Living in Port Talbot
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in United Kingdom, Wales

Noted while browsing that an article for Port Talbot was needed. Well I can safely tell you that it does indeed belong on this site. After going to school there for seven years, I can tell you that it’s not the steel works that make PT a dump, it’s the chavs that inhabit it.

Most chavs previously spent their time in Aberavon shopping centre, until the authorities got their act together and put restraining orders on many of them. This was even highlighted in the daily mirror to my amusement. Their new haunt is the Aquadome or the beach (I guess, I don’t live there but know many people who do).

I know several people from Port Talbot who have served jail sentences and girls my age (15) who already have several kids. They all also share the uniform of dodgy tracksuits and caps at dodgy angles and many play the big man (from a distance). L & B are probably the biggest import for the youngsters who normally try to bum a fag from you even though you don’t smoke. Keep away from this town!