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Probably the worst place anybody could wish to live.

I was finally liberated two years ago when I moved to Halesowen – another chavvy town but nothing on the scale of Northfield.

I lived for 15 years in a street called Nigel Avenue, just off Bell Hill. We found ourselves seperated from the mainstream ‘chav’ as most of the houses were bought, but it didn’t stop them cutting through from time to time to steal badges off cars and car stereo systems. It had to be the only street on earth where nearly every car down there were missing a badge!

Below where I lived you had the Bournville Village Trust Estate, basically a glorified term for a f**king council estate. It was given that name because they were originally built to house Cadbury workers back in the 60’s. Now they house every junkie/w*nker/layabout/single mother from the majority of South Birmingham. If you dropped a f**king bomb on that place alone you would probably half the unemployment rate in the West Midlands.

Then on the opposite side of Bell Hill, you used to have the Ley Hill Estate – once proposed by some government smartarse to be the 5th worst council estate in europe. Fortunately, somebody did us all a favour and knocked it down, much to the delight of Locksmiths and Burglar Alarm fitters in Quinton as I believe their income has trebled since recieving their new guests.

So then you have the fantastic town centre, Grosvenor Shopping Precinct, Northfield Market et al. This place is REALLY the pits. If ever you come to Birmingham, its worth driving through Northfield to have a look at the people. I bet you would go a long way to find such a large number of ‘dropouts’ anywhere. The place is crawling with them. From the old drunks who sit on the bench outside the shopping centre, shouting abuse at poor folk who go about their daily routines, to the ACC (Anti-College-Crew) who dress up in tracksuits and rockports, going around picking fights with anyone who happens to glance in their direction.

It does get worse however. If you are unfortunate to go for a drink in Northfield, you are likely to be approached by some acne-riddled f**k who will offer to do your shopping for you, at a price. However, if the police nab you outside the pub for recieving stolen goods then that is your own fault and problem.

The single mothers are also worth seeing. Post-pregnancy flab hanging over their obviously too tight-jeans, clutching a cigarette in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, covered in cheap bling – its a real sight. The amount of f**king gold worn by people in Northfield could probably redecorate Tutankhamun’s tomb twice over.

In days gone by, Victoria Common park was a particular favourite place of mine. It was where I played football and watched bowls as a young lad, however now it is home to the drunks and drug addicts  who seem to congregate in large numbers for a good piss-up, usually leaving bottles, cans, needles lying about.

I could go on for hours, the YMCA probably full of the biggest drop-outs on planet earth are housed in Northfield, the Ingoldsby Road Estate, Popes Lane Estate, Hoggs Lane, Frankley Beeches Road, the list goes on and on of places to visit if you want to see, purely for research, ‘Chav Life’ in action to the full.

  • V

    The person who wrote this clearly has issues. I recommend a high level of one to one sessions with a psychiatrist. I’ve lived in and around northfield most of my life, while it is a sh*t hole you clearly have issues as its really not that bad. The only thing worse than a snob is a snob that doesn’t realise there common as muck. It must be hard to see anything decent in anywhere with your head buried up your arse… Vote conservative by any chance ? How about we talk about the money ploughed into doing up businesses in the surrounding area ( longbridge, holly hill shops etc ) who largely DO NOT employ locals and instead of focusing on… ANYTHING to do to pass time for youths would prefer to make big corporations richer whilst making us poorer ? Then there’s the fact the local police pick and choose who deserves there responses depending on road or estate the call is made from. And finally there is people like you, who rather than build a community shun those you don’t deem to be worthy of your god given gift to our existence. Single mothers ? ‘Chavs’… ‘Layabouts’ has it never accrued to you that being poor isn’t a choice. Why would anybody choose to live on £7 a day ( JSA ) because our government choose to take ‘ austerity measures ‘ to boost THERE economy. What this means its cuts, to everything, meaning less for everyone ( except them and business owners / bankers ) meaning no jobs, sh*t education, sh*t health service etc etc etc. but yea, of course, it’s northfield, it must be in the water…. Nothing to do with any of the above… Oh and I’ve also lived in Halesowen, it’s full of smack rats you moron

  • piranha

    The person who wrote this sounds worse than the people they are slagging off, they sound like they would fit right in with the very people they are putting down.Proper potty mouth comes to mind poorly educated very judgmental and over opinionated,its people like you who look down their noses at others less fortunate before they know the facts that make up the majority off bad people in the world,you cant tar everyone with the same brush,yes there are alot of people who just dont want to work that are dole layabouts but there are also good hard working people just the same as u get in any other area of britain,who ever wrote this sounds very uneducated & up there own arse maybe they need to go judging everyone else because they have problems with their own life. small minded scum

    • Sugarfix

      Oh the irony.

  • huggsnkisses

    i live i northfeild and have done for years.. big woop about halesowen.. the only difference is northfeild has more people.. halesowen is a f**king dump anyway so i dont know what you think your bragging about!! your whole complaint had me in creases.. who gives a flying f**k what some stuck -up – your – own – arse – whiny – bitch has to say? noone.. bad luck for u u got robbed… can happen anywhere & you think your sh*ts safe in halesowen pffffhhhaaaahhaaaa….. yes you get your sh*theads everywhere but in northfeild & weoley castle youl find some of the most hardworking people you will ever meet… yes were common… why because we enjoy life.. graft for our money not ask mummy & daddy!!! & yes the majority of us smoke buddah!!!! and guess what we f**king love it!!! cold beers & spliffs in the sunn… look down your nose but we are real people.. we dont do pretend… we live!

    • charl

      you are just a stuck up your arse d**khead halesowen is the biggest sh*thole i have ever been unlucky enough to visit omg the great cornbow centre with all its college drop outs p*ssing about having to be thrown out by the security tut tut get off you high horse you stupid prick

  • Moving to northfield

    Hello could anybody please tell me how is living in northfield ingoldsbyroad there is new build houses i have been offerd
    How is it for children age 10 and younger
    How is about the area any crime in that area?
    I am a Muslim women with husband and children ,
    I don’t go out a lot at night..
    Any shops close ?
    Thank you very much for help

  • JoejayyJooojohn dowdoooooo


    You really do deserve to be bent over and have your knickers and tights ripped down for that comment – you really do! I notice you say: “You live 15 mins away because that’s as close as anyone would want to be to Northfield” Now pull your panties and tights back up and lower your skirt – I’ve finished!

    • Jessica

      Grow up man I agree with Lauren, i live by the near school shenley academy. And to be honest its a under acknowledged area, people may steal but there are hundreds of people I know who live in north field who are good honest people so sort your own life out before you judge others !

      • patrycya

        i agree with you because i go to shenley academy my self and i live round there yes people might steal stuff but i also know loads of good people there and i love to live there because for me and my family its a good place to live so stop judging the area !!1

  • Bethany

    Yes, there are some unpleasant parts to Northfield but places are made by people and the atmosphere they create. The question is, how can we make it better? If we all set out to join local clubs and societies and support community activities we would help build a sense of community. If we actively encouraged the people who are trying to make things better and looked for ways to help those who are struggling even if it was something small, things would improve. Running a place down just points out the problem it doesn’t do anything toward positive change.

  • Lauren

    I live 15 minutes away from Northfield, and my boyfriend lives on the outskirts of Northfield. This is all over-exaggerated nonsense. I suppose if you are from a very well off area and have mummy and daddy pay for everything, then you could look down at Northfield, but I know plenty of people there and they all work and are wonderful people. So what if there are a lot of chavs? Its just like the rest of England. No worse or no better. You people looking down your noses at everyone else are probably living in a sh*t hole yourselves. And to the idiot that wrote this, think about other people before you decide to write sh*t about them, as you just offended basically everyone in Northfield and you know none of them. Sh*thead.

  • seanpoet

    Filth Redon is an anagram of Northfield
    In the next few verses the truth will be revealed
    About the cum soaked women, all with a broken chin
    And the drink soaked men, with a bottle of gin

    See through kids, and sh*t batteries in their toys
    After 6 mins of playing, The DS makes no noise
    Just add water dinners, smoke a fag whilst bag simmers
    Top of range TV, the remote works the dimmers

    Bright ideas will furnish their home
    Black glass tables with an edging of chrome
    108” plasmas, Sky + in the kitchen
    Pdsa for pets as the pit bulls itchin’

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they bombed the wrong places
    Anaemic kids with their see through faces
    Hommy Tilfiger clothes moody as f**k
    Cash converters fantasies, but for now…they just look

    P.A.Y.G mobiles with D.H.S.S money
    V.A.Ts a mystery, Cheques bounce like a Bunny.
    Shop till you drop at the Grosvenor shopping centre
    Then off to The George ”At your own risk” you enter

    Processed food, and a Rola Cola drinks
    Kid’s arteries are the same as pouring lard down your sinks
    Super cigs provide the smokes by the ton
    Royals come by dozen, or embassy No1

    Tattoo’s of c**k-eyed tigers on women’s lower backs
    Leggings so loose you can see the cracks.
    Porcelain statues, from the news of the world
    Corners of wallpaper, unstuck and all up-curled

    McDonald’s ketchup found at bottom of handbags
    Used as lube to f**k the rank slags
    Flammable clothes, spikes under toys eyes
    Subaru’s rumble past, chavs drop their pork pies

    Like a septic scab on the Bristol rd scar
    11 f**king chippys…how f**king bizarre.
    1000 babbees screaming, with sh*t on their faces
    One of them manors that the scum bag graces

    Well that’s all from me. I’ve had one of my rants
    I’m off to f**k a chav in her nylon pants.
    She wants another Pitney for another milk token
    “God save Northfield” the land of the Broken

    • j00p

      This is ace you sir are a genius!

  • little wanker

    Well i agree and disagree on the points made, i live near to Northfield and have to agree i hate it! But really ACC? they havent been around for years, so you must be one of them old folk whos had something nicked out there car instantly thinking “oh its all them chavvy w**kers” but now-adays its not even chavs its more ghetto. less tracksuits and burberry caps with rockports and more condom hats baggy joggers and a “man”bag. Also most of the alcoholics are just old men! But majority of northfield is soft drug users(marijuana) and young mommys with a few dolers inbetween. Not hardcore crack heads with guns having gang warfare… Just thank god your not in africa or gettin shot at in the bronx.

    • j00p

      It mentions ACC cus the original post is from 2006!!!

  • angela

    Some people are so RUDE !!! I have lived in Northfield for 19 years and i am a 19 year old mother of 2 . I am married and both of use work neither of us are “under educated chavs” or claiming benefits and all the people i know living in Northfield are all working and none of the above descriptions. North does have its “bad” areas but as far as i am aware Northfield is a friendly community and i have never had a problem with any one here , for all “young mums” living in Northfield i am say the older generations obviously are naive enough to believe the ridiculous post at the top . Northfield is a friendly community if you are not a stuck-up-your-own-arse snob !!

  • anonymous

    Some make me laugh! So Northfield isn’t the best place to live but i have lived here all my life 37 years in fact and in 3 different parts and i have done ok. Everywhere has their druggies, alcoholics, thieves, young mothers and dole dossers so what makes Northfield worse or any different from halesowen or any where else. It just means people in Northfield don’t care what people think of them whereas in Halesowen and other places they obviously try and hide who they really are. It’s funny because it’s our generation that turned it the way it is because when i was young Northfield was fine it’s only as i have got older it has deteriorated. So you carry on pretending to be someone that you are not but remember you can’t change where you come from!!!!!

  • laura

    you cant say much really, northfield isn’t half as bad as you make it out to be, yeah it isnt exactly the most amazing place to live in but it isnt the worst, i’ve lived here for nearly 12 years and its fine, my childhood has been normal, it doesn’t scare me living in northfield, its fine, yeah you have some alcoholics, but you do in every place! i think you should think about what you’re saying before you going opening your mouth and speaking a load of rubbish.

  • No one

    No ofence but some of the things you wrote arnt true. Ive been living here for 6 years and I havent had any trouble at all. Nothfield might have truobles but not enough to call it an unsafe place, i live just a few roads from northfield and when i go to northfield i dont see any drunk or chavy people. And I love the northfield market it has cool things like clothes and other stuff. Some of the things you said were true but not all of it was true.

  • http://google gary

    i have been in norhtfield now for 36 years. Even though i agree with the gentlemens comments regarding the inpovorish state and lack socialbility the place as. There is one thing i know that no one else does, he mentions in the last 15 years. im sorry you did not know the place in the old days, where you knew who your neighbours were. meaning you could trust them not to nick you bike, you could walk down the street and not get confronted by anyone. however saying this i hav now been out of norhtfield since 1998, i go back because i have family still there and yes looking at the place now i wish i never. yes people know me still which i am suprised its not as tho i go to the local which is now the stone, because every other pub as either been destroyed or shut down. i used to have some good times when i were young there playing the pitch and put in layhill or football down at the playing fields,which is now an housing estate. so has i agree with what the gentlemens says about the place now, in my time it was never like that, but they are good memories of northfield.

  • Unidentified

    I have lived in northfield all of my life, im a 15 year old lad, me and 2 mates sit in Victoria Common park and there isnt none of that there nomore, tbh i think it is a complete sh*t hole but its where ive been brought up. Beeches, ridiculas area, you cant even call it that nomore since the pub was torched an extreme amount of times, Whychall, home of all drunks and alcoholics. You people might read this and think omg what a Chavvy C*nt but i asure you this where ive been brought up and like all of you i would like to see a big difference.

  • Hot Head Harry

    Don’t be too quick to right off this area of the world as the bottom end of civilisation. This is the place where HM Government targets their media campaign to recruit thugs to do the dirty work for pretty little educated Dandies who work for the State. Without places like Northfield, repeated across the UK from the Hebrides to Land’s End by courtesy of a class ridden Government abusing its citizenry every day , the UK would have no military capability on the ground to defend smart arse little pricks like you.

  • david

    i agree with most of what you have said. Northfield, especially the Ingoldsby estate houses most of the worst form of benifit cheets, druggies and drinkers in Birmingham, but i have to say NOT every one is the same. I work bloody hard for my money and have never worn a tracksuit of gold jewellery in my life. There is a small amount of decent hardworking people who live here, who get lumped into the same crappy boat as everyone else.

  • tracksuits_and_caps

    Halesowen and Northfield are both chav sh*t holes full of druggies and low class frosty jacks drinkers.

  • jayne1966

    Actually it was urine, so get your facts right and a bloody long time ago aswell!!!

  • louisceline

    Thats a true story-and its why you cant buy root beer anymore in WacArnolds

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Anyone who is unfortunate enough to either live or having visited Northfield will know that it is chav central, full of dole dossers, single mothers, crackheads, slags and scum of society congregate.

Usually congregating in the in shopping centre, Mcdonalds and 3 Cooks Cafe thought mostly in the shopping centre dressed like some clone army or rather tragically making some fashion statement.

They sit in 3 cooks cafe swearing at the babies whilst giving them a lung full of second hand smoke at the same time talking about how hard their drug dealer boyfriend is and chatting about how they are going to spend their benefit money.

Whilst walking through Northfield during the summer you are guarenteed to see wannabe gangsters topless whilst swigging a can of cheap larger on the benches outside the shopping centre shouting abuse at passers. Even worse is the scantly cladded whores that parade themselves in tiny tank tops with rolls of fat hanging out shouting down their mobile phones pretending that they are important.

Victoria Common is also another place these vermin hang out most of them high off crack
No wonder they are building a bypass so that people who have no choice but to pass through Northfield don’t feel like rape victims. Better still instead of a bypass I recommend a small thermonuclear device.

  • northfield guy

    i find this quite offensive, i hate chavs as much as the next guy, n everyone i kno lives in northfield, n we all hate chavs, n tbh, u can’t have a go at people havin there top off in the summer, n as for the rest of it, it’s complete bullsh*t, i walk through northfield nearly every day, n none of what this guy is sayin happens, as much as i’m not tryna listen to other peoples conversations, sayin that a bypass was built so people don’t feel like rape victims is over the top

  • expatles

    I now live in California. I visited Northfield not long ago. While walking up to the Lickeys from Cotteridge I have never seen so much garbage on the streets. Beer cans, wrappers, hardly eaten fish and chips just dropped on the pavement, dog sh*t. As far as I am concerned the place is a dustbin till you get near Hawksly Mill where I didn’t see much at all.

  • PwiincessPeaches

    Lmao (Laughing my arse off, and i used a capital letter )
    I like it =]

  • xlilkimx

    4get him hes a twat i live in kings norton n mi sistas jus moved 2 northfield n its jus like ne otha area, in fact its quite a gd area, so this gezza can shut the f**k up!!

  • cazzagally

    I agree with you…if northfield was as bad as the original author wrote then why on earth are some of the houses worth nearly 1 million quid….?

  • km-northfield
    I have lived in Northfield my whole life and I loveeeeeee it What you have said is complete bullsh*t u cant put every single person that lives in Northfield into one category. Northfield isnt the best place in the world but u have highly exaggerated on ur stupid comment. I suggest u find sumthin better to do wiv ur time u idiot. And if u ever got traced "Northfield vermin" would be after u alrite.

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s**t a monkey!
If you’ve ever wanted to see the arse drippings of society, come to crack soaked northfield. Marvel at the site of toothless tattoed chav mums, dressed in black f**kin leggings, hooped earings the size of the london eye, pushing baby Ronaldo in his stroller, the one with the blue and white striped seat that looks like a cheap plastic bag from pound stretcher. Cry into your lap, as you watch her beat him black and blue for throwing an ‘eppy. Drop your Jaw in awe, of the thousands of chavs, pouring into the grosvenor shopping centre. Having just collected their dole, they are now off to get a £5 bag of smack to take up to the top level of the car park and get f**ked, before catching the 18 bus to weoley castle, where upon alighting they will enter ‘Booze Buster’ , rob the place blind, then do a rape on the way home. Cock suckers.

  • Joe Bloggs

    I came across this site by accident, and whilst I agree with most on here about Northfield, it was once a great place to live.

    Here’s my story, I’m 52 years old, I attended Green Meadow sch, and then Shenley Court. I remember the Grosvenor shopping centre when it first oppened as I used spend most of my time Nelson House on Saturday mornings buying clothes.

    I was a member of the infamous Shenley Mob, I knew most of the guys in the Ley Hill mob, and yes we used beat the crap out of the North Cross boys – anyone remember that? I’ve had many a good night in “The Dukes” and “The Travs.”

    Anyone remember the O’Donalds? Corn, Jimmy, Dave, etc.. Jesus! They brought a whole new meaning to the word scumbags that bunch! Especially Paul? I mean, what a twat that guy was, he had the IQ of a retarded hedgog due to all the dope he smoked – he’s probably done us all a favour and is 6ft under by now. Or worse still, churned out Chavs of his own.

    I got out of the Northfield scene years ago and, thankfully emigrated as the UK in general is just a sh*t-hole fullstop!

    I returned for a visit last year 2009 – this has to be the asshole of the world, young mums pushing their shell suited one night stands around and telling it to shut it’s f**king mouth just because the child was crying and probably needed changing or milk, but then they’re too thick to understand that as interupted their can of beer time.

    I drove around the streets we grew up in Green Meadow Rd, Blackhaynes rd, it was just full of trash and mindless sh*t who hadn’t got a braincell between them.

    I then went to Cranesbill road to see it had all been changed and whilst I visited and old mate’s parents to say “Hi” they went on to tell me how all the new development was full crack heads, single mums who can’t keep their legs closed for a week or so, it was aweful to see my childhood home filled with the dregs of the earth.

    Northfield has some wonderful history dating back to the 12th century, imagine what they’ll be saying about it in 20 years from now? I know there has been a huge influx of Vietnamese on the Frankly road side of things. Personally, I was just too sh*t scared to park the car and walk through the high st for fear of being beaten up or getting back and finding my hire car had been knicked!

    Seeing Northfield after all this time and what it had become was very sad indeed, I just thank God I’m fortunate enough not to have to live or breathe the same air as that lot!

    Northfield was once a great place in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s after that, it went down hill fast to the “no hopers” who all they can do is churn out kids and then those kids mostly products of a quickie in the shop door way, then repeat the cycle of Chavism!

  • Northfield Born and Bred

    I was born in Northfield and have lived all over the country (Im only 28) I think the person who wrote this needs to travel a bit too. EVERYWHERE you go in city towns its full of pushachair pushing mums. Recently I became one of them. Im married and work full time in Northfield at a local bank. Amazing how I used to judge like you upsetting some of my collegues, laughing at the dole que. I am now judged by people like YOU and MYSELF persuming Im on the dole and a single mother on drugs. I realise that society today has produced some lazy youth, but its seems the country has a lot to answer for. Its too easy to sit at home watching Jeremey Kyle and the stigma attached with being a young mother or man in jogging bottoms, makes it hard for them to get jobs. More needs to be done to help these people, so they can educated their kids and build a better society for the future. Northfield is a great place and despite all the young parents, who like a bit of cannabis for their brekkie. On the whole they are all friendly people who do want to progress in life, they just need a bit of help. I have made so many new friends since becoming a mother and now see these people in a different light. (Most of them) My advice to you is one day you will grow up a bit (like I did) and realise its not all their fault.

  • kat

    i have lived in Northfield for just over 5 years, so i only know of Northfield in its more recent chavvy incarnation. i’m not from the West Midlands. i have lived in south wales, bedfordshire, middlesbrough and also abroad. my job means that i travel all over birmingham so i’ve seen some wonderful places and some thoroughly awful places.

    the road i live on is largely made of well-kept houses and its actually quite diverse. Northfield is the nearest town to my house and i walk there quite regularly to do my ‘bits and bobs’.

    i agree that there are some really ropey people knocking about the town centre itself, but i’ve never felt threatened by any of them. i hate the sight of grubby kids being fed Greggs as much as the next person but its not worth getting worked up about, is it?! these people are indeed parasites, who think its perfectly acceptable to take everything society has to offer and give nothing in return, but look at them – a day in Northfield is the highlight of their lives! there’s just no point wasting engery hating these people.

    there are some useful shops dotted about the place – i’m a regular at the pet shop in the shopping centre and you certainly get your choice of shops for buying cleaning products at knock-down prices!!

    as i see it, Northfield’s location is well-placed: i’m a short drive from birmingham city centre or i can easily cycle to the worcestershire countryside. so its not all bad.

  • http://northfieldpast kaz

    What depressing comments, some I agree with but please do not judge every one in the same way, Northfield used to be a lovely place its only the people who have spoiled it and I think that is how the world appers to be now, full of people who think they dont have to work or contribute to society. I was born just of shenley lane and have lived in the area for 50 years, just for the record i have worked since leaving school have raised 2 well balenced kids, I get really angry now when I go to northfield and see the scum but its importent to remeber that there are a lot of decent people .

  • Northfield Past

    Not all Northfield people are chavs, have a look at the Northfield Past group on Facebook…..1500 good Northfield people and counting…Northfield has had many great residents – Lord Herbert Austin & the Cadbury family to name but two….it WAS & can again be a great place so dont just slate it, realise its just like a lot of areas of the UK & has suffered deprivation in recent years.

  • Loki

    Yep, I have to say Northfield is one of the most unpleasant places on earth. I used to live close by and went there weekly to food shop, in the Grosvenor. Scruffy, ugly folk, smelling of cheap liquor and fags. I moved away 10 years ago and now live in New Zealand. Best move I ever made. I have no intention of visiting that sh*t hole ever again. Best thing the council could do would be to place contraceptive powder in the blue pop.

  • A puppy

    Ive lived in northfield for at least 17 years, it’s nice in some places but northfield shopping center is trampy, to walk in the grovsner in the summer (god help you) the stench of B.O fills the place really of putting. Then you get the odd random loser who asks ”luv spare us a fag plz”
    Avoid northfield if you can basiclly/

  • lorrie

    True, there are a lot of unusual people in Northfield, but not half as bad as other suburbs in Birmingham ie. Kings Heath Erdington, Yardley Wood, etc etc. There has always been good and bad everywhere. Theres always been the one bad apple sydrome. I have lived in Northfield for 30 years and brought up my family here. I do not have the problem of how it has changed and as one of the older generation i have seen the change, but i dont go around slatting everyone off. The world is full of goodies and baddies wherever you live. I dont have a problem with people let them get on with it.

  • God

    I have lived in Northfield for 15 years and as a result I am better placed than most to comment on it’s state. It is genuinely the most revolting and depressing place I have ever been, giving the various good people of Great Britain a bad name.
    For example, the people of this elongated estate are the lowliest, filthiest people I have ever met. They stink of faeces, cigarettes and booze having never washed at all. They live only to bring everybody around them down, accompanied by their sprogs (or talking apes as I like to call them). They regularly want to fight outside their territories: Swimming Baths, Wilko and their shocking excuse for houses.
    All in all, this place is an effing sh*thole.

  • http://none Bob The Builder

    I have lived in Northfield for over 40 years. I love the place. Im not a chav, have a full time job (ever since i left school) i can spell (unlike many of the people leaving these posts) and work in the heart of the village. Yes, Northfiled has gone down hill in the last few years… but its not just here. No bobbies on the streets, kids who know they cant be touched and parents who dont care. I lived on the Vale for 1 year (Castle Vale, with its burnt out cars, street gangs, muggings and house break ins) Then theres Handsworth and Nechells, i tell you straight away i would rather live in Northfield any day of the week. To the guy who moaned about the manager of Macdonalds sh*tting in the milkshake… he was actually p*ssing in it, and i can tell you some stories about the wanking competitions they used to have over the milk chocolate vats in Cadbury`s in Bournville!! So its not all bad… And hey… you do have the option. If you dont like Northfield, p*ss off and diont come back !!!

  • Anonymous

    To the person who said Northfield has “inner city gangs”, Northfield is what ? 6-7 miles out of Birmingham City Centre, therefore it is an outer suburb not an inner city area. It’s full of chavs as almost all outer suburb areas of city’s are.

  • Victor

    I moved to Northfield about 5 years ago and I must admit I do live in a nice road. Having said that my presence in Northfield actually increased the value of the surrounding properties because I have a job, know who my father is and wash on a daily basis (sometimes even twice).

    The problem with Northfield is that the holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle show (otherwise known as Weoley Castle) has a security problem and these pieces of subhuman sh*t manage to get out and mix with decent folk (yes they exist). If chavs and pikeys were forcibly steralised then Northfield might be a place worth stopping off at. Failing that they could just shut down MacDonalds, Poundland and Greggs. I was hoping that since Woolworths shut down the shoplifters would have nowhere to ply their trade, however, Wilkos seems to be the mainstay at the bottom of the shopping centre.

    Further note, it must be respected that for some people (who appear to get dressed in the dark) around Northfield the time it must take to get those blotches on their legs is worthy of respect because it must take true committment to look that bad.

    Northfield High Street is a must to see really, as when you are at your lowest ebb you eventually realise that life can’t be that bad. Hey look at the filth around KFC? Northfield does indeed have five stars (you can see em at around midnight in the sky).

    Anyway, it would be nice to meet some decent people in Northfield. If you ever do see me please stop me and say hello. You can’t miss me, I’m the one who wears proper clothes, washes and talks correctly. Of course you won’t see me in the day because I work.

  • Anonymous

    Northfield is a sh*t hole, end of, I live 5 minutes down the road and I don’t even go there, the town center is appauling, some of the roads around northfield are alright. And the Northfield Bypass is probably the worst in the world. Full of smack heads, god what a sh*t hole

  • Anonymous

    Look at Overbury road in Northfield in Birmingham and other nearby surrounding slum estates around there you will see it’s a proper big urban city full of real big urban city sink estates, tower-blocks and small low rise delapidated estates rough area with big problem with crime, inner city gangs and drug problems, thats Northfeld in Birmingham for you.

  • :D

    if any of you actually think, northfield isnt that bad i mean yeah its full of chavs, single moms, crack heads, but everywhere you go there is this problem, be proud to live where you are, im affraid none of u would like to be one of these people and come on this website to read all the hate, show some respect yeah, buck up your ideas. Hold tyt all da manz dwn beeches, hold tyt bang bang, hold tyt u all peace

  • lol

    i live in Northfield. always have. and its split into two groups – chavs and chav haters. i hate going into Northfield because of all the chavs and i really think that it’s really quite sad that we have to put up with them in school. they’re the most irritating scumbags ever

  • http://- Orbit

    You are very mistaken. Its really not accurate at all to say Northfield has gone downhill. I lived in Northfield until I was 20 years old and then left for London. That was in 1989. Northfield was always a terrible sink hole. In the 70’s it was terrorised by a gang of petty criminal’s children (precursors to chavs) called The North Cross Gang. In the 80’s they were replaced by The Northfield crew and then the Northfield Juniors. There was a pub on the corner by the traffic lights called The Bell and it was like a fresh dog sh*t to flies for the scumbags.

    The McDonalds on that corner was once famously exposed in the press for the fact that its manager, a man I was at school with (Shenley Court), was regularly sh*tting in the milkshake machine. For a laugh.

    Northfield was always that bad. If it was ever better than appalling at any point since I left, then that must have been a mere blip on the radar of social stagnation.

  • Moveoverrover

    Northfield used to be such a pleasant little village back in the 50s until Birmingham City council, in its infinite wisdom, decided to invite the dregs of society to take up residence in the surrounding areas. Weoley Castle, Frankley, Ley Hill… mostly full of arseholes with not a thought in their heads other than their next Big Mac or their pint of Carlsberg and dragging along with them the next generation of total morons in their pushchair. Have they ever seen St. Lawrence church? The Great Stone Inn by the village pound? Do they understand the relevance of the nailer’s cottages next to the old mill on the river Rea? Northfield has such a rich history that goes back hundreds of years and these brainless idiots don’t care. Time for a rethink.

  • calypso

    having lived here in Northfield for just over 1 year after living in Devon i can honestly say it is one of the most depressing places i have lived in.. it is full of the worst dressed scruffy people ive ever seen, populated by teenage mams with loads of cheap gold round there neck( a tribute to elizabeth duke at argos), the worst being those horrendous dangly clown pendants. i get stopped by dodgy smack head shop lifters when i go into town trying to sell me anything from make up to nappies. my brother came from up north to visit and refuses to visit ever again , he said its populated by the most ugly, scruffiest people hes ever seen and i have to agree. even my children ask to go for a drive just to point and laugh at the freaky folk.

  • Caplin

    After Living in northfield for my whole life (just moved bromsgrove) ive saw it turn from a decent place to somewhere full of chavs thinkin there hard who wana fight! must admit ive had my fare share of scraps wiv em (get em on there own and watch them cry that they was only messin) thay only reckon there hard cus they have numbers!!!

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Anyone that has had the pleasure of waiting at the lights by Northfields premier shopping centre must have had that ‘am I on the set of Dawn of the Dead feeling’. To get that many faded puple tracksuit tops on that many men, woman, teenagers, zombies is really something. The City Council must be considering adding a pushchair lane to the overcrowded pavements. They would need to ensure that ashtrays (vandel proof) are place every few feet so the single mums can stub out and relight without littering the already litter full street.
The streets are so awash with chavs wearing retro football shirts (not for fashion but because they bought/stole one in the eighties to celebrate winning an ‘auto windscreen or something cup’ and why buy the new one anyway?!). The local Argus has stayed afloat due to the amount of gold it has to import to keep the chav necks looking as good as gold!
Northfield has proffessional wierdo chavs- employed by someone to beg off your standard chavs in order that the chavs anger has an outlet throughout the shoplifting experience. How the government can manage to keep the economy afloat when an area like Northfield has Monday to Friday 90 per cent of its population in the town centre doing, well, nothing but earning chav kudos points, is a mystery to me.

  • Stephen

    You slag an area and its people i’d like to see where you come from.
    By the way lets slag off your pronunciation and grammar.
    Sorry forgot to add your spelling.

  • Stephen

    You slag an area and its people i’d like to see where you come from.
    By the way lets slag off your pronunciation and grammar.