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Great Yarmouth, the home of the Yarcos. Everywhere you go in this once great British holiday resort there is a Chav. Everywhere! Luckily I live in a nice little farming village outside Yarmouth but I have to go to Yarmouth now and then and its not nice. You cant stay too long or you will become a chav sooner or later. Ive known many ex friends whos family HAD to move to Yarmouth to turn into chavs. In fact I think Yarmouth is like the base for chavs..or the place where they are all made. The name Yarco comes from the chavs of Yarmouth. They all walk around the their hoodys over their caps, chewing gum with a fag in their mouth, eye brow pierced and say innit a whole lot! And the funniest thing is (as usual) they think they are solid and hrd when theres about 7 or 8 of them, but when they are on their own they suddenly realise, they are scrowny midgets with big mouths. Ive got to go now, so I’ll just make my point with this last statement…

Jim Davidson owns and performs at The Great Yarmouth Britania Pier every week with Rik Waller, Joe Pasquelie and The Chuckle Brothers! :D

  • Someone

    What I don’t get is WHY is the word ‘goth’ being bandied about, just because someone says something negative about chavs? It isn’t just goths that hate chavs – most people do. Sure, I just made an assumption, but so are the people saying the original poster, or anyone saying a bad word against Yarmouth is a goth. Do you KNOW the poster? I doubt it.

    Most people with half a brain and who actually managed to finish high school have enough common sense to see through the outer layer of knock-off Nikes and fake gold sovreigns. Hell, regardless of WHAT someone wears, their attitude says a whole lot more for how people receive them. I know some people who might be branded ‘chavs’ who are some of the nicest people I know and, while I tend to hang around with more metallers and punks than anything else, I’ve met some goths, emos and hell, even some metallers who are horrible people.

    So yeah. Give it a rest, stop making childish assumptions – what are you, twelve?

  • fuckyou

    Everyone that is sticking up for yarmouth has only ever been to this sh*t hole of a town on holiday or whatever, why you would want to come here anyway i aint got a f**king clue.

    I moved up here about 7 years ago and f**k me it was the worst thing i ever done in my life, the place is a sh*t hole, and just got loads of little sh*ts that think there hard and all shop on regent road.

    Its a f**king dump yarmouth and the sooner i get out of this sh*t hole the better.

  • brapping

    Omg you stupid little faggot, one goth can take a whole group of us Chavs on cause we iz stupic init

  • daniel12345

    im sorry to say but that really is utter rubbish. You make it sound so depressing. The likelyhood is, is that your a depressive boring goth with nothing better to do than moan and complain about life.

    Sure, I wouldent like living their because their is violence at night (but you get that everywere), but its a bit of fun for a day out, go on a few rides, go to the hyppodrome (which is very good), lay on the beach. Its fun and I have had no trouble going their.

  • fuckinghippy

    Great Yarmouth or rather not so f**king Great Yarmouth. What a f**king scumc**thole. If you are sick enough to go there, DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR. No car is safe in yarcoland. These inbred sisterf**king vermin would break into a pram.The only solution for this cesspit, is to destroy it in August with nuclear weapon, when its full of dirty chavscum from other parts of the country then we would make a significant impact on the filth that infest our once green and pleasant land.

  • emoscuzz

    oh and by the way im not a guy trying to start a fight, im not even a guy. im a girl. trying to see the point

  • benfrasersimpson

    why did you start fighting a bunch of “goths”?
    anyone whos not a chav is a goth in your eyes.
    im surprised u can count. However probably used to counting to 30 because thats the number of children they have!

  • andre88uk

    Woteva m8.
    u need to open ur eyes…
    if you think yarmouth is that much of a sh*t hole p*ss of and shop somewhere else init.
    and so wot if we say init all the time you get the gay little goths calling every1 and eveything dude…. how sad is that.
    And me and my mates only ever have equal fights… the other week there were bout 5 of us and like 30 goths and we still kicked there arses til the cops came… so that makes it bout 6 on 1… not bad in my eyes.
    so wake-up and smell the cheese.

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Come over to great yarmouth to visit the numerous hang outs for serious chavs, everybody knows that they race up and down our seafront with their blinging fake soveriegn rings and their punto’s, Or strut like john travolta down regent road. But if we dig beneath the surface we can find the real hard core chavs,
Try the waiting room at the doctors surgery on king street where the chavs amass for their sicknotes, or painkillers. Or try the local social office where they attempt their tenth crisis loan because their burberry is fadin,
Pill poppers wander king street waiting for the next tourist to sponge their bus fare off, If they manage it they punt it at the local arcade.
Life is sweet being a chav all your mates are ‘sorted’ huddling round some privately rented pad that they decided to stop paying rent on, all skinning up an oxo cube, or drying banana skins.
Remember to avoid the chavettes pushing prams round gorleston with black eyes and soveriegn indents in their faces from this mornings backhander.
But here is a tip for all you chav dodgers,
walk the streets with a baby in a pushchair..
No chav will bother you then, they will think the kids theirs, that you are bringin it up for them.
Nothing scares them more than “CSA”

Great Yarmouth the fastest growing town for chav scum.

  • Pete

    Have to say your description is pretty spot on regarding Yarmouth (I refuse to use the “Great” part as it simply is not).

    Streetsweeper – admittedly he isn’t subjecting his children to a life of holding AK47s or ending up “with a blade in ya cheek”, I’ll skip the rest as I got the general consensus of your message after the first analogy.

    However, he, like many of us, may pride themselves on being able to use the English language with a degree of command, be proud to have done reasonably well at school and wish to make their towns a little more civil without the constant harassment, belittling and abuse from underachieving scrotes or people who have such low self esteem, they feel threatened not by chavs, but by those who they feel are superior to them.

    In my experience, most chavs feel this way; they feel somehow inferior to those able to deliver a coherent sentence, able to solve complex problems and able to live a week without getting into arrears on their rent, electricity payments, or spending their earnings on cheap p*ss and imported tobacco. They feel they need to constantly harass and abuse those who try and live normal, quiet lives, NOT because they feel the stronger party, but because groups of them actually feel pathetic in comparison, so stick to their equally unintelligent “packs” and subsequently feel they have the edge due to “numbers”; which of course is a practice best left to those attending Primary school or the primates at the zoo. It isn’t a case of being stuck up; it’s a case of the chavs being stuck down!

  • Streetsweeper

    What a silly c**t , at least u wont end up with a blade in ya cheek or a gun against your forehead. Count yaself lucky for what you guys do have …. Mayb u would like too wear a grass skirt in the middle of the f**kin jungle where the insects will even eat you alive . ! or perhaps somewhere there isnt any water for miles and every1 is starving too death ! OR somewhere ur son will have too hold an ak47 at the age of 10 . Just another chavvy lil twat with his nose up in the air ! Happy New year and go f**k yourself . ungraitfull bastard

  • freaksochic

    Talk properly for f**kS SAKE.

  • Melia

    omg!! you have totally captured yarmouth and gorleston……i live here and totally agree

  • smiffypro

    I live in Yarmouth, I totally agree