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Royal Tunbridge Wells, elegant Regency town with the world famous Pantiles…………………..and home to an ever growing band of dirty f**king pikeys: More accurately, the High Brooms and Silverdale areas of Tunbridge Wells, as the cider drinking hoodie clad c**ts couldn’t afford to live in TW town centre, plus there are no council houses in the centre of town.

The TW male chav can regulary be seen in the summer months hanging around the Victoria shopping centre, usually on a BMX with a fag behind each ear and shirtless (why do the bastards feel the need to go topless as soon as the sun comes out, particularly as they are always always skinny weedy little c**ts, but with a wanky attitude), in the Autumn/Winter/Spring months they are clad in the universal chav uniform of trackie bottoms, white trainers, hoodie, with hood up, and baseball cap.

The TW chavette is invariably fat with blond hair pulled high on to the top of their head, caked in Elizabeth Duke s**te and with a number of kids in tow – all of whom have different fathers, and there is usually a “braaaaahhhn” one included.

TW does not possess a Netto or Lidl (the nearest Lidl is in Tonbridge, four miles down the road and with even more chavs than TW), and therefore their shop of choice is Safeways, where the scummy c**ts can be found wandering around the aisles talking in that volume that only chavs know – f**king loud.

They are all f**king horrible work shy c**ts who think we owe them a living – although some do help themselves by thoughfully suing the council because they’ve tripped up whilst pissed on cider, and have been lured by the no win no fee adverts that are advertised on day time TV.

We should be allowed an annual amnesty day where we are allowed to go aroung kicking the f**k out of the scuzzy bastards without fear of prosecution.

  • HD

    Err, I think that you are all c**ts.

  • sam

    What an insult I am Tunbridge Wells born and bred and NOT a chav

  • matt

    This is why tunbride wells is listed on this site (i am not surprised)

    f**king morons with your f**king chinos you look like a bunch of old saggy tits.

    All of the miserable people.

    The chavs and the wannabe posh people!

    the chavs. and the old people who are up themselves and look at teenagers as deliquients.

    being kicked out the RVP for “loitering”

    Young Mothers with their pushchairs, hanging around town getting ready to rob you blind as soon as you are not looking….

    Are there any English-speaking people left in the town?
    It’s a bit crap when you go into a shop or a restaurant and the staff don’t understand what you are saying…

    Forget the Pikeys…what about these 12 year olds with sweepy fringes and drainpipe trousers overunning the damn town? You can’t f**king move for the sheer amount of these twats outside the RVP. And inside. And in the coffee shops. I believe the correct term to use is “f**king scene kids”.

    All residents over 40 – I work at Sainsburys and they don’t know the meaning of the word “polite”.

    gettin stuck in the glass lift in RVP and havin every1 stare at you

    Beggers with mobile phones (to organise their next rip-off pitch with other beggers) Nazi Traffic Wardens, Invisible Police, The “Royal” in the title, Sherwood School & Housing Estate for single mothers.

    The selfishly-minded residents,

    the bouncers at certain clubs

    Poor public transport.

    conservative councillors who do nothing. Nothing for the kids!

    that macdonalds closes at 9pm at weekends!

    Traffic congestion. A 19th century infrastructure struggling under the pressures of 21st century traffic.

    The idiots who work for the council (mainly the ones who own that sh*tty hole of a night club down the high st.)

    The Tunny Wells women, you’d think their privates had been sewn up they’re so frigid… go to Eastbourne!
    Lived there for the first 25 years of my life – now live elsewhere and am very glad too. This place suffers from an incredible amount of small town syndrome. Loads of pikey car thieves with nothing better to do than nick my motor. For gods sake, don’t move here. It’s sooooooo middle class and suburban – at the risk of stepping over the line, when was the last time you saw a non-white person in this place??? I can’t stand it. Live somewhere else where the BMW driving fraternity obsessed with money and houses won’t look down on you!

    the worst things are ythe junkies, and the skaters showing off at the clock tower-it’s funny when they fall off!

    everyone has their heads so far stuck up their arses they are in danger of breaking their collar bones.

    The amount of people who look down on everyone, with there big cars and plummy accent! Delusional knobs!

    The amount of smackheads and drug addicts where roung by i live there are neddles everywhere and iss difficult to walk my dog because of it not just that but when walking my dog by the grove park some p*ss face came out of casidys a kicked my dog several times at which point i nearly ripped their nostrols of with a f**king hammer.


  • matt

    It is my recomendation that old prick farts like couciler james skulls should be removed from the town because he is out of his expiry date as a result of his actions we are harassed with unessasary road sweepers when there is no rubbish these roadsweepers need to be directs into calverly park gardens having met him which was unfortunate.I have never met such a complete and utter muppet.It is my complete recomendation that this individual should be remove from his post because his imput is zero.

    my next grype that garry the security gaurd in fenicks on thr basis that eveybody knows he is a complete and utter muppet because when he considers in his brainless mind as an imposter he calls the police over the purfume counter it is my recomendation that he is fired.

    I walked into the town centre on the 07/08/12 only to be subjected to a coach load of saga people who have decided to spread themselves completely across the pavent as walk at 0.1 mph.

    I would be very greatful if i was not woken up at 5 o clock in the morning with road sweeping machines and constant ambulances all day from overdosed smackheads this is like f**king new york.



  • etewr

    Chavs? In Tunbridge Wells?? hahahaha. Maybe a few posh kids who don the gear, but you get them everywhere. If that’s all it takes to earn people ire then I’d suggest they get a life. Just because you’re bored to death of your super-nice suburbs is no excuse for having to invent magical chavs that exist in the cracks between your castles to spice things up. Get a hobby or something. Play golf, learn how to draw, do something more productive with your imaginations ffs.

  • Notachav

    I have grown up and lived in t wells my whole life (21 atm) and can honestly say is is probably one of the nicest places in the country to live, without a chav problem at all. If you think its so bad maybe you are the one hanging around in the wrong places?

    Although this is a website called chavtowns, so it is going to feature morons rather than people who can actually spell their own names

  • mr p


  • hahahalosers

    dont cry m8 looooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzer

  • hahahalosers

    u dare take the p*ss out of high brooms its true it is a sh*thole but u dont live there so go and f**k yourself

  • hahahalosers
    whoever you are you are a very immature person you shouldnt start slaggin people off unless its straight to their face if i were you i would shut it now its for your own good merry xmas

  • Tonbridge_chavette_innit

    U forgot 3 things, the pikey chavs who hang around out side the forum(for some reason, probably to beat the sh*t out of anyone not wearing burberry!) and also all the under 18 chavs and chavvettes on friday nights at stimulation at the assembley halls and finally the fact that calverly park has been over run by those filthy scumy d**kheads

  • m1dnight

    CAN I ASK WHY A CHAV IS REGISTERED ONT HIS SITE. how do they afford the computer? tunbridge wells briliant place if you go to the right places. if you stay in cafe nero or costa for theday you are gonna be lucky and mis the chavs and chavettes as they cannot afford the drink prices.

  • Bighead



  • kadafi

    f**k u mate
    any one else disses the wells an we will break your f**kin legs u bastards


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The hippies used to congregate at Stonehenge to ‘celebrate’ the summer solstice. The Chavs of Tunbridge Wells congregate at the Millenium Clock, Five Ways, every single flipping day, to exchange weed, phlegm and swear words.

All 35 of them then squeeze into someone’s prize 1988 Ford Escort “Ghia”, and show off to the world how they can drive it up and down a straight hill, and that they are clever enough to operate a car stereo.

You know who you are.

  • Will Shoosmith

    I happen to live in Tunbridge Wells and the chavs aren’t from Tunbridge Wells, they are from Sherwood and Rustall(not everyone and no offense). Even if there are some d**ks, the local police are good at stopping them.