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Liversedge is a small village between the town of Heckmondwike, and the town of Cleckheaton. There are Chavs all over the place.

The Chavs used to be contained in Windybank, the big council estate at the top of Liversedge, but through drug dealing and prostitution, they have got themselves some money, and have moved into the middle-class houses, bringing their Vauxhall Novas and their motor homes with them.

There are several parks in Liversedge where children used to play, but the Chavs have chased them all off. Now every park is vandalized, and the Chavs wearing their hooded tops over their caps, thinking it hides their faces, deal drugs at them. On every swing and every slide, you are bound to find ‘Charlie (heart)’s Gav’.

Liversedge is located in the area of ‘Spen’, and through Spen, recently there has been built a bicycle path. This is where Chavs hang out, smoke, deal drugs and illegally drive their ‘Crrrazi coostum job Moooopeds, wi’ prrropa baaaad spoiler on’t back!’

The rich area of Liversedge, where Chavs don’t go, is occupied by old people, and mostly goths and moshers. Any time the goths or moshers leave the rich area, they get chased by Chavs on their 2ft. pushbikes, and have things shouted at them.

There is no safe place for the normal people of Liversedge. On part is ruled by the Chavs, and if they go anywhere else they’ll be sacrifised by goths.

The highly racist Chavs are currently braking into Liversedge’s brother town of Heckmondwike, and attacking the Muslims who live there. Heckmondwike isn’t safe, especially with the new McDonalds built there. Nowhere is safe. There is nowhere to run. Liversedge will be driven to madness with the Crazy Frog echoing from one side of town, and Slipknot from the other.

  • fuckng bullshit

    This is f**kin bullsh*t I live on windybank there’s no f**king chavs in parks or owt like that whoever wrote this obviously have never been to windybank

  • frank

    do you even know the definition of CHAV nothing wrong with liversedge been here 7 years get your facts first before you speak gets people into all kinds of problems where do you come from cause nowhere is 100% safe i like living here thanks. frank of liversedge

  • Gyarg

    Nowt wrong with ‘Sedge.
    It’s got its characters, but where hasn’t?

    Also ‘liversedgelover’, if you don’t like being ‘labelled’, you’re on the wrong website, love.

  • liversedgelover

    wot da fuk ya chattin ya obvusly kno jack bout liversedge or ya wudnt have sed ne of that sh*t. i live in liversedge n i aint eva seen ne chavs n the parks aint full of chavs n yh u go n c vandalizm but that woz dun b4 chavs were a label n ya go ne where n ya will c it. i aint a chav but ppl just attack em 4 no reason i mean yh they swear drink n smoke and they mite threat but they follow em through so therefore em being decent

    n wots so wrong wit moshers or goths u sound lyk one of those ppl hu go round labelin ppl thinkin ur dead cool but there aint no label that is offensive. so wots ur label??

    luv yas liversedge xxmuahxx