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I cant believe nobody has added this yet. Thats right, the whole south of Oxford is a chav infested s**t hole. Why dont you come to Blackbird Leys and have a lovely look for yourself! watch the 10 year olds steal motorbikes in an attempt to impress their peers and to look “well hard”. Let the happy happy joyriders burn out cars on the fields on which kids play football. Ask the locals about the stabbings and killings in and around the south of Oxford. And me, I get to happily live my life in the center of one of the worst (or used to be) estates in britain.

This is no place for Goths, Skaters or Rockers like me. In fact, just dressing differently could get you beaten to a bloody pulp around here. Come visit South Oxford, Great chav hangouts in front of chip shops! Walk around and hurt people FOR FUN!

  • sally

    I have lived in BBL for about 10 years and to be completely fair, it’s not as nice as say Headington, but it has improved the level of crime has dropped dramatically and can I just say how many crime reported in BBL are real serious ones Okay stabbing I quite serious but more murder happens in place like Cowley and East Oxford and can I just point out that the Oxford sex ring where were they (mostly) from? Oh yeah! COWLEY, Headington and East Oxford! And who ever said you can’t walk down the road if your a goth, skater or a rocker you would get beaten up! Well that’s bullsh*t because I’m a rocker and can dress and act the way I want and my friend is a goth and my sister used to be a skater and not one of us has got beaten up of had abuse! Many people in Blackbird Leys now a days just keep themselfs to themselfs and try NOT to cause trouble! Yes you do get the groups of kids and teenagers in parks and outside shops but the don’t say anything! So if your going to run an estate down! Why don’t you come and live here and see for yourself!!! Same goes for places Littlemore, RH and Barton! Go and see for yourself what it’s like before you make a judgement! Also go check the crime levels in other parts of Oxford! The amount of fights in town, the rapes in Headington, the murder in Cowley, the child abduction in East Oxford,the Suicide in Donnington! But No you wouldn’t because your a stereotypical person who like to think South Oxford people are chavs!!!

  • Adam

    Tbh i think this guy has totally got the wrong side of oxford. Oxford must not be that bad; how many tourists do you see in our area. Looks like they have nothing to be scared about…. People who do not live in oxford have not got a true understanding of what its actually like so why go and slag this place off like its a joke. I dont know where your from mate but you sounds like your from east London, and you have the problems. oxford is a place where a lot of people visit because it must be a place where they’d rather come.

  • Little Dave

    The places you listed aren’t even ‘south oxford’ barton is east of oxford (and actually a little north), the others are more south-east. all these places and others such as abingdon road, wood farm, cowley, and even cutteslowe in blissful north oxford get a bad rep from time to time, but ultimately none of them are really that bad. you went in a bit heavy slagging some of these places off. sure there are some idiot rudeboys in oxford, but really it is nothing to be scared of, the worst thing they do is play RnB on their phones at the back of the bus, the rest is all just show. Oxford is a fairly peaceful town, with some of the countries most affluent areas. the normal areas may look worse than they are in comparison to these. ultimately as bad as the ‘chavs’ of oxford may be, the p*ssed up d**ks at oxford brookes and the ignorant w**kers at oxford uni (that make the hard working students look bad), combined with the endless supply of european under-18 school groups that clog up the city centre, are a bigger problem to the city. o and btw, oxford has sh*t loads of metallers, goths, emos, etc. i know plenty, and they have no trouble living their life as they wish.

  • Henry

    Oxford has always been a town where some people are proud to be ignorant.

  • Bobby ahmed

    All u bbl haters suck ur mamma ,if u ain’t been in the struggle keep ur mouth shut.

  • buster

    i was born on b.b.leys dont judge a book by its cover everywere has problems so just deal with it im back in OXFORD in aug and the first place i will go to is with my little girl is HOME so fuc*the negative take some positives from life i did and anyone can i proud to come from blackbird ley so fu*k you haters

  • Oxford4Life18

    Well, what can I say about this place?

    Along with Barton and Blackbird Leys, this place is your ultimate stereotype of a council estate… with chavs on almost every street and young girls dressing like tarts, along with the fat, ugly single mothers and inbred and crackheads occupying the nicest of houses on the estate, it really is a shame when you visit the estate… it’s infested with crime and almost everyone there claims benefits!

    It might not be the worst place in the world, but it certainly isn’t paradise… boarded houses, litter and burnt out cars makes it look like Baghdad! One thing that gives Rose Hill a bad name is its reputation for having the most murders than anywhere else in Oxford. Also, the high levels of vehicle and violent crimes. Anti-social behaviour is another biggy on the estate, youths drinking, abusing the public (and the police) and having no respect for anyone!!!! They get away with everything because mummy and daddy know the law… not a surprise that nearly everyone on the estate has been arrested numerous times!!

    The main chav hangouts are the local parks, the shops at The Oval and the shops that run along Rose Hill Road, oh and not forgetting the infamous green area on Dashwood Road. If you fancy getting mugged or beaten black and blue, you could always walk along Jersey, Asquith or St Martins Roads at night. Snm this place is a war zone!!!!!!

    • Bobby ahmed

      Pussy get ur facts right ,65%of adults in bbl are in full time employment

      • Adam

        btw converses are in fashion in oxford so shut your mouth you b****, you need to think about what you say about oxford before you go blerting out random things that arent true

    • sally

      Actually I’m a girl, I live on BBL and I’m not a chav, I don’t dress like a tart and I most certainly have respect for other people! And there isn’t crackheads and fat, ugly single mums, they are single, but not fat and ugly! But everywhere has single mums dumbass! Many people have jobs and are not on benefits, there isn’t imbred people(I think!) So grow up! And stop being a stereotypical w**ker!

  • Oxford4Life18

    You might see more chavs on the streets in Barton, but how come Rose Hill has a higher crime rate… Oxford Mail and show this to be true! Barton’s full of little kids!

  • Karl smith

    I lived in BlackBird Leys for 24 years, MY estate and the many people I know there are mostly decent people. the estate belongs to them because they try to help their neighbours more than the police, there good people mostly, who make the best out of an estate and situation that most if put in that situation wouldn’t cope. There is crime, daily, drug use daily, but show me an estate which don’t. take a look, and you will see its no worse than most highly populated main council feeder estates, the difference, difference is the people, who work, support, instil good morals and look after there own. But you do have a few who need to feed there habit.

  • Bartholomew

    I have lived in Oxford for over ten years and never had too much of a problem in Blackbird or Greater Leys, but Rose Hill and Barton, especially the latter, are infested with gutless little idiots who act the big hard man in front of their mates, shooting up in streets with kids looking on, joyriding or breaking into peoples homes and getting away with it due to Mummy knowing the law inside out so their little cherub can get away with it due to a loophole. Decent folk live in those parts and it’s ruined by a minority of idiots, the police do sod all about it.

  • phil minett

    these estates and the pricks who live there are pathetic, Oxford locals are thick, rude, hate everyone, are unfriendly and can rot in their own sh*t.

  • Wozza

    its all the same mate rosehill barton cowley black birdleys woodfarm risinghurst they all go round thinking there thugs rosehill has been nown for more murders barton more theft and gun shots black birdleys mugings and stabbings joy riding cowley and woodfarm i used to roll with some of these people and there f**k all just grow some bollocks and man up mate

  • Oxford Forever

    I disagree with James.

    It’s not always been about Barton; Blackbird Leys (BBL) and Rose Hill (RH) are, in actual fact, where you hear about the stabbings, etc! I have never heard of there being a stabbing in Barton, but the story is different for BBL and RH.

    And if you take a look at crime stats for Oxford, BBL and RH have the highest levels of robbery, violent crime and other crime. Just look how many people have been murdered in RH over the past 10 years… (6)! Yes, 6! RH actually has the highest number of murders in the city.

    It makes me laugh to see how you’re trying to make just two estates look sh*t, when all council estates are rough!

    Not only this, but RH was the first place to have a dispersal order put in place to split up gangs of youths, as well the first place to have a mini police station put there, and outside the RH police office… it says ‘headquarters’. And also look at CCTV on The Oval in Rose Hill… you can’t go anywhere on that street without getting seen by CCTV which was installed after a massive increase in antisocial behaviour, arson, criminal damage, drug selling and use, theft, robbery and violent crime in the area. One article from the Oxford Mail says that police responded to about six 999 calls a day on that street alone!

  • Ala

    i used to live there, same here, i couldnt dress like a rocker my self, couldn’t even have laud rock music blasting out of my hedphones if i wanted to pop to the shops, everytime someone would have a go at me, and try act ‘well hard’ After 4 years i learned i had to dress the part, to live around there to be left alone…. i dont live there no more, so i can wear my converses freely without getting screamed at….
    and yes, kids would steal your bikes, smoke, and even try and steal your bag sometime, (belive me, seen it happen)
    it really not a nice place to be. :/

  • Jman.. botley!!! ;)

    dont make me laugh ive see more (G’s) in Blenheim palace. quite clearly your just a fragile and vulnerable child who thinks more about talking sh*t like “im scared” and “dont hurt me…… please!” hahaha. u nob! tell yr mum to unwrap all that cotton wool off you and u might b able to grow some balls an toughen up abit. u soft little preacher!

  • James

    I dont recall of ever hearing about rosehill its always been about bbl nd barton, and whoevers goin on about estate size it doesnt make a difference really ! look at BBL okay its a large estate so obviously more crime is gunna happen but if u compare rosehill to barton theres no comparison. Whenever i go into rosehill its quiet no-one around yet in bbl and barton there gangs of people round every corner although theres no dought bbl and barton is were the most killings/shootings happen, but people dont harrass old ladies walking down the road. The only time trouble will involve you is if you involve yourself or come to the area with an atitude ect!