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I’m not here to say Kingswood is a chav hovel, because it isn’t. I’m here to say what a nice place it is, the houses are built to a good standard. The pathways are relatively clean (paths are never going to be spotless are they? ). The people who live there, including myself, are well educated hard working people ( the chavs don’t live here as the dole amount won’t cover the price to even rent on kingswood) the school , Kingswood college of arts (which is unfortunately on branshome (i’ll get to that in a min)) is still a hell of a lot better than winifred holtby. The shopping and lesuire area of kingswood is also better than anywhere else in the hell hole hole of hull. The only problem is, its located right next to bransholme(one of the uk’s largest council/chav estates) and is near to orchard park (hulls crackhead smack head hovel) the scum from these estates scuttle over here to kingswood. the adults in the day so they can wander around asda and dream tha one day they will get a bonus in their dole that will allow them to buy a packe of crips from there…and to look at all the good people of kingswood and think “i’ll smash their e’d in one day …think the’re be”er th’n uz doo th’y? ” (well sorry to say, mekenzie lee burberry piss head, but…..we are better than you) then on the night the little toe rags and spaw of the adults mentioned above scurry over to “ave eh ni’ht owt wiv th’ ladz” …on the swings in the local parks.
You see…the problem with kingswood isn’t kingswood itself…..it the fact that its located inbetween the scum of the earth……dont you feel sorry for us??

  • Courtney

    Why is Amanda dissing Cottingham? I live in Cottingham and Cottingham is not rough. It is just as good as anywhere else in Hull if not better. Yes we are no Kirk-ella or Willerby but we have lovely people and a great centre.

  • Mark Sutton

    Haha. Love it! This guy think’s he’s upper class because he shops at Asda… made my day! Very hypocritical, having ‘I’LL F***ING KILL YOU’ as a username don’t you think? Also, learn to spell. You have just completely embarrassed yourself.

  • Lee

    By the way, I grew up on Bransholme and attended Winifred Holtby. I now have a First and an MA from two very prestigious universities – and guess what? I didn’t have to steal them!

    As for ‘Kingswood College of Arts’ – last I heard was OFSTED trying to shut it down. Must be those scummy Kingswood residents and their unsuccessful breeding…

  • Lee

    Always a laugh when you hear the residents of Kingswood bragging about how much better they are than us lowly leeches of society. Still though, often makes me wonder – if you’re so well educated and ‘better’ than Hull why haven’t you moved elsewhere? To a city more fitting of your elevated station perhaps? Or is it that you can’t AFFORD to live in those nice places with those nice middle class people? What a shame. Where did it all go wrong? Just like us Bransholmers and Orchard Parkers you’ll never leave Hull. So it really doesn’t matter which estate you live on. Surprised you shop at Asda – imagine the shame you feel having to mix with us ‘chavs’ because you can’t afford M&S or Waitrose! You are no different I can assure you.


  • Amanda

    Unfortunately, hull does get plenty of bad press. I’ve lived in many different areas and generally agree with people’s views. Kingswood- very nice houses, people are lovely, only downside is location (between OPE and bransholme)and sharing the school with Bransholme, however no anti-social behaviour and so so so friendly.
    Now the avenues/new land ave. Very big houses, looks dark and scary however the shops and people are vibrant and near great schools (newland and st Mary’s) maybe a bit ‘studenty’ but you get NO chavs (apart from the ones who use new land shops in the day time).
    Cottingham, agree with most things said. It is about as affluent as kings wood/avenues but has a MASSIVE drinking problem (7 pubs) and gets very very rough on a night, but if you stay away from the centre it is fine. Get some stuck up people but get some rough ones too. Unlike KW/ aves where everyone is working class, cott has a mixture, they clash and fights happen. youths are VERY anti-social always drinking etc. OVER RATED.
    I much prefere Willerby or Anlaby. or on the east side Hedon or Preston. Willerby and Anlaby have the 2nd best school in the area (wolfreton) The kids have loads of clubs (dance,football) very affluent everyone is working and nobody is fighting/anti social. Needs a few more shops but lovely! Only problem is if you don’t live there you are not welcomed.
    hedon and Preston are very historic. Not as modern as willerby but people are friendlier, many people living here are old. They is a strong community feel.
    Hessle- similar to cottingham, just less ‘boozy’
    Priory rd area- just a load of houses on a main road. Slightly rough, nothing special. Bland but friendly.
    Anlaby rd is nice, great school (Sirius) a few kids hanging round and a few rough parts but they just blend in with everyone else. Unfortunately getting progressively worse.
    Hesse rd is very rough, fires burglaries 24/7. Most people are nice however houses are boarded up mostly.
    Orchard park/ bransholme are your typical council estates. People having cigs on front garden, little kids roaming the street giving you evils, most are uneducated and just thick, HOWEVER many are nice people who don’t mean wrong. Just happen to loose temper now and again.
    East hull, has a rep for been rough. I think it’s just has more deprived areas than west hull. holder ness rd is your best bet, still get a rough-round-the-edges Feel but best bet. Similar to anlaby rd in my opinion. Garden village is a very nice estate. Apart from that mostly bog-standard. People are quite dopey and lazy. But don’t cause all that much trouble just stay out of everyone’s way… APART FROM mar fleet, long hill and Preston rd. (similar to OPEjust the people aren’t quite as thick)
    I honestly don’t mind Bolton grange. I think it is quite far out from the city and has a pleasant atmosphere. The people have something about them and the school is nice ( Andrew Marvell) strong community feel even if it is a slightly rough one, everyone does well and is happy.
    Oh now I get to places like swanland and Kirk Ella… They think that they are better than everyone else and ‘too good to be a part of hull’ will look down their nose at anyone and everyone. Can’t deny though, they have the best school in the area (south Hunsley)
    Beverly, it’s lovely, very out the way and friendly, lots to do and homely and welcoming.
    Spring bank is full of foreigners.
    Beverly rd is getting like spring bank… ( at town end anyway) but people are unusually very very very friendly and most work. Just a naf location (cheap housing attracts poor people) people here would rather work than be on benefits even if it means living there, and they all look out for each other. Other end of bev rd is similar just slightly more affluent. (Referred to as posh end of bev rd but it is honestly not posh at all)
    Bricknell/cranbrook ave, private housing, great people, popular for families, not the richest but still nice with no problems.
    Nicest- avenues, kings wood, willerby, anlaby, bricknell/chants ave, hedon, Preston, Victoria docks,swan land, kirk Ella.

  • burgers

    That escalated quickly!

    I have been lucky enough to live in a few different areas of Hull (and East Yorkshire), Kingswood included so I feel suitably qualified to pass comment. Hull gets a really bad rep in the national presses and while there are some rough parts (orchard park, north bransholme, preston rd etc.) there are some amazing areas in and around the city.

    I grew up just off Prince’s Ave before it became a vibrant night life spot. Having the park on your door step and the beautiful Victorian terraces of The Avenues across the road was a great place for any kid to grow up. Towards the end of my teens it started getting a bit rough down my street as a couple of dealer moved in. At this point my parents and I moved out of the city to the nearby village of Swanland. Swanland is nice enough but is very much the land of “fur coat no knickers” if you catch my drift.

    I moved back into Hull while at college/uni onto Newland Ave. Great place to live, lots of public amenities etc. I then moved just up the road to Cottingham (Britain’s biggest village dontchaknow)and staye there for about a year. Very nice albeit lots of people doing the “big I am” thing in the pubs and bars. can get a bit hairy some evenings.

    I then moved to Kingswood and I have a fairly mixed view on it. The estate itself is ok, new build homes, lots of families, access to big retail park. I would agree with the OP about the houses being well built and certainly not that EVERYONE there is nice. Our neighbours on both sides used to have regular rival parties and their kids were abhorrent (credit were due, they always used to invite us!). The parties would go on until mid day the following day and no amount of noise pollution reports helped us. I moved out; my housemate stayed and they have apparently calmed down a bit but I think that’s more down to unemployment rather than sympathy for the neighbours.

    I am now back on Newland Avenue and at the moment wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else (in Hull that is).

    Think twice before bad mouthing Hull, its a great city.

    • Gina Smith

      I lived in Hull (Willerby) for most of my childhood including my teens then I moved to Surrey.

      Hull is a mixed city in general. East Hull is depressing in the majority of areas, especially Holderness Road.

      West Hull is the place to live apart from Gypsyville and Anlaby Road.

      The city is improving but awful shopping and limited nightlife-Newland and Princes Ave isn’t exactly Soho or Shoreditch.

  • Tom

    I lived on Kingswood for two and a half years and thought it was a generally great place to live. I’m not from Hull but think the city gets quite a bad press and certainly don’t think it’s the worst place to live in the UK.

    Unfortunately you do get some unpleasant people on the Kingswood estate. I had a troublesome neighbour for a while who although being a total chav, actually earned a very good living as a drug dealer. He was even kind enough to offer me a line of coke when I went over to welcome him to the neighbourhood. his mate used to howl like dogs at the moon each night in the garden and the others rode shopping trolleys up and down the front path. In the end both I and my other neighbours moved out. What a shame…

  • paul

    I live in Market Weighton but know Hull enough.
    I like shopping in Hull and actually visit it more than York. As for Hull voted the worse city in Britain, thats bollocks.
    It’s easy to pick on Hull a city with less diversity problems than Bradford, Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham and area’s of London like Croyden, Brixton, Southwalk, Brent, Lewisham, Haringey, wandsworth, Waltham Forest, newham & peckham.
    Peckham is literally Africa in London, and Brixton is literally the Jamaican area of London etc.
    The problem is i know its hard time and its hard to find a job.But it’s like starting out with car insurance you have to start with something small and progress as you go along.
    People need to get out, be more positive and have self respect. Try and crave enjoyment in their role and stop wallowing in negative vibes that they send out to others, causing the knock on effect.
    Look at the big picture at least we can thank god we don’t live in favela’s in Rio de Janeiro, Slums of Soweto, South Africa or Mumbai just for example.

  • Ricky

    Hi, I have lived in Hull all my life apart from tours in the forces. I would like to say that this city is my home and this is why i am ‘eligible’ if you like to explain what it is like. before i do i would like to say to (I’LL F***KIN KILL YOU) that the first comment you wrote was slagging other parts of the city off and sterio typing different individuals from various parts of the town. But to be frank your language and attitude is what actually defines as a ‘CHAV’ Ill mannered, up your own ass human being.
    Now going back to the issue i have lived in many different areas of HUll and i personally dont think any place differs from the other in one way or another for example i was brought up on Orchard Park Estate in the late 80’s early 90’s and from then to what it is like now is a hugh improvement, Life in this town can be a struggle for most people in this city because we do have to many people who are afraid to tackle problems head on and put the effort in so folk can get along. In my opinion North West and East Hull have good parts and bad parts. No two are different,

  • Peggyann

    Actually, what you have said here about Bransholme is false, I live on bransholme and it is not all bad, ther are many wonderful people here. You are not better than us in any way, and we are no better than you, I also do not speak like the ‘examples’ that you have put in here. I go to Kingswood college or Arts now and it’s a decent school. not everyone down here is violent, most people are rather friendly, myself included, and also my friends. People here are rather easy to get along with, so I suggest that you do some reserch first, or, perhaps, come onto Bransholme, not north, the other parts, like down noddle hill way and get to know some of us maybe, you will be rather supprised when you go home and have not been stabbed by one of us.

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Do they teach English grammar at Kingswood College of Arts or were you away that day?

  • proud to live in HULL!!!

    Iv just moved back to Hull from Manchester and its a great place to live. Its just a shame that snobs like you live here! we do have some lazy bums but so does every city, but i never get hassle from anyone and can’t remember the last time i heard of someone getting stabbed and there’s no gun crime to speak of unlike every other city in the uk. its easy to slag people off online i doubt you’d be so brave in person!

  • norman

    HULL has six rough chavy council estates.Where to start there is Bransholme,Greatfield,Marfleet,Longhill,Bilton Grange and especially Orchard Park.you go on them estates you get mugged , stabbed , chavs asking for Cigarettes off you , drug dealing , graffiti all over, and chavs shouting abuse at you. HULL has an arrogant society , lack of studying , lazy , high rate of teenage pregnancy , high rate of smack heads in uk , stereotyped by chavs , high rate of unemployment , burglaries , and it has been voted every year the worst town in england to live and a big chav town,Also this secondary school called David Lister in HULL has been named pramland for a big number of years because of the teenaged girls getting pregnant,HULL is a big sh*t hole there is nothing to do in the town,if you sit some where in HULL you get chavs abusing you and harassing you,thats my comment


      Who are you? You filthy arsehole! “Parkland” is generally Newland Girls school ….So before you insult my city… get your facts right. You better be careful or we’ll all kill you. You pompous Stuck-up Filthy scummy d**k ….. if you hate it soo much stay where you are sucking your tiny little boy penis !!

    • Sandra

      That’s not nice!
      I live in long hill, and it’s quite and very nice, and nice people around here!
      I never had a problem. And I moved to hull one year ago, and all the things that I saw on the Internet was telling me not to come, but I am glad I did! It’s beautiful! Much better than some parts of London that’s for sure! And people are very nice in general