Living in Sale, Cheshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, North West

Sale is a god awful town on the edge of Cheshire and Lancashire.It boasts sights such as the Racecourse council estate, a variety of charity shops and charming locals.

Sale is possibly the most depressing place you will ever come across. The abundance of street performers with little or no talent will astound you. My personal favourite is a man who sits on a bench outside argos singing along to his radio, not sure whether hes a performer or just falling into insanity.

As i mentioned there are charity shops as far as the eye can see, I was once outside oxfam when a woman asked me to go and donate her money to them as she had been banned from the shop when she tried to shoplift from there. Other than charity shops there are the wide array of supermarkets ranging from Aldi to Heron foods.

Although Sale may sound like chav paradise there are a few dwellers who are faux posh. they may occasionally take advantage of the M&S food deals but in reality do all their shopping at Aldi. These are the people who send their kids to Sale Grammar school despite the fact its a s**t school they just go for the name.

All in all if you live in sale, get out while you can. It is a black hole of misery, despair and old people smell.

  • Thea

    As for Sale using Cheshire as the address rather than Manchester (an earlier comment referred to this as “pedantic” – I think a little out of context), Sale has been part of the Cheshire basin and directly connected with Altrincham since the early Middle Ages. It wasn’t until 1974 that it was politically incorporated into Greater Manchester County, for distribution of voters, not a geographic boundary realignment. Sale continues to be part of Cheshire county.

  • Thea

    I wouldn’t worry about what this person has to say; they are “anonymous” so either too much of a coward to leave their identity or too ignorant to know how. I’ll presume the author is a jilted lover; their ex being a sale grammar graduate from the estate. I was raised in Sale, on the estate. It has been 30 years since I left but family remain there. I’m unaware of the so-called danger though there was a lot of theft when I was a child (on the estate, not the whole town). The schools were good, good enough for me to go to Oxford. As a child it gave me the confidence I needed to travel the world and live abroad. The town runs at a slower pace than city life, it has more of a village feel to it.

  • Matt Black

    Bit harsh, I’ve lived in Sale for 2 years and its really not that bad, its posh but not quite as posh as Altrincham. He’s right about the number of charity shops though

  • Rain

    Exactly sale town centre is normal and no different to anywhere but the racecourse is the most violent Loud and unsafe place I’ve ever lived

  • Rain

    I don’t have to point a bullet at myself I could just walk round the corner in sale and get my head blown off there are clearly guns in sale just search it on the Internet also people in sale are very racist and have no acceptance

  • Rain

    You must be as blind as a bat the Halifax in sale was robbed just the other day and for your information I lived in Bolton and the only problem I had was leaving to come to sale

  • Jordan Hawksworth


  • Rain

    Shitest place in the world if you want to die a sad dark and truly miserable death come here once your in there’s no escape it is a prison of depression and a permanent crime scene as police are always on your street also the schools are like concentration camps as youth crime is high trust somebody who has lived here for 10 years you might aswell put a bullet in your head before you even step into sale

  • Simon Waterworth

    What a w**ker, you’re only jealous because you can’t afford to live there. Take your jaded piss poor views & throw yourself in the Bridgewater Canal. You’ll find the canal next to the Kings Ransom, one of the hovels I’m sure you visited, you c**t

  • Agnes Agi Bergman Pinteaux

    Oh dear “anonymous visitor” to Sale, maybe he/she should have attended Sale Grammar, would have been taught about punctuation and capital letters.

  • Paul

    You must never have been to Eccles, Ordsal or Benchill

  • John Warburton

    Aw, bless. What a pisspoor effort at trying to be controversial.

  • Sid Snot

    You must have been caught shoplifting or something there to be so negative. Sale is completely the opposite of what you say and most people are quite happy and content with the area. I take it you hate the grammar school because you had to attend brookway instead. Grow up and move to Eccles ( Jeremy Kyles waiting room), they will love you there.

  • Mags Cummings

    This says more about the poster than it does about Sale. Incidentally, I don’t live there but have friends and relatives who do. I enjoy a trip there and it has some great places to eat and drink. Come on anonymous let us know who you are or don’t you have the courage of your convictions?

    • Rachel Steward

      Don’t bother giving them the platform they seek!