Living in Rishton, Lancashire

Rishton: The Absolute low of Great Britain

If you can survive in Rishton then you are undoubtedly better than Bear Grylls.

Living in Keighley, Bradford

Proud To Be From Keighley? Nah.

Walking through Keighley town centre once (Bare in mind, I'm quite young), a group of boys aged about 20 said disgusting things to me.

Living in Burnley

Bigoted, illiterate & unemployed? You’ve found your home in Burnley!

On entering Burnley, inhale the sweet, sweet aroma of week-old sweat and severe halitosis mingled with the lingering scent of weed.

Burnley A.K.A. Burnleh

Burnley A.K.A. Burnleh

Worst GCSE results in Britain during 2012, one of the highest unemployment rates, shite football team and high welfare activity.The town should be in Yorkshire; the people of Burnley speak and

Living in Burnley, Lancashire

Burnley, One time mill town, now premier league sh*thole

If you do pull a Burnley girl, the first thing they will say is " I am not a typical Burnley girl".