Living in Faversham, Kent
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Kent, South East, United Kingdom

I’ve always lived in Faversham and I can say it is a sh*t hole, but I honestly love it. What’s a town without a bit of banter, fighting, drinking and drugs? -a very boring one. A few stabbings and some vandalism are faversham, and were not ‘chavs’ maybe were comfortable wearing trakies and a polo with a hoodie and a Burberry coat with a pair of trainers? A night up rec is what we know as a good night out with a couple bottles of cider, and a bit of vodka.┬áMost teenagers in faversham do smoke, and it’s not to be ‘cool’ it’s something they want to do.

Most the faversham lot are dirty fighters and often usually use knuckle dusters or baseball bats especially when fighting other towns, mostly Sittingbourne. Faversham and Sittingbourne have always been on thin ice and every now and then it cracks and it goes on for a couple if months, the Faversham lot going to Sittingbourne and fighting, then Sittingbourne lot coming fav, but it usually calms down a bit for a while.

Faversham fair is the worst for fights, we’ve already had some companies tell us they aint coming back because of fights, and Faversham not being able to get the fair out because of the amount of money we need to get security.

The Abbey school is one of two secondaries in faversham, the other is qe, which half of it’s population don’t even come from Faversham, as it’s a grammer school and most of Faversham are not clever enough, so fall back on abbey. All smokers at abbey go up field to have a fag at lunch and break, and the person with out the fag has to ‘keep dog’ incase a teacher is seen, also students smoke weed around the back of the school. students often bunk lessons to go town or just have a stroll from block to block.

The main ‘estates’ in faversham where the ‘dodgy chavs’ are from;


a beautiful song about faversham-

and another

  • Ms Camel

    Just to clarify the most recent five were written by four of my pupils, apologies for any offence

  • Kainaan Slater

    Hi there are you boys single? im a gay from Faversham and love to rub cream on my arse

  • Hazza Taylor

    Can’t believe this article bruv, lived faversham all my life and murked so many bad boys, anyone who says different needs murking

  • Max Durden

    Cuz, i may not be from Fav but i love goin there on the daily. the dealers there are safe, no bulls**t

  • Marty boorman

    tbh you bunch of c***s faversham is sick i love stabbing people at the fair and banging poeples nans so f*** maidstone is well good down ere with the Mckenzie tracksuits and f**k ugs dun’kno

    • Max

      im comming for you dissing maidstone bruv you are gonna get done

    • Max

      hi marty

  • Oli

    Id say the article is a bit over the top. Faversham isnt a dump its just a town of two halves. On the one hand half the population is middle class london commuter types who live in the nice new builds down on the creek and the other half is the chavviest people living in the estates and near the Rec. Agree with the above post that its not as bad as medway. Also the schools bit is true but you get that everywhere in the country. Also people think abbey is bad, it really isnt in the context of the whole of the UK its an excellent comprehensive with really good results

  • max

    What you say is utter bullsh*t come to my home town maidstone if you go tovil you will get obliterated i,v been to faversham it is nice good cultured little market town better 10 times better than maidstone gravesend the medway towns and dartford faversham isnt chavvy