Living in Hull
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in North East, United Kingdom, Yorkshire

Following the revelation by Channel 4 that Hull is the worst place to live in England, based on official government statistics, the local “news” programme Look North has been in uproar. They have over the last few days been wondering the streets of ‘Ull asking the locals what they think. They originally asked Kate Aidy but she turned the job down stating that “she was brave not stupid”, given that the camera crew are wondering around Ull in the middle of the day the only people they are finding to interview are heavily tattooed inbreed slack jawed morons that confirm Channel 4’s finding as soon as they appear on camera and the nail is well and truly driven into the coffin lid when they take the fag out of their mouth to grunt that ‘Ull is great and dem suv’ners don’t know noffin’.

Hull is s**t, as confirmed by the smell that lingers around the City Centre (which was also subject to a recent series of in-depth reports on Look North – which basically concluded that s**t smells). I lived in Hull until I was ten but my parents decided to moved when local gangs started to have pitched battles using such weapons as garden sheers on the playing field next to our house. I’m now living back in Hull and I have a child of my own, unusually for Hull born in wed-lock. I’m now desperately saving money so I can afford to move out of Hull, I would rather remove my own eyes with a rusty spoon than allow my child to enter the ‘Ull education system.

There are some good people in Hull but they are an ever-decreasing minority, the balance of power needs to shift away from the scum and back to the honest working people, reword people for going to work not punish them with high taxes and don’t reward people for staying at home and breading more little mutants.

Apparently, the people on the estates in ‘Ull live in boarder-line poverty, well I wish I was poor enough to be able to go to the pub every night, be able to afford to smoke 40 a day, eat only takeaways and still have money to go to the bookies and afford sky TV.

If anybody is any doubt about the quality of people in ‘Ull just spend 10 minutes stood outside the Maternity Unit at Hull Royal Infirmary, watch in amazement as 15 year old Courtney shouts at her 3 kids to “fooking get back ear or I’ll fooking bray yer” as she chain smokes her 3 fag before re-entering the building to spitting out another no-dad, to be honest, when I think about it really does scare the crap out of me – theses people are taking over the country, can the last tax payer leaving the country please turn off the lights.

Ferensway has gone through a large upgrade recently is actually turned into a high, recepectiful part of hull with its high retail and transport, however prospect street is just a run down piece of low retail and a ground of rubbish.

  • gogul808

    lol carol what a noob you are ! a pattie is potato and sage .A fish cake has fish in it you silly cow .

  • jack

    this is crap. hull is like every other place. there is good and bad in every place. F**K U SOUTHERNERS !!!!! UP THE TIGERS

  • ull speak

    day trip into town—- am goin up town

    going on to hessle road —– am goin on rerd

    where is my mother —— wers me mam

    stop wresling ——- pac it in ravasrsing

    you confuse me — you do me head in you

    im doing nothing —– am doin nowt

    having a chinise —– aving a chinky

    chips and fishcake —- pattie and chips

    im very tired —– am fooking knakkard

    i cant think stright—- am fooked up

    i want a cokeacola —- i want a cork

    i dont know —— i dert kner

    i am cold —– am cowld

    get me some water —– get me som watter

    you annoy me —- you get on ma frigging nerves you

    i am really tired —- am fooked

    princess quey — prinny quey

    i live in kingston upon hull —- i liv in ull

  • georgia

    you must be talking about west hull coz its great!
    people care for each other so, they maybe a bad rep for chavs and crimes. if u love america u love hull!
    whos wiv me? or, whos stupid?!

    ps.ive lived in hull 11 years but my dad has live here for 43 years so, i cnt be that bad!!!

  • Shaun

    Dat be amazin, was jst finkin dat bout notinham and gettin shot
    Cus we dunt be havin dat in ull!

    Oh my f**king god was that hard to write!
    But really though who come on here trying to say hull is not all that they say and honestly thinks that his point will be made and driven home by saying “It dunt be done Lyke dat blad,

    Well as for my opinion on my fair city, cos I was born and raised here and I’m 30 now do I feel that I’ve got the right to have one
    So here we are: this city is horrible, it simple drains the life out of all inside it, there are prostitutes workin on hessle road an 6:30pm (it’s still light and fairly busy still and there junkie pimp boyfriends lurk in bushes or round corners waiting for the money for there fix.
    There are police in riot gear being covered by other officers with H&K MP5’s while they bust down a heroin dealers door, and this is down my street. (my other half whos from Rotherham had never even seen an armed policeman until she came here)
    The parent in this city don’t care about there kids either cos there is a family just near me who pop out kids at almost 2 a year, and I VERY nearly hit a half naked (waist down including shoes and socks) child on my pushbike the other day and this little boy was about the same age as my youngest (that’s 2) and when I asked where he lived he ran home and it turned out he lived in the next street over.
    I’m gonna stop my little rant now because I could go on all day and I’ve only gotta live here for two more months and I’m happy in the knowledge that my kids will have a better start in life just getting out of this arsehole of a city

  • Harry

    In general I agree with the original post.
    So let’s get this straight, I am a 15 year old boy who happens to live on Boothferry Estate (If you’ve heard of it you will know how bad it is) I attend Hessle High School and I am an A* grade student.
    What’s that you say, unexpected from someone from Hull, and in saying that you are 100% correct. Most people at my school actually live in Hessle, a much better place to live in my opinion, and all of my classmates are perfectly normal and achieve well in everything they do.
    Once you get down to the majority of the delinquents in my year group and in that case the entire school you start to notice that ALL of them live in Hull.
    I have lived all over Hull in my lifetime, from living off of Hessle Road on a street where someone got murdered to my current location. By the way 2 people have killed themselves in the next street to me. And what I have noticed in my 15 years of life is that the majority of the people are living on benefits or popping out children like nobodies business. These people are the most vulgar and disgusting people to encounter, but what I have noticed being with the ‘normal’ people or nice people is that these nice people are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Of course you still get the morons who want to make your life a misery by threatening to beat you with a 2 pound mallet (actually happened to me) or want to stab you for a couple of pennies, but it’s the people you live with or are close to that counts.
    As for the city itself, I have never noticed a smell in the City Centre (I guess you get used to it) and I have a really sensitive nose. But there are nice shops and the historical architecture is nice (when it is not covered in bird sh*t). And that is all I can comment on the positive side of the area, the negatives would take too long to type… But one last thing I have noticed is that the people who seem to commit all the offenses, teenager wise, I have grown up with and have known them for years and whenever I see them in the street they always say hello. In my mind I am thinking about them exploding there on the spot but I think they want to be treated like we know them and what they are going through with benefits and stuff. Sure they are all lazy assholes who steal peoples money but if you treat them how they want to be treated they recognise that and respect that (that is when they are not p*ssed or stoned)

  • Kev

    I have lived in for a long time I have moved to London now but hull is not that bad at all. The thing is with hull there are to many chavs, I lived in O.P.E for 18 years and I have seen a lot.

  • bob

    give your head a f**king bang mate, there’s plenty of intelligent and accredited people in hull, you just clearly haven’t looked, because your doing what everyone does, look for the negatives in whatever your doing you boring c***! enjoy what you f**king have stop f**king moaning, i have just come back from travelling in Australia and met a lot of different people from different places and they all seem to say the same thing and that is us English people moan a lot and I’m sorry to say pal you fit that description perfectly, and there are plenty of good schools in Hull but with parents like you, your child is not going to achieve anything accept a degree in moaning or being a prick!

  • marcus

    Yes I agree with much of what you say. I left Hull in the mid 80s to get a better life, spent most of my time working in the south/ London. It was the best move I could have made. Unfortunately I made the mistake of moving back about 5 years ago. I could not believe how bad some of the people were, the place had become worse . After about 2years I sold up and moved to a village many miles away. A great place to be , I realise I am lucky to be able to do this.
    I hope you also ,have some good luck with your future. Regards .

  • Jim

    Hull IS sh*t. I spent just under 12 years there and I can honestly say, for the most part, it was soul destroying. There are good people in that city but they definitely are in the minority. Most people there are just scum. Plain and simple. Narrow minded, disloyal, thick as sh*t, aggressive, backstabbing, apathetic, lazy, dishonest, cheating, destructive and poisonous.

    Going to prison is seen as a badge of honour amongst so many people there and the who’s-the-hardest mentality is particularly depressing. Even more so when it comes from so-called men in their mid-30’s upwards who boast about who they’ve recently ‘banged-out.’ The woman are even more disgusting. It’s like a walking pick n’ mix of STD’s. I’ve never seen so many gutter level peasants who mistook themselves for queens.

    I feel for anyone whose trying to make something of their life there. I know what a struggle it is. That’s why I moved to London 3 years ago and I can honestly say it was the best move I ever made. Ironically I feel safer here than I ever did in that Northern sh*thole. Maybe that’s because of the lack of inbreeding (No joke – I worked in the schools and the amount of children who just happened to be related to one another was way, way above the norm) not to mention there’s an intelligence/merit based economy here. Even with all the crime that London does have it beats Hull hands down for quality of life.

    Hull….it really is the arse end of the M62.

  • Nicola

    Was just doing my usual contemplation of how sh*t living in Hull is, today at work, in one of the main places to employ people in the city (call centre shall remain unnamed… you decide!) and thought I’d ‘google’ ‘Hull is sh*t’ and this page came up.

    Can’t agree more with the original writer’s comments personally!

    I’ve managed to get a mortgage on a house, so far without relying on the council to give me a one, because I managed to conceive in a bus stop… (a minor success in my life not doing so!), so I agree if I ever do have kid’s, i’ll move out of Hull as quickly as I can sell up, if I haven’t escaped sooner! (unfortunately I happen to love my house and have cat’s, so rentings out).

    Every day I have to take a bus to work (OH gets the car) and I have to suffer the sights and sounds of the chav’s, Delinquents, tramps, foreign drug lord gangs, drunks, pot heads and benefit dwelling single mum’s, screaming at their poor, soon to be clones and repeat future rejects of the education system/work force. Then I get to work where my bosses haven’t got GSCE’s but I have to kneel at their feet, when I got the Degree and it left me no-where. (As I write another helicopter is circling Beverley Road looking for some criminal scum).

    I’m in a constant flux with the concept of bearing off-spring too, because the UK and Hull seems to have gone to sh*t and to even try to create a decent human being to counter it, seems like a futile task if ever there was one! I don’t live in an area where I can pull the wool over my eyes and pretend we live in a lovely perfect world like most of the MP’s in government can. I feel jealous sadly of any mum who’s managed to get a decent education and afterwards a career, or who is a kept woman by a high earning man and gets to be a lady of leisure or house-wife even, who lives somewhere were they don’t see what I see every day and who can proudly walk around with a bump and the ‘glow’, not feeling like they should feel ashamed for adding to the problem of over-population in their city of messed up kid’s/family’s and who doesn’t have to worry about the sort of education or peers their potential child would get involved with, or endure the vermin council house grabber baby mother, when they go for scan’s at the hospital, swearing and smoking, as I foresee I would have to if I became pregnant… as I can’t afford private health care. I actually feel like I would be embarrassed to get in that state as I have to see women who seem clearly incapable of being able to offer anything to a future human being all the time on the bus/in the city centre on my lunch, who so easily get into that state without a thought in the world as to how they’ll bring them up well, except ‘cool now I get to the top of the housing list and get more benefits for my fag’s!’. Getting pregnant to me, seems like something i’d feel ashamed about because it doesn’t mean anything good in the city I live in any more. So what if I am educated and earn my living. I feel the only way I can stand out is by not having a child and that is quite sad I think. (I’m sorry if I’m offending any genuine jobseekers but I’m going on actual evidence here of the non jobseeker.)

    Going to school in Hull in the 90’s I was told to work hard and go the academic route e.g. A levels, degree, good job, but now the kid’s who did NVQ’s and dropped out and also some with more savvy ideas’ of entrepreneurialism who learnt a trade or got out of Hull and never came back, like many of my friends are the one’s rolling in the money or job status and commanding what ever fee they feel like charging for mending some part of your house, whilst I earn £840 a month after tax for 35 hours and still hold an ever growing student debt of £18000, which I’ll never pay off as I don’t earn near £15000 a year gross currently… Don’t get me wrong, I respect law abiding, decent hard grafters as much as any decent working person but I feel like one of the first of a lost generation; A generation who was told if they got the grades, they’d succeed but never got to see how good life could be if you didn’t rebel from authority in your early working life or were lucky enough to be taught by role models who could provide opportunity, positive work experience and who had the power to influence or train me when I was young enough to benefit (my parents couldn’t give me that as I suspect will be the same problem for kid’s in the lost generation growing up now). Now I float through my life nearly 30 with no direction still and a brain full of potential, going to waste daily in this current recession, watching as all the scrouchers seem so much better off… scratching around in their sh*t-hole of a city and lives, living off my taxes, getting free laptops, Sky TV, fag’s and weed.

    Oh…I must add I also deal with having to read the illiterate jibberish of the elusive ‘public’ for my job and its crazy how bad it is now. Also this latest government incentive… ‘Home Access’ is the biggest joke to be played on the working nation in a long time! It took me 4 years to save for my laptop but how many people with those grants have complained to me about how the spec of the laptop they’re getting off my taxes, is not good enough, in their broken text speak writing and of how it won’t let them do gaming or chat on a webcam and how it looks sh*t! These the new ‘Customers of the state!’ Customers who I have to be nice to and bend over backwards too! When did sitting on ya arse, being proud of doing nothing all day and teaching that mentality to your kid’s, make you a ‘customer’ who deserves to be served by those who go out to work and we who serve them can not express how we really feel about your lack of gratefulness because hey… you’re the customer!? (there are many genuine grant holders though i’m sure, so I don’t mean you!) but this country’s upside down and inside out! Depressing doesn’t even begin to cover it! Hopefully you don’t live in Hull if you’re reading this and you can feel a little better about your life! [End Rant]

  • Chris

    “locko_n_m8s_ov_hull says:
    September 23, 2005 at 11:49 am
    hull int dat bad jus think if u lived in nottingham all da fites n dat wid guns wots da point jus coz a kid luked at ya in da wrong way u end up gettin shot”

    Haha! oh dear god you have just totally proved the article’s point you illiterate cretin!

    I’ve just moved to Hull from Middlesbrough the latest holder of the sh*ttest town prize but i’ve got to say Boro is a far better place to live than this sh*thole!

  • kristoff

    Wow i too am 16 have lived in hull for 16 years and also think it is the sh*ttest city ever created. we have so much in common. Hull is sh*t. nobody in the world can argue against this. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH. get me out of here


    So basically Hull sucks c**k!

  • locko_n_m8s_ov_hull

    hull int dat bad jus think if u lived in nottingham all da fites n dat wid guns wots da point jus coz a kid luked at ya in da wrong way u end up gettin shot