North Devon - Grockle Hell

North Devon – Grockle Hell

Grockles; good for North Devon business but terribly bad for the digestion and the nerves. October never comes soon enough.

Living in Combe Martin, Devon

Combe Martin, North Devon – The CamberWickerMan Green Village

People don't usually move to dark and windswept Combe Martin, they're sent or abducted to this village on the edge of Exmoor.

Living in Combe Martin, North Devon

Combe Martin: The zit on the arse of England

Farmers & caravan dwellers will especially feel at home in Combe Martin, an ideal retreat for anyone tired of life and sick of civilisation.

Living in Combe Martin

Combe Martin, has been called “Trumpton Vasey” by visitors

Between October & May each year, Combe Martin is dark, stormy, wet, depressing and deserted.

Living in Great Torrington, Devon

Great Torrington, situated in bumble-f*ck nowhere in North Devon

Great Torrington, a town that once fought off Tesco (10 years ago) and Waitrose, but is more than happy to boast a Lidl.