Living in Thanet
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Kent, South East

We had been living in Thanet for nearly 5 years now, cannot wait to move away. If you can imagine a place that is the dumping ground for all that is wrong in society, Thanet is it. The locals take stupidity to a new level, just driving around you have to dodge motorists who drive at you, if you let them pass they thank you by sticking their fingers up at you, those who walk in front of your car, verbally abuse you just for the sake of it.

Shopping is a great joy, Margate high street is a sea of chavs, toothless weirdos snapping their gums at each other, while balancing a roll up on their bottom lip. Drunks slumped outside shop door ways, asking for spare change. Outside the job centre you will find fat, takeaway-fed people smoking a few fags before signing on, taking it in turns to look after each others staffy type dogs.

Most houses have been converted into flats, the residents decorate their front yards with smashed up wardrobes, piss stained mattresses, piles of black bags that have been ripped open by seagulls. Dog poo is everywhere on the pavements. The local chavs gather outside their houses kick footballs at passing cars, if you dare to look in their direction you will be greeted by a strange language that consists of grunts and swear words.

Someone from the council asked me how they can improve the area, my answer?

Drop an atom bomb on it.

  • Margaret Cheek

    You have written so well. This is the way I feel in my most gloomy moments. I do feel that Thanet has been ruled by an unseen mafia.Pub;land is the only gloss and brutish at that.We live in a majical part of Kent. The sea opens to France and adventures beyond. Sadly London has long seen Thanet as a place to dump London’s dispossessed from it’s council house clearances. I think the infection lies with Westminster, and Thanet is the gaping wound .The airport would have brought a mixed demographic. Richer and poorer together instead we will have a vast housing estate of rabbit hutch style just because London sees itself as an island as do the university towns and want to clear out their , in their eyes,rubbish people. There is no care to the regions of the UK. The northern seaside towns are as dismal as Thanet,There are streets and streets of Buy to Let housing owned by London landlords . Or here the Buy to Let Thanet monied who see themselves as elite on the backs of the half mad tenents. I think i would end up drunk and drugged myself if i were so treated.It is disgusting what has happened to Thanet. The councillors are bullied by the officers and I suspect Paulcarter is quite a nasty man too.The upshot is the loss the asset of a perfectly viable airport.