Scottish Highlands: the awful truth

Highlands of Scotland: THE AWFUL TRUTH

The Highlands, a nice place for a short holiday, there a few nice walks, beaches, but if you move there, expect things to go downhill.

Worst place to live in Scotland 2017 Poll

Worst place to live in Scotland 2017 Poll

We've often been told that we have neglected bonny Scotland, so for the first time you can vote for the worst godforsaken sh*thole.

Living in Blantyre

Blantyre: sh*te in Livingstone’s days, he left for another continent

Blantyre, if you have to drive through, keep as close to the maximum speed limit as possible and just focus on getting out the other side.

Living in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, voted “the most dismal town in Scotland”

Aberdeen is reportedly the most radioactive city in the UK, that's why much of the city's population look like Chernobyl mutants.

Living in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the city centre is OK-ish the surrounding areas are awful

Edinburgh: where they really hate the English people.