Living in Deal, Kent
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Kent, South East, United Kingdom

What can you say about Deal? On the face of it, a pleasant Kent seaside resort with a charming “old town” clustered around the lovely Middle Street area. But dig deeper and you will find that these beautiful old houses are connected by a series of 18th century tunnels which helped smugglers to transport their contraband without interference from the law. So yes, even the town’s founders were criminals.

Move forward to the twentieth century and the emergence of pits around the town, and you have the purpose built Mill Hill pit estate, made redundant since the miners strike and spiritual home of the East Kent chav. Yes, crap cars, clown pendants, three hoodies worn together, Burberry caps (as well as the dark blue Nike ones with a broad light coloured stripe down the middle from front to back), tracksuit bottoms with the obligatory socks tucked into the trainers, all these things and more flourish in Deal.

However it would be unfair to single out Mill Hill as the sole abode of the EKC. Honourable mentions have to go out to Birdwood Avenue in Upper Deal, and its hilariously interlocked network of inbred families who can’t seem to live more than two doors apart from each other (useful for forming speedy lynch mobs), and the North Deal estate with its growing collection of ASBO wannabes. If you want to catch the chav out of its home environment, then the car park at the Tides leisure centre is always popular, as is the skate park in Victoria Park, and Deal railway station.

Boy racers congregate in the Union Street car park opposite the kebab shop, playing their crap tunes, playing football and shouting at each other until daybreak, then going straight to work without even so much as five minutes kip (to the fury of local residents who are reduced to taking their anger out on the ridiculously overstretched police) However on a Friday and Saturday night the chav comes into its own.

Older chavs enjoy the “pleasures” of the “Quarterdeck” nightclub and the resultant entertainment caused by 400 tanked up chavs waiting in South Street for a cab, whereas the younger ones who have been turned away from their weekly efforts to get into the Deck seek solace in wandering the streets with their cans of Stella with which they try to impress their chavette girlfriends and encourage them to stay out all night from their foster accommodation. There are some particularly horrible specimens of chavdom in Deal, make no mistake about that!

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  • conscientious objector

    Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense… every town has its less desirable inhabitants but in my experience, Deal fares pretty well. 

    The town is lovely. The people are lovely. The shops and pubs are lovely. Hell, even the Wetherspoons is lovely. 

    It’s a great place to live.

  • Justin

    Don’t recognize Deal from this absurd description. If anything its at the other end of the spectrum now . But essentially its a shining gem of a town compared to the its near neighbours . A fully functioning community with every demographic in rude health . An honest, and incredibly beautiful English coastal town that seems to prosper whatever the challenges !

  • yvonne

    who wrote this and where do they come from and where do they currently live?

  • Richard Porteous

    Nowhere is perfect, but your slanted views are very much out of date and out of context. Try to see the positive, instead of shooting first and asking questions later. Good luck.

  • gabbyco

    Update on this very silly article. Deal is not chavvy. I happen to be born in Deal, had lived and live in London and Deal is just like a traditional English Town, the type you see in Midsommer’s.

    Deal has changed a bit in the last few years but it is much better than many of the other coastal Kent towns.

    Yes there is Wetherspoon’s now and Costa Coffee but Deal is a very nice town. Most people dress decently, the only problem is the influx of immigrants over the last few years and the influx of charity shops. The independent retail sector remains good but Deal really does need a few more chain stores e.g Next please and a bigger M and S.

  • V.o.t

    Deal is great….. as long as you’re white….

  • Deal is one of the best places to live in England

  • karl

    I was born on the isle of Sheppey and schooled in Chatham so I know all about chav! I escaped all that to a life in London (Wimbledon) for 22 years. Now I’ve moved back to Kent, Deal is now my home, and I love it here. It’s a proper town, a great mix of different people who all seem to get on regardless of age or status. There’s a real sense of community here. There is a few smatterings of loutish behaviour, but its nothing compared to some places. And who wants to be like Sevenoaks or Tunbridge Wells full of snooty yummy mummy’s and middle class bores who all send their kids private school? Deal has a great love of music and the arts and is proud of its rich cultural past of mining, fishing and the Royal Marines, all of which has helped carve out Deal’s strong sense of community. Give me Deal any day of the week. After a few days in London I’m hankering to get back to normality and to be part of this great place.

  • KAS

    Shame about the Wetherspoons now set to invade our privacy. Fight the Wetherspoons incursion! Defend our town! Don’t encourage the drunken pseudo chav any more than the Walmer Castle pub does already (and the Kebab shop opposite – well known for staying open well after hours and keeping central Deal covered in a smattering of “extra chilli sauce” wrappings…

  • sue

    Its not Chav ! Chav is a fashion that looks terrible by everyones standards.. Hoodies caps and trackie bottoms are what is and was in fashion. The scuffier the better!
    Lakeside in Essex had these Chavs! But as soon as the word Chav appeared, the clothes went ! Overnight the kids didnt want to be called Chavs. But started to call other kids Chavs. Horrid word.
    What we need to do is understand peoples dress sense. The town is lovely, kids will always hang out on streets. Whats wrong with that? Better than watching Facebbook internet all night!
    Im from Essex. and Deal is lovely! Open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings, youve been nasty.

    • Stu


  • Rachel Sheavills

    What an ignorant specimen re the above first comment re Deal! Having been born and bred in Deal and lived in other countries I find the comments made lacking in intelligence and one wonders where the person actually lives, maybe it is one hell of a dump hence the hints of jealousy towards Deal and the local people, interbred or not, they are Dealites and Dealights! Each area of Deal whether it be Mill Hill, the North End or the Town Centre as he/she refers is steeped in history and is full of characters! Did he or she walked down to the bottom of the Pier and take in the stunning views around, the unspoilt seafront. For a sea-side town it is totally unspoilt architecturally, so if the odd Burberry cap or Nike tracksuit spoils that for you then we are deeply sorry. Please feel free to tell us all about where you come from or where you live…………………..If you fancy meeting up with me that would be good and I will show you the delights of Deal! Love Rachel…..

    • Sarah Harris

      Well said Rachel!….

  • pat green

    We come to deal a couple of times a year for our holidays,we find the people very friendly.

  • me

    Oh how positive you are, now take another look at our town and all others and then tell me how different we are, how awful it is, how there is nothing good about this small seaside town…maybe you should open your eyes once in a while and see EVERYTHING!

  • robyn

    yeaah its not that chavvy compared to other places i have been.
    even though people say deal is bad, to me it isnt.

  • gabbyco

    Ps if Deal really was a chav town it would have a KFC, a branch of McD’s, a Wetherspoons and Argos too.

    It has none of those though it does have Poundland now but, the Quarterdeck is being demolished and rebuilt as shops/ restaurants and flats above in the form of a victorian piazza and as for burberrys not seen many of them in Deal. Even the allegedly chavie areas of Birdwood Avenue and Stockdale Close and Wilson Avenue are not that bad compared to some places.

    At least Deal isn’t a no go area at night, I wonder if the same could be said of Thanet or Dover or Folkestone , Herne Bay and even Whitstable. Finally a chav town isn’t ccomplete without a job centre, Deal is so chavless that their hasn’t been a job centre now for over 4 years after all all chavs that are jobless and non chavs now get to mix with the expert chavs of Dover

  • Haha yes of course.

    pahhaa mate i bet you havent even been to deal, the north end isnt as bad as you think, upper walmers, better than Dover so dont start saying were all chavs. Go have a look at all the other places in Kent and notice that our area’s isnt as bad as down thanet.

  • Gabbyco

    Compared to Dover, Folkestone, Margate, Ramsgate, and Herne Bay Deal isn’t a chav town.

    The High Street is on the up again, the quality of the shops far better than Dover’s, Deal has kept it’s character and it’s history and isn’t overrun with immigrants, alcoholics and drug users unlike most of the other towns I mentioned

    • cwest

      You should go to some of the Medway towns to see chavs. I find Deal kids very polite.

  • Magic..!!

    yesssssss holdzie time to bust out da burberry hats nd stella cans and hit the deck loooool..!!!!