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Whitehawk and neighbouring chav-hole Moulsecoomb are the third world areas of Sussex…

There is nothing good that I can say about the ‘Hawkers’. The area is a dive. Hawkers have yet been able to grasp the English language. Instead, everything they say has to end in ‘innit’ or ‘nah, mate’.

The little chav kids think they really are something special, and the parents, well, they are a lost cause. Tattoo’d to the nines, more fat than you could imagine, cheap clothes that smell of cigarettes, body odour and have less intelligence than a concrete slab. They make Waynetta Slob look attractive in comparison.

Crime in this area is high – domestics, robbery, shoplifting, vehicle/violent crime are common. Even though the police try to restore order in the chavvy little area, they are greeted with abuse. With the mere sight of anything police related people look out their windows, come out of their chav council houses, and the little scroats gather round trying to look hard in front of the police.

I had the ‘pleasure’ of working in Whitehawk for one night and was amazed at how idiotic a lot of the kids are. I was approached by a spotty Blazin’ Squad wannabe who called himself ‘the King’. The lad hadn’t even finished school. Twat.

Baseball caps worn in an unfashionable way, Burberry, shell suits, Luis Vuitton, Reebok classics, McKenzie and lots of jewellery are the norm with chavlings. The boys have greasy hair that has been bleached with domestos and the girls have more colours in their hair than a rainbow.

Teenage pregnancy in the ‘Hawk is high. Example: Wayne shags Crystal for a dare one night when they attend a chav party, drinking White Lightning. Wayne boasts that he’s the ‘daddy in town’ for getting laid. Nine months later he is, only he is no longer around to adjust to fatherhood thus leaving Crystal to bring up Courtney/Casey/Bobby/Page/Britney or whatever the poor kid has been named with help from the social.

It’s rare to see a vehicle with four wheels or with valid car tax. If for some strange reason you have to venture into Whitehawk, don’t leave your car unattended. The chavs can sense fresh meat and will take your car or anything within it seconds after you have disappeared.

I could go on, but to sum it up – Whitehawk is a scum filled place, with no hopers who either already are or will end up on the dole.

I’m pleased that I live in Hove, even if it is only a few miles away from the Third World.


Would you believe it? A ‘hawker has contacted me asking for the personal details of Mr E, the user who posted this article. I can only speculate on why she needs this information, to get a lynch mob together perhaps? She has also contacted Sussex Police. What she expects them to do I do not know, is slagging off ‘hawkers a criminal offence? Here is her email and my reply for your delectation!

Dear Chav Towns

I am contacting you to complain about the the item on your website (named above) about the people of the Whitehawk estate in Brighton. This has been drawn to my attention by some young people who have had the item circulated.

Whitehawk is one of the mosr deprived areas in Britain and does suffer from some of the anti-social behaviour described, but publishing this kind of hate filled invective is not the way to make things better. The children in Whitehawk already suffer from prejudice against them because of the estate’s reputation and this article has caused great offence and hurt. It does nothing to help the problems on this estate – in fact could make things worse.

The writer Mr E should be asked to withdraw his comments and apologise for the offence he has caused. If not, he should have the courage of his convictions and publish his real name and contact details.


Brighton resident

…and my reply!

Dear Cathy,

Try and picture me giving a s**t, why not send your ill informed letter of complaint to the local paper!

Kind Regards

Chavscum Webmaster.