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temple hill

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany, you must be cautious”

obi-wan kenobi (Alec Guiness) – star wars 1977

That one quote roughly sums up temple hill

There are gangs of chav kids, who in their infinite wisdom feel obligated to cause crime so they can obtain a criminal record, which us normal people would try to avoid… they literally do s**t in front of the police just so they can get arrested, these ideals defy all manner of rational thought and logic

The square

ok you got a fish and chip shop here, which sells manky chips i wouldnt even feed a stray dog, because the taste so rough

a laundrette, only because most temple hill-billys cant afford a washing machine

The bakers, not a bad lil place realy, shame about there location

The library????? when most of the population of temple is illiterate, it doesnt make sense… lol heres a true story, I went into that library a little while back and got a couple of books out, I was sat on a bench and some chavettes come over and said ” wots dat?” i said a book, they promptly said “wots dat for den”, I laughed to myself and walked away

The co-op.. now heres another recent story, I was in there the other week and some ugly she-male chav come in with around 5 kids, all the usual names were there chanell, chantelle and so-on… while I was in the queue I was eves-dropping their convo, the youngest must have been about 6 was yammering on about wanting to shag his teacher, now when i was six if I’d have said something like that I would’ve been given a slap of my parents, just shows how much this country is crumbling

ok The housing:

Typical council estate style, lot’s of flats and poorly designed houses

I would say around 75% of the houses have one of the folling in garden
1: busted fridge
2: car engine
3: bath-tub

Very rarely do you ever see nice gardens, except for one that i can remember, some old guy owned it and he had the foresight to cover his garden with wire fencing, looks wierd horozontally, but the last thing he wants is some chavvy scum killing his prized flowers

thats it for today

  • Roger

    I lived on Temple Hill between 1953 and 1973. I have and have had many good things to say about it. Unfortunately I have less to say about the ‘article’ upon which I am commenting. I find it amusing that the post suggests ‘around 75% of the houses have one of the following……etc’ I was down there recently and walked all across TH as a reminder of my ‘roots’ It has gone down a little I would agree, but that’s only compared to what had gone before. I saw no evidence of car engines, fridges and bathtubs in gardens. Granted there may have been ‘articles’ left lying but the claim of the post seems bordering on being ‘economical with the truth’ a little.

    I do not wish to give the post any further dignity by commenting further but I do have some advice for the person who posted it. Go back to the library and get ‘The Ladybird Book of Simple Grammar’ if it’s still in print, and try applying it to your miserable command of the English language in rubbishing places and people who want to get on in their lives. Try to be inspired to rise above what you seem to dislike but don’t trash.

  • Natalie Kent

    Ok, so I used to live in Temple Hill. Im a teen myself and spent my life from the age of 5 till 16 there so now that’s half of my life… I loved it. I didn’t play on the streets and wasn’t out past 8pm. I used to do gardening for my elderly neighbour and honestly, there was and still are a lot of elderly people. When the new houses was built that was when temple hill when down hill. When all the chavs and dog rough people came in. The square is a area i would not recommend heading to if you want good non dodge people. Temple Hill just now had a bad name to the people who recently have moved there.Temple hill is still and could be a pleasant place to live. Depending on the area of Temple Hill.

  • Bethan King

    I agree, temple hill isn’t a exactly pleasant place to live, but it is not the worst, as a teenager who lives there I’m extremely proud to say I am not chavvy nor am I scummy like some of the teens. Also my house is pleasant, it’s clean tidy and well looked after and built.

    dartford itself is a nice place to be, but like I previously said, there are much worse places.

    – Bethan King

    • Natalie Kent

      I agree, i lived there as a teen and (see comment above) its show that temple hill isn’t as bad as its said…

      there ARE worst places…

  • Temple Hillbilly

    Temple Hill is now the Dumping Ground for many recently Demolished South East London Estate’s Problem Family’s. Every day these Misfits wander down into Dartford to the dismay of most people in Dartford.

    They come into Pubs Steeling Toilet Paper from the Toilets, or Sh*tting their Pants at the Bar. You can spot them in their Velor Tracksuits and bright colored Ugg Boots. These people have no Shame or Aspiration. The Women tend to be Short and Morbidly Obese or just Insane. The Men tend to be Drunk the whole time. I can not blame them having to live in such a Dump or have to spend their days with a Troll for the rest of their lifes.

    When the Council dare wander up there after creating such a Social Mess and Sink Estate they have a CARNIVAL. Which is always ignored by the Mass’s and money better spent else where. What is there to Celebrate when you have been dumped on a Sink Estate where you will never Leave. Look at the Council Home swap List everyone want’s to get out.

    There are a few Decent People left who do try to better themselves and get out. But sadly they are a Minority who really have had enough of it all. Estate Agents have overpriced the Property in the Area. Why would anyone pay £130,000 for a One Bedroom Flat to live above a Square where there’s Muggings, Shootings and Knifings the whole time?

    Temple Hill also has some real Dark Forces at Work with the Pylons, Factories Calling Towers and a Oil Power Station behind it the Residents Health is severely bad in many cases. Local MP’s and Governments have a lot to answer for.

  • Jmac55

    OK, I was bought up in Temple Hill starting in the mid fifties and my parents were one of the first families to move in when most of it was still under construction. The idea that in was built as a sink hole estate is nonsense! It was simply part of a massive effort to build homes for returning soldiers and their families after the destruction of the second war war and the shortage that the blitz and the baby boom produced. The alternative would be called slums today; awful dreary damp Victorian houses divided into flats with outside toilets and a shared bath-room.
    It was actually a great place to be brought up back then and as a place to live it has to be put into perspective to the time it was built. What seems to be a glum run down drug riddled state today was a haven for my parents and a paradise for us kids with green space and even farms nearby with fields of wheat and animals and orchards to go scrumping in!
    For sure, the people were working class and poor and tough in those days (but tame by today’s standards), but there was always work to be had by dad’s at Vickers and J&E Halls downtown or in Crayford.
    The problems in these estates today has more to do with a lack of good jobs for working people that will give them some sense of pride and achievement and has little to do with the character of the people who are the children and grandchildren of the people who first lived there.

    • Roger

      I moved to Wordsworth Way in 1953 and went to Temple Hill Primary, I also started an apprenticeship at J&E Hall…I loved the place and come down to see the old haunts.
      I presume you moved away at some time, but it was enjoyable to read your spirited response in defence of TH.


  • robbin barsteward

    I like Dartford, it’s not a bad place. But Temple Hill is a Dumping Ground for problem family’s. Considering some of the People born there have never left there or even been to London it’s quite frightening. It was built on waste land sitting up Marsh’s. I sometimes wish It would permanently flood so the place its cut of from the rest of Dartford.

    It’s one of those sink Estates where the majority will never leave. I don’t care what people claim but Incest is going on there with first cousins. They should “Twin Estate” Temple Hill the hellhole with “Fieldway, New Addington”.

  • Beast Catcher

    Temple Hill was built as a Dumping Ground for all of Dartford’s Social Ill’s and Imbred evils who have ventured there from The Isle Of Sheppy. The Dartford Beast, some huge thirty stone Chavette can be seen bouncing around Temple Hill Square with its Boils on its face. Temple Hill is like the Wrong Turn but worse as the Residents venture out into Dartford’s Town Center to Pound Stretchers and McDonalds.