Living in Shirley, Southampton

Southampton: The ex soviet bloc government funded retirement resort

It has now gotten to the point down Shirley high street in Southampton, that there's more Polish/Romanian/Bulgarian/ ex USSR signs than there are charity shops!

Living in Fareham, Hampshire

Fareham: if inbreeding was a town.

I've lived in Fareham my whole life, but it wasn't until I was 16 that I realised why there were so many buck-toothed-cross-eyed-chavs.

Living in Fareham

The Ontological Degradation of the Fareham Borough

The majority of Fareham people are scared, & subsequently angered, by what they do not understand. Basically, everything scares/angers them.

Living in Portsmouth

Portsmouth – One Big Council Estate

Portsmouth, outside of the studenty areas and the navy base, is one great big council estate, it really is.

Portsmouth, Hampshire, Property guide and review

Why Portsmouth Sucks: A List

The look you get when buying a broadsheet newspaper and a bottle of wine that doesn't come in a two-litre bottle.