Living in Shirley, Southampton

Southampton: The ex soviet bloc government funded retirement resort

It has now gotten to the point down Shirley high street in Southampton, that there's more Polish/Romanian/Bulgarian/ ex USSR signs than there are charity shops!

Living in Fareham, Hampshire

Fareham: if inbreeding was a town.

I've lived in Fareham my whole life, but it wasn't until I was 16 that I realised why there were so many buck-toothed-cross-eyed-chavs.

Gosport, Hampshire, Property guide and review

Gosport, Hampshire, a seaside sh*thole

Gosport is a seaside shithole with a pebble beach and a concrete eyesore that is often also referred to as ‘the promenade’.

Living in Portsmouth

Portsmouth – One Big Council Estate

Portsmouth, outside of the studenty areas and the navy base, is one great big council estate, it really is.

Living in Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire

Lee-on-Solent is being invaded by the great drinkers of White Lightening

Lee-On-Solent had its glory days in the first four decades of the 20th century, after this is when the spirit of the place curled up & died.