired of walking down streets, and seeing **** hanging around on every street corner, In front of shops so I practically have move them out of my way in order to enter my desired store.

I’m sick of how poor they all are, but think they “is well loaded, man , init, safe” I mean the reason ***** are so scummy is because they are the modern “*****” or “pondy” (Depending on your region) which is to say, a lower class!!

Have you ever seen any *****, in any of these professions….

Doctor, teacher (not P.E), Office manager, Administrator, dentist, musician, artist, designers, architect, lawyer, bank manager, stock broker, quantity surveyor, ….ect ect

the answer is a firm NO!, ***** populate the lower end of the job market… McDonalds burger flippers, factory line workers, janitors ect.. However most of this “work” is spaced between many months of Signing on or prison.

Think about this, All throughout history there have been **** in our communities, but it had never been a real issue to the mass population. the problem with ***** is that the are BREEDING LIKE ******* RABBITS!! I’ve seen so many **** slags carting around a baby its crazy, who gives these people the right to have a kid, pregnancy should be licensed to those with a IQ higher than 9 to exclude this population boom of retarded **** c u nts! Its all the fault of a modern upbringing, and its going to repeat over and over until ***** get put in their place.

another reason to hate ***** is…
the stupid fight mentality they all seem to have programmed into the, It can usually be noticed by the pack war cry of “yu staaaartin somethink” . and the following pussy attitude of getting on their bikes and riding off… I’ve never seen a **** win a fight with a different class, be it Asians, Goths, old ladies, bikers.. ***** always loose!! so why have they got the false confidence that they is “well ard innit” lets face it, your not!!… If your a **** then you are a pussy, its the reason you hang around in packs, because it makes you feel safer in a world that doesn’t want you innit *pun intended*

Its the reason you don’t have intelligence, because your too afraid to doing something different to that of your mates, and getting an education.

your terrified of being alone, this is the reason your 16yr old **** slag sister is pregnant again, probably with your kid! and explains why you all wear the same ridiculous tracksuits and caps, you like the feel that your part of something greater.. but in reality you just look like something from the early 90’s hip hop scene.

You are weak, worthless, frightened little boys and girls!!. In ten years time, you will still be weak and frightened, however you’ll be tired from working all day in the factory! to go home to 5-10 children, to your husband/wife who you hate, but your only together because your scared no one else will have a **** c unt like you as a partner.

It really is all downhill for you losers, your life is worthless!

the only purpose you serve is my personal entertainment, I so enjoy it when a **** looser pulls up along side me in his £400 Nova or another ***** old car.. gives me a rev of his 1.4 engine.. to which I laugh directly into his face, and leave him in my dust trail smiling to myself with the thought that I have a better car because I can afford one, Because I have more money, because I have a better job than you, because I am not a **** wasting my time on street corners…

I love the look on your little spotty faces, I can only thank ***** for being my entertainment and making me feel really good that I’m not one of them.

well this has been fun, and its nice to leave you with the fact that that took me 30 minutes to type, in which time I earned £7 by sitting in my office playing on the internet…

think about that the next time your on a street corner, looking like a fu cking idiot, smelling of ****, arm around your slut of girlfriend, keys to a nova in the other hand, giro in your back pocket, being ridiculed and hated by everyone else in Britain!!

Congratulations on becoming the modern day ******, on being so inbred that you cant notice that your nose has been broken by the foot of a Goth.

for having no future, no dreams, no intellect or diversity, congratulations for become lower than human.



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