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from the moment you enter this diseased hell hole you can smell the social waste of time,first stop is market walk a ridiculous sort of shopping centre but with no shops,chavettes complete with squawking sprog and silk cut block your way,negotiate that and you`re on to chapel st,home of the shoplifting chav,he`ll most probably be hanging around in lee`s games a fungus ridden unit that sells out of date playstation games,often with the call of (i`ll ****** ave you)his fellow chavs will descend like a flock of vultures and start the same chant over and over again
night time is heaven to the dedicated chav spotter,they all congregate in harrys bar which has`n t been decorated in it`s entire history and dates back to the early seventies,after swigging the cheap lager,it`s tradition to threaten the bouncer on the way out a favourite threat is (our kid is going to **** you after)the more randy chav will head for applejax which is without doubt the s**ttest nightclub anywhere in britain(probably the world),if you`re unlucky enough to find yourself there avoid all the tattoed birds at the bar as they`ve got a fantastic line in head butting,fighting chavs will also be in attendance,looking for their nemesis the wigan chavs or even worse the bolton crew(more often than not it breaks down completely)bottles of budweiser and chairs go flying and ben sherman shirts get bloodied as well as the immortal chavette call(he`s not worth it gary,phil,mac etc etc)

  • ChorleyIsGreat

    Excuse me, my Grandma lives in Chorley, my father was raised there and I visit there often, it is a wonderful place!

  • Nathan pilkington

    Chorley is good because I love c**k and there’s lots of gays

  • Sir toxic Terry

    Personally I love this town the lushus smell of vinegar in the air from the enticing herion burning on spoons, there is only the highest grade of fine class a drugs such as crack and smack to fill the heart and lungs of all Women and children graceing the streets with there presence, the council treat you as kings makeing you wealthy with all bennafits acquired at the local job centre a prime meeting area for the community, and practically free manshion houses in fine community’s such as liptrot and northgate for haveing many children to follow in your footsteps proudly, there is a strict dress code for the most important of people it consists of rebock classic trainers and a black plastic tracksuit and to top this combination off a Nike tn cap this outfit shows you are a true man or woman of chorley! The town carved by gods

  • chorleyexile

    I tried to read chazzy15´s comment but as its so full of spelling mistakes thrown in with txt tlk its like trying to decipher double dutch. Thing is, they are all as thick as f**k in this town.
    All the blokes trying to puff themselves up to pick a fight on the weakest they can, just so they can try to impress their chavette. Whats worse is they reproduce quicker than rabbits. Only rabbits have a purpose in life, these chavs don´t.

    I think the best thing to do is declare the town a nuclear test zone and Nuke it!
    Stop the f**kers from reproducing then!
    Best thing about chorley is there are good roads around it so you never have to see ken and barbie trying to figure out what all those words in the cartoons in the Sun mean.

  • chazzy15

    ryt iv lived in chrley all ma lyf n i used 2 live off trott n all u lot r mekin out dat chorley is ded bad   bt is fuk man   fukin hell get a grip    n all ma lyfiv lived lived in chorley iv neva bin twatted once   n im always owt every day on streets wi mi m8z so fuk u

  • Gouldy9

    Chorley is the worst place ever. I am unfortunate and live in the area (wheelton) and everytime i go into chorley, which is very rare, i fear for my life. Jsut because i have slightly longer hair, well ok, long hair, they threaten me