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ok, portsmouth can boast at least 4 huge counsil estates leigh park, paulsgrove, somers town and gatcombe park. i have worked door to door in the first three and i have lived for a few month in leigh park. but i have to say somers town is the worst!

it is awful, and i know, going door to door you actually get to meet the people who live there…yay!!! 🙁

In leigh park you see people destroying eachother and themselves but they have green spaces and gardens, but somerstown is soul destroyingly awful. The smell alone in nausiating, i refused to enter some of the blocks out of human rights and a fear for my health. and yes it is made mostly of blocks of flats..people are not made to be forced to live that close together and particle theory prooves why there are so many fights and teen parents. the closer together you put particles (people) the more likley they are to collide and react!

the people i have met who lived there or had to walk though there are either the nastiest/most stupid people you have ever met or they live in fear of walking outside.

portsmouth have a teen pregnancy rate that is probably one of the worst if not THE worst in the country(maybe even europe, we are the most densly populated city in europe). but no one will publish the statistics about how many of the teen persnts come from somerstown….i wonder why?

and our local football hooligans have a place called fratton park to congregate which is Krap Nottarf back wards….fitting.

(in portsmouths defence there are good places now sprouting up and its population are becoming more educated every year (the few that went to college are inclreasing), we had a protest against the war here and the tricorn is being pulled down as we speak…if you dont know what the tricorn is then type tricorn portsmouth uk into a search engine)

  • Kathryn

    I was born in Somers Town in the 1950’s. My parents owned their house, and had their house taken by Mr, Dant (I believe) to be pulled down and council flats erected. My father was born in Grosvenor Street, and all our family were married, baptised, in St. Peter’s Church. My parents subsequently moved to Leigh Park, and we had a beautiful 3 bedroom house, and we backed onto Hulbert Road woods, where we played for hours at a time. Gradually Leigh Park became rough and ready, and I believe “Chavs” are now in abundance there. We live in Canada, and have been here 45 years, I left Portsmouth because I could not stand the dirtiness, and the maisonettes/flats reeked of urine, I abhorred living there, it was petty minded, filthy, and so typically English, I could not stand it. I have to say that we left Somers Town in 1959, I was quite young, and my experience was of a beautiful clean home, and lovely walks to Elm grove and Palmerston Road, where my mother always had an espresso, and I, a cake. And wonderful afternoon tea’s at Handley’s served by waitresses in black, with white frilly aprons and caps. Those were wonderful days in the 1950’s, I look back on them fondly. But of course I grew up to see Portsmouth in all it’s glory, the bleakness, the highlight being the Common. Lack of trees, nothing beautiful, and that ghastly ring road through Stamshaw, and of course the ridiculous Tricorn, filthy, a muggers haven, and the entrance to Victoria Park with that hideous office building in front of it. Fortunately, my parents were great travellers, and we spent as often as we could in The New Forest and beyond, THAT is the England that I know, and love. But Portsmouth? poverty and ignorance everywhere.

  • Hatersgonnahate

    I’m originally from Portsea and have also lived on some other council estates in the town.
    I agree with you in many ways about the town itself but I think you’re making some unfair generalisations about the people. Not everyone is there through choice or stupidity and many are grateful for any opportunity to educate themselves and improve their lot.
    I find it quite sad that you’re happy to belittle people for their lack of education when your own spelling and grammar are appalling. “Densly” was a particular favourite. Oh the irony.

  • ?

    stc an wot pussy holes somerstown boys on tour

  • enigma

    At one time I lived on two of the estate mentioned in the above article Somers Town in the late 80’s to mid 90’s and Leigh Park 90’s to 2000 and although I agree with several parts of the article I disagree with many of the comments also that are being made and take offence.

    When I lived in Somers Town there was a community spirit, one which sadly lacking in many places today. People looked after each other and respected each other you didn’t find the thugs hanging about on street corners like you do now or at the bottom of the block, all these would have been sorted out by the local PC. People cared about each other we didn’t turn a blind eye on someone because they where having bad times we all rallied round and helped out. And as for rudeness,manners and cleanliness well I lived in a 7th floor maisonette and I can tell you that my block and the surrounding ones where absolutely spotless for we paid extra in our rent for cleaners to clean the blocks.

    Leigh Park was a different kettle of fish you either fitted in or you didn’t. granted there was areas you didn’t walk down at night on your own and by then hooligans and thugs where rife up there in the 90’s but still it wasn’t a dirty estate it was clean.

    I worked a 7 till 11pm shift in shop and I was spat at and attacked by the worse dregs of humanity there is from leigh park . But none would have been in that situation if it wasn’t for our so called British Government giving our jobs to immigrants instead of our workers,at the end of the day you cannot expect anyone to have respect for themselves if they’ve been sh*t on and treated disrespectfully by the very people who are suppose to be helping them in the first place

  • Jim

    When I was a kid in the sixties I lived in Kings Rd. My mother used to tell us not to play in Somerstown as the people that lived there were common. However like all kids we defied our parents and it was great fun to go to Somers Town and laugh at the “inmates”. We could run up and down along the walk ways, knock on peoples doors andf run off , play in the lifts all in the knowledge that we could return to our safe havens and leave behind these awful , stinky, council house scroungers ! They were and probably still are a bunch of sh*tbags. I guess the kids I knew then are probably great grandparents to todays bunch of losers !

  • kaz

    i moved here just over a year ago and it isnt that bad tbh, im temporarily here whilst studying and i mean theres an influx of 8 year olds screaming much earlier than i would like to be waking up but i can walk through somerstown cash in hand quite confidently. nowerdays u can see it in the gathering youths eyes they wanna cause trouble whilst in an alley but never seem to go through with it :S, there are hundreds of places around the uk that would look at somerstown as paradise i have you kno.

  • crystalwillow

    oh my god you meant it!

    it was really…………grey and thats all you could say about it. the graffitti was a blessing!

  • john

    Well, back then in the day it was probably good! 🙂 Buildings like these are all over Britain!

  • crystalwillow

    i truly hope that was a sarcastic comment. lol

  • john

    I saw the wonderful building. How sad that it should be destroyed. I trust National Heritage were informed.