Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Kent, United Kingdom

Ramsgate is one of those contradictions that sociologists may find fertile ground for their studies. On the face of it, it’s a pleasant town in a rather fortunate location on the coast of Kent. What’s more, it boasts some pretty impressive architecture and, if remote is your kind of thing, then it may be the finished article for some. That is, as long as the population is utterly ignored.

Ah, the population of Ramsgate. Let me sum it up by numbers; 70% underclass – forget the ‘fashion’, we’re talking mental underclass. Insular, small-minded, abjectly racist (openly, too), so far removed from any kind of mental stimulation to resemble the sort of fauna that festers, rather than thrives. Hopeless in the way of careers and even self-satisfaction unless it involves binge drinking and sexual contact with strangers, usually passed around groups of ‘mates’, sometimes within the same family nucleus (due to a disgraceful lack of resources in the area – more on the local ‘ruling class’ shortly…). 20% decent. However, this is entirely made up of 50+ on their way out and young bright things usually on the way to somewhere else to develop their talents. 10% enriched through crime or dodgy ‘business’.

The ‘ruling class’ is not much better; career politicians with dirty backgrounds (Thanet Council would be put to shame by banana dictatorships) or corrupt local ‘tycoons’ swooning around in their brand new cars with cocaine-snorting underlings, offsprings and often spouses.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

By: Peter

  • Charlie

    Sorry, what are you talking about? Do you work in a statistics office to come up with this data? I live in Ramsgate by choice, I LOVE the coast,and people are people everywhere – some sh*t, some ok. Try London, and you’ll find the same. We are very unfortunate with our rather useless council, but this lovely little town does not deserve to be smeared they way you did. You don’t like it – move somewhere else.

  • Neale Crutchley

    I live in Ramsgate and it is getting through the hard times caused by the shut-down of local employer Pfizer. We could certainly use an improvement at TDC, though.

  • Peter: Your assertions are not backed up by references. Your view appears to be personal and I find them biased and distorted. Where did you obtain the figure of “70% underclass” – is this derived from your observations or is it backed up by official statistics? The references to sexual behaviour are offensive – is this data derived from personal experience or official data?

    I’m one of the population of Ramsgate whom you say should be ignored. Why should I be ignored?

    I live in a lovely town with a strong sense of identity. Yes, economically it’s not thriving – however,the people are friendly and the recession is not their fault – nor is the abject failure of TDC. I find the streets safe at night, and there is a sense of community which makes Ramsgate a delightful place to live.

    I’m here by choice, not necessity and if your research was more thorough you’d realise how many people there are loving living in Ramsgate.

    • Charlie

      Thank you, Jay. 100% agree.

    • James

      You must be kidding. I lived in Ramsgate for 12 years. I watched any new project being vandalised within days, Ellington kids playground being burnt three times.

      Any family occasions we took our kids too involved being surrounded by hundreds of chavs drinking, swearing and fighting. Asking someone to mind their language in front of young kids seemed to be an automatic request for a fight.

      The joy riders racing around at night time. The awful clubs on the front with regular fights each night.

      The housing estates like Prestedge avenue where my wife’s older relative lived and I had three cars keyed while helping out there.

      Our next door neighbours teenage kids all with tags who’d sit across the road drinking at 15 shouting abuse at anyone walking past until the police turned up yet again with no power to do anything about it as they already had several ASBOs.

      The litter is unrea. I have never seen such a dirty place.

      So where in all this is the strong identity you refer to?

  • The poster makes some fair points about the reputation of the local authority but unfairly tarnishes the town with the same brush. Sure, the place is far from perfect but it’s not the worst.

  • Anon

    I believe that the scum in Ramsgate are still in the minority, but they are a significant minority. However, I avoid town at night, and if we go out it is usually to our local ‘folk’ club. I moved away from Ramsgate in my late teens, and returned some 14 years ago. Sadly, the town I remembered from my youth has long gone. I will say though that Ramsgate is far better than many places in the UK. The whole chav society of Britain need locking up (or a frontal lobotomy which is cheaper)

    • afro54

      And there speaks the fascist! Locking up people who aren’t like you, for shame!
      I moved to Ramsgate, by choice, and quite love the place. I left east London so, I know busy – Ramsgate represents tranquility, by comparison (although the eastern europeans are definately on their way).
      I appreciate that, if you were raised in Ramsgate, without the advantage of good schooling, you would find the place lacking in opportunity.
      There is definitely an underclass – one local described Ramsgate as the last bit of land before they sweep the sh!t into the sea! It certainly has two sides to it, at least.
      I can’t imagine being drawn back to London, on account of the local amenities. Compared to London, Ramsgate is both friendly, and sane.

      • HALLE B

        I have often wondered how diverse Ramsgate is – my friend moved to Margate around 10 years ago and says it is OK but I have heard some bad things about Ramsgate and racism but I guess you get that anywhere but I live in a really nice part of London and am not afraid to walk the streets at night. I am used to Margate as I have been going there every summer since schooldays but know nothing about Broadstairs, Ramsgate etc. I was thinking about moving to Margate myself but not sure about the other towns.

  • Clearly you must have lived here for some time Peter, as you say there are many corrupt officials and businessmen purporting to sell liquor, whilst selling dodgy beer and laundering money or claiming hundreds of thousands of insurance payouts for deliberate arson attacks on listed buildings, here and in Margate. I have witnessed much of what you look down your nose at, but the same could really be said for at least 80% of most other English towns I’m afraid, just go to any on a market day! Don’t tar this town with a blinkered brush. If it’s good enough for Brenda Blethyn, it;s jolly well good enough for me! Get off your Tory High Horse you snooty zoophyte.