Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in South East, Surrey, United Kingdom

Epsom Chav central of Surrey! its full of Chavs!
During the day this pleasant town is enjoyable to walk around even though the shops are becoming more and more to the taste of a chav, Afternoon comes still a safe place the chavs start to wake up. Night comes and they venture out of the notorious Longmead Estate and other areas. Since Epsom has good transport chavs come from all over. Epsom is home to 3 council estates which r quite rough, The longmead Estate, Watersedge Estate and the Wells Estate.
Epsom home of quite a few Crews which cause havok.
This town is getting worse and worse. At night u can never walk around there late at night with out getting abuse thrown at you or a knife pulled out on you. They all hang around Macdonalds and all up that road. By the Odeon as well seeems to be a hang out. This place is shite, i feel safer walking around Kingston than i do in Epsom. In Epsom its a small highstreet full of rudeboys. Not all chavs are bad but they have managed to get a bad repuatation.
Also Bouncers in Macdonalds is just crazy, that just tells u how bad it gets.

Cons= The estates
All the Chavs
Walking down the highstreet and having to stand aside to let a chav mum drive her 5 prams and screaming kids around screamin at them.
Crap nightlife
Being out of zone 6 (even though we should b FUK SW TRAINS)
Crap shopping center

Pros= Having quite alot of Green areas
Good Coffee Shops
Quite good transport besides the zonal issue.
A few nice pubs

Now mind you wot annoys me more than chavs is EMOs, thank god Epsom is not full of them yet, cos i dont want no one walking around moaning how bad their lives r and cutting their wrists. JUST DIE.

On another not back to my point Epsom is just going quickly downhill, it is quite an attractive town but still this town has very bad elements. I know people who say Cobham, Esher, Walton are bad areas, it just makes me laugh how stupid they are because they are all safe places unlike this Town.
People thinking of moving to Epsom, Re think it.

  • Ryan Ferry

    Yeah its an absolute dump. Can’t ****in stand it…

    • matt johsnon

      well as far as s**t places in surrey go…epsoms not one, next door tadworth is mostly a dump though, as most living here would agree to. not as much trouble as 10 years ago mind. still, not a dangerous or scary place to call home

  • Bikerkid

    Some areas are nice some aren’t but the experiences me and my friends have had are bad. My friend was going to meet a girl in longmead and his moped was stolen. Then a few of us went down there to give him a lift home then as we were riding off a van pulls up and hits another one of my friends of his ped with a metal bar and rides off on it. Nice area is it?

  • Little chick

    If your going to right an article stating how “chavy” a town is perhaps you could use proper pronunciation and people may believe you!

    • Bev

      “If you’re going to write”- A corrected pronunciation of what you said, little chav!

  • Leisa

    Complete & utter rubbish !!

    I used to be a right stuck up so and so untill I came to work in Epson 7 yrs ago .

    Everyone i have either worked with or met has been very friendly , kind caring a very supportive !Many of which do live on the estates mentioned .

    It’s taught me a very valuble lesson in life not to judge people untill you really get to know them, London is packed to the hilt with angry aggressive selfish uncaring idiots all rushing around and don’t even go there regards their bad manners !
    I can’t wait to leave London & move into Epsom hopefully some time soon 🙂

  • Ruby

    I live on the longmead estate, and I have had absolutely no problems, I’m definitely not a chav! The only problem is that people sometimes just dump old furniture on the pavement right next to the house. But I would say compared to croydon, Epsom is definitely not chavvy

  • JImmy Mitcham

    Whe I was younger Epsom was a pleasent attractive town which in some places still is. It does have a problem with chav like most places and its no way the worst place in world kind of similar to outer london areas Sutton, Bexleyheath, Upminster etc. One slightly worrying is the amount of murders in the borough in the last five/six years (four in 2006) Yet again overall its a low crime rate a bit dangerous at night but what you get in most town centres. Yet again its just being wrong place, wrong time

  • scotty boy

    What a plonker… Are u for real mate ??? I’ve lived in epsom my whole life “30yrs” and most probably know some of the people that terrify u so badly.

    U must b a complete muppet if ur sayin that Epsom is a scary place to live ! Fair enough u get the odd bit of trouble here n there but nothing too bad really…

    I grew up on the Longmead Estate and to my memory can only remember 2 murders to date !

    You get the odd bit of violence now and again and drink and drug missuse but no more than on anyother Estate in the Surrey/London area !

    Do us all a favour…. grow urself a pair of bollocks and stop twitching behind ur curtains u soppy bellend !!!

    • Paul

      Absolute brilliant response and my thoughts exactly (but using fewer letters than I would to express).

      I live right in the centre of Epsom just behind Argos and seen none of what “Jimmy” is claiming ias fact.

      Dangerous my arse!

  • Dave Mc

    Epsom is crap.It`s run by out of date morons. It`s boring and the public transport round here is awful after seven at night. No decent places to have a drink and listen to real music.Think you need to read up on what real rude boys are. The Wells estate is fairly quiet and always has been as most of it is privately owned and council houses make up less than a third.I grew up on the Waters edge and the so called gangs are little kids trying to be gangsters. Epsom and Ewell is just a boring place, with crap shopping,crap night life for us older ones and crap transport. It is also too expensive.

  • Vikram Singh

    Agree Agree AGREE!I live in Epsom and its bad. Don’t bother if you are planning to come and buy a property in Epsom as its small, and over-priced. I am currently looking to buy my first house and can’t wait to get out of Epsom. Say a property for £260k right in the watersedge estate!!! Who will want to spend that kind of money right in the frying pan!?!
    I am now considering Sutton or even Charshalton as properties are much cheaper there and have better shops and transport connection.

  • THeCroya

    LOL if u talk about epsom in that way ………GO TO WEST CROYDON OR HACKNEY . LOLOLOLOL

  • Jon

    I have friends that live in Epsom and have visited the town lots of times. I really like it. I think it is one of the nicest London suburbs (yes, I know it is in Surrey). There are a few chavs around, but nowhere near as bad as parts of London. Generally I think it would be a great place to live.

  • AC

    Hi there,

    I have been living in Epsom for the last 8 years. I moved here from Wallington, which you also describe in your website as a Chav town.
    Wallington was getting quite bad, and I wanted to move somewhere with low crime rate, and it doesn’t get any better than Epsom. I can leave my from door open, my car unlocked, my bike outside, knowing that they will be safe. And I live in the Longmead Estate, which you describe as being rough. I can tell you that there is a large Potuguese community, and some Chavs, but most of the houses are privately owned and I would recommend it as a quiet nice place to live.

    • Dave Mc

      I cant leave my door unlocked, my bike outside or the wifes car unlocked.Some of those Portuguese community are a big problem, but no more than some of the others living there.I have had people attempt to steal bits of my doorstep, and in fact just this week something was stolen.And I live next door to longmead.I have many friends from the Longmead and have for many years many dont feel safe after dark.

  • rich81

    the wells estate?? 300k houses quite rough? you have no idea what you are on about! its people like you who deserve to be attacked by the “chavs” you clearly are a pathetic person!

    • I disagree with this guy. The wells estate has a small council element of which most are owner occupier’s. The estate is in the catchment area for one of the best girls schools in the country thus making this area quite sort after. I would have no issue in moving to this area. Regarding the longmead Estate, the rep has improved over the last 20 years providing quality affordable housing stock for many happy customers. Like most large estates built around this time one bad road may spoil for the rest.

  • Billy

    I lived in Epsom for 14 years and loved it. Unbelievably, I have moved to a small town in Cumbria and have suffered more anti-social behaviour and petty crime in the last 6 years here than I ever did in Epsom. IF ONLY I COULD AFFORD TO MOVE BACK! The only thing I DO NOT miss is the appalling traffic and that says a lot about Epsom!

    • benjiman frankfarter

      thats slurrey for you.what you wanna do is grab em by the fur banks twist em see?grab and twist, they wont give you anymore trouble after that believe me or ill give you your money back.

  • Brett

    We moved to Epsom about a year and a half ago because it is precisely NOT the kind of town you are describing. Have you actually been there? I have never been concerned for my safety when walking alone at night and I do not know anyone who has ever had a problem. I don’t often patronise the local McDonalds but I am quite certain that there is no security guard there. Epsom is simply not the kind of town which needs that.

    You are right about the lack of nightlife. That works just fine for me. I’m quite happy to live in a safe community that doesn’t have trainloads of drunks staggering in every Friday and Saturday night to purge their stomach contents onto our footpaths.

    • Epsomer

      To be fair it sounds like its changed i grew up on longmead and it wasnt to bad but as for leave you door unlocked or never being assualted just sounds like you havnt wanderd through or past the estate much and i know of regular jumpings in town centre between 14 and 20 odd older people wont get much bother

  • notagain

    What Epsomite lady said! I agree!

  • Epsomite

    Wow – what a thoroughly unpleasant and untruthful individual you are. I have lived in Epsom for most of my life – I chose to come back and live here because my friends and family have stuck around too. I can categorically say that I’ve never had a knife pulled on me and I am comfortable walking around town at night (I’m female). I’ve never been verbally abused in the street either.

    Yes there are ‘chavs’ and some social issues – name a town that doesn’t have them.

    Perhaps when you go around wishing death on groups of society you could also share with everyone the positive personal contribution you actually make to your own community that makes you so much better than them.

    Oh – and when you post your hate in future (as no doubt you will) at least use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Actually, don’t. It better serves to highlight your own lack of education and ignorance.

    • Lavinia


      Please forgive me for being a bit off topic with my message.
      I am planning to move to Epsom soon (studies), and I am spending some time reading about it on internet. Since you said that you lived there most of your life, could you kindly tell me some good areas and name a few streets where I can focus on finding my place? I am totally disorientated 🙂

      Thank you for your time,

      • AC

        I assume you are going to Epsom College. If I was to study there I would live walking distance to the college. College Road, between the college and centre of town would be an obvious option.

        • Greg

          I’d say she’s definitely not going to Epsom College. If she was at Epsom she would either be boarding, or her parents would be looking for a house, she would not be posting on ‘chavtowns’ looking for a house. No doubt she’ll be at UCA. I did love Epsom College though, thoroughly enjoyed my time there