Living in Bedale, North Yorkshire

Bedale is the red and grey brick cyst on the face of the otherwise picturesque Yorkshire dales

An urban legend in Bedale is that a woman died in the beck and now haunts the waters. The water is in fact green and floating about is a stray McDonald’s wrapper.

Living in Darlington

Mixed bag for Darlington (Darlo)

Darlington is a mixed bag. It consists of the best and the worst, and by the worst, I mean you'll feel like you're in Mogadishu or Baghdad.

Living in Darlington

If, in Darlington, you’re black, there’s no going back

Racist kids being brought up in mono-cultured homes with deadbeat dads & 'leave-me-alone-coz-im-watching-location-location-location' mums.

Northallerton is a CHAV Town

Northallerton is a CHAV Town

There is a place, not far from Chav Central uk (Darlington), that is an overspill for Chav's called Northallerton.  On the surface it is a nice little market Town, and actually offers some

Living in Darlington, County Durham

Darlington, during the day is when normal people dilute the arsewipes

Too small for a town and too big for a village, what else can I say? It's a sh*thole, but it's home!