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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….not much to say about upminster….. HA im kidding. i got a whole bunch of stuff. Firstly the park is set in the centre of the town…. opposite McDonalds. All the rudies fill up on grease then off to the off licence to booze up then over to the park. They all congrigate at night to its a total nightmare if ya wanna go out. Its just hats, jumpers and “trackies” its CrAZY!! Once they had a firework and they light it and throw it in someones hood. come on. Sorry to sound like an old gran but thats just silly! In the day time its not all bad coz they cant be bothered to throw stuff coz most of them have just woken up at like 4pm. They all go to school….. WAIT…….. they are supposed to go to school but they hang at the park smoking and drinking. Thats why there all a bunch of planks. ya cant really understand what they say coz its just a low hummmm at most times. occasionaly they mutter “Smelly Grungers”. Thats all i got for now ill keep you updated on upminster !! BYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  • Jeanelle

    McDonald’s in Upminster closed down years ago

    • I AM TROLL

      True. It used to be a good place to eat on a Saturday night, cos all the Upminster toffs were eatting somewhere posh.

  • http://hotmail Hitler

    This moron is obviously a neanderthal knuckle dragger…in short a British lowlife…totally unemployable, barely articulate and possibly unable to wipe it’s on anus.

  • Mia

    I think it is clear beyond any doubt that the person who started this post must have spent most of his/her time avoiding school, perhaps throwing fireworks in the park. Something tells me a lot of English classes were missed!

  • Flo

    This is so annoys me! Upminster is in Essex, they think just because you can be classed as London you’re not true Essex people but you do so face and there is nothing wrong with upminster of Essex in general

    • asdf

      It might annoy you (for some strange reason), but what you think doesn’t matter and doesn’t change the facts. Upminster is not just ‘classed’ as London, it is unarguably in London and NOWHERE ELSE and has been since the 60’s, end of story. Guessing that you (and everyone on here)are under 50 years old, it has never been anywhere else in your lifetime so just accept it. I do hope you realise that you are voting for the London borough / London mayor etc and no Essex council!

  • k

    Upminster, romford, dagenham etc are not in Essex. You also cannot judge a whole area because of the immense variety of people living in an area….
    Upminster is a lovely place;
    And so is dagenham…. It wasn’t involved with the “riots” last year… So i cannot be as bad as places like tottenham

    pages like this sorta irritate me.

  • up.minster

    Upminster is in Essex AND London. There are few places in the UK which have such refined tastes that the McDonalds had to leave town. The well mannered towns folk can be seen gently jogging or cycling towards the numerous country trails that spider out from this perfectly connected centre of excellent schooling and varied eateries. The town’s younger children happily play in the park whilst the older ones take part in the many and varied sports and activities clubs. Occasionally the sound of a cricket game interrupts the birdsong that echoes from the excellent nature reserves and wooded areas around the town.

  • rICKO

    Upminster can actually be classed as London. It has an London Underground station, it also uses LDN transport links. An easy way to look at it is that it is inside the M25, so it can be called London. To clear that up for anyone……

    • Michael

      To clear things up for you! Having a London Underground station does not mean that a place is in London, Loughton to name just one has a LU station which resides in Essex! Sadly you are wrong again with your inside the M25 theory,this doesn’t qualify a place as London either.Many parts of Essex are within the M25, Loughton, Debden to name just two. You are correct on one point though (even a broken clock is correct twice a day) Upminster is in Greater London, has been since the boundary was moved in 1965. It is this boundary that denotes the London Essex border, not roads or stations!

  • lmao

    that first comment is the biggest load of BS ive ever heard
    essex is actually one of the richest places in the UK, minus places like romford and dagenham
    you need to get your facts straight before you write this, because you blatantly have been to upminster
    upminster is home to three schools, one of which is Coopers, which is now an academy, so is one of the top schools in the country
    so, these so called ‘chavs’ must attend school to make it one of the bvest iont he country, instead of, i quote, ‘hang at the park smoking and drinking.’
    you obviously do not know the area, and so your comment is not at all trustworthy

    you are mistaking upminster for places like romford and dagenham, as they are the rougher places at night. not upminster.

    • lmao

      *haven’t been to upminster

      • sam

        well said! some much exadgerated s*^t on this site!

  • http://blaa emily

    this is the biggest load of crap i have ever heard!
    upminster is soooo not dangerous, the people are lovely and the teenagers are as normal as any teenager.
    i think your a tiny bit jealous cos you probably live in some scrutty little hole somewhere ….
    the shops are really nice and the park is too
    PLUS MCDONALDS ISNT EVEN THERE ANYMORE, so you need to update this ….
    next time, actually go to the place before you judge it !

  • Local

    dirty little scumbags who act like they are in the Old Kent Road but go home every night to their middle class parents. spend their pocket money on weed and the next one to call me bro or ask me to go and buy 10 cheap fags will get a right crack round the ear.

  • http://tiscali Wendy Printer

    Upminster is the eating Capital of the World.
    Here is a list of eating establishments in Upminster,
    4 Italian Restruants, 5 Indian Restruants. 3 Chinese Restruants. 2 French Restuants.
    1 Greek Restruant. 1 Spanish Restruants, 2 Cafe’s, 4 Fish & Chip shops, 10 takeawys
    pizza, chinese, indian, greek, 5 good pubs serving food, plus Rooms Restruant, also tube
    c2c train links. Come and enjoy

  • http://Yahoo Don Printer

    I have lived in Upminster all my life, it is a wonderful place as new arrivals always testify but not much doing for youngsters, it has an Express Train to London ( takes 22 minutes) and the District Line, lovely people as are most Essex people are, you can get a train into Romford for shopping and Market days, plus we have Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, and Aldi supermarkets in Upminster.

  • dudeious

    LMAO i live in upmister and that is sooo true !!
    also you forgot to say what a bunch of ponces they are all the time i get “got a spare fag bruv”