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Never in all of my years have I experienced a place like Westhoughton in Bolton, it is like the Star Wars cantina has got over populated and the regulars have been forced to come to this place as a second choice.

I often wondered what happens to all the scum bags and dregs of society when they disappear or drop out of the system, but don’t worry, I have since found out that they are safe and well with their webbed feet and six fingers living around the streets of Westhoughton.

In-breeding is rife in this part of the world as the little chav scum have been know to refer to their male parent as “Uncle Dad”. These people are so blinkered in life and have absolutely no idea of the real world out there.

They live in a community of s**tty council / ex-council housing and industrial estates, where the roads are crammed with artics and twatty boy racers passing through the town centre on their way to the carpark at Middlebrook, to “show off da wheelz” where in retrospect, a crappy Nova SR or Fiesta which has been “Halfords” up to the max.

The people of Westhoughton are closer than a community, with there shaven heads, scruffy overalls and a fag hanging out of their ugly fat working class gobs, which is crammed full of chips – and you should see the men!

The local rat-boys can be found every evening walking the streets with their fake Burberry caps and trackie bottoms stuff into their socks, menacing society while the police turn a blind eye – cause they are used to it too!!

The older generation of westhoughton residents do nothing but complain about the new housing developments that are springing up and “ruining” the area. Ruining the area?? What the f**k are you on about you decrepit old f**ker, the are was and had always been a f**king cesspit of society, and now it it still a f**king cesspit – with some nice houses dotted about.

f**king bunch of knuckle dragging arseholes – don’t go there, you’ll never come out alive.

  • WorkingClassKnuckleDragger

    I live in Daisy Hill, which is the village end of Westhoughton away from the town center.

    Westhoughton…. meh, it’s nothing interesting, definitely not even a glimmer of the raging tirade the original poster made.

    It’s working class houses, mixed with a few SMALL council estates and a few larger nicer residential/family estates, hence why there’s a hell of a lot of primary schools, all the primary schools in the area achieve well over the Ofsted 60% level 4 curriculum requirements (typically hitting 80%+), not bad for a bunch of inbreds who drag their kids up :)

    All this circles around the main town center (which is a single street and a small retail area with a McDonalds, Dominos, hardware store, Chinese restaurant (which has been there for at least 20 years I reckon and is a really nice place) and a Home Bargains. Market Street has a long selection of shops you’d expect to see, including a “Spoons”, with a couple of generally empty pubs. No one goes out for a night in Westhoughton, typically it’s a starting ground (usually Spoons as it’s cheap) before people head into town or up to Scotts Bar at Middlebrook (not part of Westhoughton as the article suggests, it’s Horwich/Bordering Blackrod).

    As for the people, can’t say I’ve noticed many scummy mummy types, nowhere near in comparison to some of the areas I’ve visited over the years. There are quite a lot of older generation though as it’s an old town.

    Basically Westhoughton is just a pretty normal place that doesn’t even get up on the radar in all honesty, probably like most towns, this from someone who doesn’t live in Westhoughton but is only a stones throw from it.

    The only thing interesting with the original post is how high brow the author thinks they are but can barely string a sentence together without some expletive. Clearly a massive troll trying to rile those from the area for some silly internet fun.

  • Leanne Justine Al Bailey

    Westhoughton is a lovely place iv lived here for 30yrs there are like anywhere else scruffy people but few I think ur comments are small minded and pathetic and most of all a exaggeration you must of just visited the council estate and as for the guy who went in wetherspoons is that the only girl you can cop off with what a tramp to go with such a girl!

  • S E C

    and use them for *their* purpose. I don’t think you should be educating people on the use of brackets if you don’t know the difference between there/their

  • Steven James

    Sir’s,your assumptions as to the general socio economic status and both the physical appearance and condition of the general populace of Westhoughton are incorrect. Many small and medium sized towns have similar demographics as ‘howfen’ and having visited probably every town and conversed with friends and associates on this issue throughout the North West, let me assure you that Westhoughton is in the top ten percentile as to its overall desirability,also note that Westhoughton property values enjoy a similar lofty perch.
    In fairness to you, your overall observations do have merit and WH suffers similar negative issues as many northern towns, it is a strong community struggling to thrive and unfortunately it has lost a certain amount of charm from the days of my childhood. . However what you failed to note was that but by far it’s biggest asset are the locals,people from all walks of life,including scores of self made businesss owners and old and new money wealth that would surprise most. Great nights out in the pub with laughing fun loving folks who really do “seize the day” daily!
    My home is in Newport beach California, an ultra glamorous city,with a lot of fake people. Westhoughton isn’t glamorous but has real people, you would be fortunate to live there.

  • Observer

    Gecko expressed his views/experiences openly and honestly about the area and would not lie in so much detail.

  • lisa hallam

    Wtf im born n bred howfen mate n not interbred westhoughton is the best place on earth …. Wat happened to u did a howfen girl break ur heart haha :-)

  • http://. becky

    theirs nothing like tarring with the same brush, i think you’ll find theirs a diverse range of people in every town you go to, and to be as narrow minded as to presume everybody in a community is the same because YOU had a bad experience is pathetic, i’m sure people have an opinion of you that you disapprove of even more so now, I sagest you keep your narrow minded opinion to your self, Iv lived in westhoughton for 30 years and i can assure you you have no idea what you are talking about, crawl back in your hole.

  • chellsi

    Westhoughton is a fantastic place who ever has wrote the big long story why dont you go and do one we have repect for each other we hold community events etc i mean where exactly do you come from to be slagging westhoughton off how dare you!!!!!

  • mr thailand

    me and my thai wife live in wh and we like it , great pubs , shops etc , no drama .

  • Natalie

    This is ridiculous. Not only is your language provocative, but your assumptions and observations are completely misled. You are misinforming your readers regarding the nature of the community of Westhoughton by making incorrect and, quite frankly, rude observations. I am from Westhoughton; I am not a “scum bag”, nor am I “Fat” or “working class”. Therefore, your generalizations are mistaken. Furthermore, I am proud of our the history of Westhoughton. I hope your readers are not ignorant enough to believe your work of fiction.

  • Ant

    Seriously mate if you think this of Westhoughton try living in little hulton for 20 years.. Westhoughton is a great community place with lots to do.. U have a couple of council areas which again ain’t a patch on little hulton or Farnworth for that matter!

  • Gecko

    I was just looking at house prices in this cesspit.
    It turns out the cow heads must have a sale on crack smack and jack all on the same day.
    Because there is a house for sale on common street for 250,000 hahaha
    And a 2 up 2 down made in to 3 bed room up for 106,000. What are they thinking a state agent must have joined the church congregation?
    I would pay someone so I didn’t haft to move there.

  • Gecko

    I lived in Westhoughton for 7 years on the main rd. and Common Street
    My first house was rented and we found the landlord in the house when we come home one evening. We thought he was just old and we explained this should not happen again.
    Afterword’s thinking about it few things had gone missing including items of cloths.
    Again we were moving to common street any way and it was just one” weirdo”.
    it was ok for the first 2 years,
    Then people started speaking to me.
    I found out the landlord had the ground rent on many houses and rented to family on the street.
    When I got the house the man had told me he split up and that’s why he was selling.
    Apparently she was cheating on him, with street dwellers when he was working.
    The old did complain but they had a lot to complain about.
    I think out of my street there were 8 people with jobs out of about 30 houses.
    Fore of them van drivers they were the clever ones.
    One of them that looked normal was on the BNP published gold members list on the wiki leeks site.
    The hart common pub was where they all congregated drinking and sleeping with each other.
    For a long time the old just sat in their gardens getting hammed And ripping in to each other in turn when the other was not there.
    When I moved in the whole street was York stone flags. but over time most of the van men on the main rd had took it up. They were wearing there Liverpool shirts to hide their identity, leaving old people falling in holes.
    There kids were feral dirty and forever attacking other younger kids when speaking to “parents” it was like I was the police, because I was not speaking in grunts they just denied there kids were even there.
    It started to get worse because the housing boom started, so people who had inherited there 2 up 2 down houses, realized they could sell them and go in to council housing.
    They sold to landlords and they rented to their young relatives with no jobs.
    At the same time the pubs shut due to kids running them drugs etc police call outs.
    The new law was you get 3 calls to the same pub and they can close it.
    Tons of them shut.
    Boy racers every were all drinking at home, difficult to sleep so was affecting my work.
    Some weeks it was partying every night different lads back with there kids in the house.
    God knows how the kids went to school in the morning probable dint take them.
    Spoke to people on the street and it started making sense loads of them were Mormons from the local church and the kids were there’s or friends of theirs so it was not going to stop.
    At this point the boom was finishing, but there were so many kids without jobs needing houses on the same street it was like 7 to a house in some of them.
    The house prices were still massively overpriced because of demand, and any one stupid enough to sign up to a joke mortgage could have one including Mormons all from the same family.
    I use to get pieces of paper asking to by my house.
    So I sold my house within a month of putting it up for sale.
    I have never looked back until today when seeing this article on the web.
    Some memory’s that flooded back to me when I seen it.
    (One of my streets clever kids 15 yrs getting rid of a tree stump for his mother was out in the sun for 7 days, with a blunt one handed axe drilling the tree stump in to the ground.
    On the first day I asked him would he like to use my chain saw or would he like me to do it he refused.
    Asked again on the 3rd day and he grunted he liked using his hands. I first gave him respect, and after the constant thudding of the blunt axe for a week of summer on my holiday on the 6th day realized he must have been mentally retarded)

    (Another memory kid pushing a industrial wood pulling cart seen in work places everywhere.
    He pushed it up the side of cars on the street I asked him what he was doing.
    he told my his mum and dad told him to run up and down the street with it half full of wood because it would help tier him out.
    I spoke to his sperm downer but apparently he had ADHD difficulties too.
    So it was good for him to run up and down the street damaging cars.)

    (One of the street home owners with 3 kids and a wife got home one day with an extra teenager as it was there brother from another mother, that his wife new nothing about.
    But it was ok because there kids new him all ready they went to the same church so the story goes.)

    (one of the older tramps on the street “receptionist” had got her house by marring a man on the street then divorcing him taking him for a lot. bit later on the same thing happened to her with a copper. she then rented out to a bunch of scum off the estate. At this point it became a battle of retarded church inbreeds and estate scum, all completely hammed drunk and loose.
    The original man she relieved of the cash the copper had took,
    Had then got a house on the same street he took her back in with open arms.
    Leaving his new miss with kid f**ked.

    • Natalie

      You’re a proper busy body aren’t you? watching people all the time…pretty stalkerish to be honest…talking to young kids and watching female neighbours and the antics they get up to….bit pervy I think…you also stayed for 7 years but it took you alllllll that time to decide its an awful place … why 7 years? Also…you lived on Common street? wtf you lived on a secluded little road in which all of the sh*t you have stated above is a complete lie, there is one pub close to there..still open..2 pubs in westhoughton have been shut out of the 15 or so, again you are wrong..feral kids? you are dilusional but I see what you are doing…writing utter sh*t to get a response…just a lonely old man..I pity you.. also…please close a bracket when you have opened it…and use them for there purpose not just for decoration you absolute cretin.

  • jg

    it was a gate,not a fence..does the obviously uneducated town with illiterate people,such as urself,where u come from not av schools then cos if it does they obviously dnt teach spelling do they?…..

  • jg

    Westhoughton is churning out kids by the bucket load who chip lovers or not can spell..pity a complete and utter retard,which u obviously r cant educate themselves past that load of utter sh*te that u av attempted to write isnt it..toodleoooo thick c**t


    hahaha I’ve read is all now! I come from Westhoughton and for one have not got a clue you were in the same town! Don’t make me laugh. My child is very well cared for and never visits a pub, or eats chips for that matter! Where do you live I would love to visit your town and give my honest opinion on the state of your chav town.

    And for your information before you start calling people and the places they live, try spell check you not right!

    Tata for now

  • davey

    yeah westhaughton is sh*te! best thing is the way out, scruffy scummy mums and dads who would have their children visit them in the pub so they can buy them a bowl of chips for their healthy tea! 1 of their 5 a day meals!!! proud to be so thick as chop a cows head off than take a panal out of a fence?? nice one you knob heads

    • Natalie

      I love Westhoughton, I live there still..yes you can get the odd d**k here and there and the moron single mothers with no jobs bumming around all day which is what actually happens everywhere … and the place you call home…isn’t any different. I was brought up by wonderful parents…not inbreds or chavs…I was taken to school by my mum and picked up…I played at the front of my house and came in when shouted to do so I ALSO have manners…but you sir are clearly so uneducated and show nothing but utter stupidity…something obviously happened to you in your life…maybe a parent abused you? Thought so, that you are angry at everybody else…I think you’d do well if you got some therapy.