Living in Dereham, Norfolk

Dereham – More like Drearam. Stay away if you’re not a local

Poor Dereham, it's so run down. Why visit? Go to Norwich it's more cosmopolitan. It serves no purpose really.

Living in Thetford, Norfolk

Thetford – An optimists guide

I have lived in this town all my life, & although I can say it is not the best place to visit in Norfolk, it's definitely not the worst.

Living in Brandon, Suffolk

Brandon – a few miles from an even dirtier scumhole (Thetford)

Brandon: a disgusting little pit with nothing more than a desolate marketplace, many bordered up shops and a Tesco.

Living in Thetford, Norfolk

Thetford is very, very scary

Thetford: if you would like to be randomly assaulted by teenage chavs in the middle of the night, then go to the abbey farm area.