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Hester’s Way in Cheltenham is home to some serious pond life. In the Edinburgh Square shopping precinct you can find the
holy trinity of ‘Chav’ retail therapy in a row – Greggs, Farmfoods and a Cheque Centre instant cash shop.
The local Oompa Loompas can then nip round the corner to the Consol Suncenter to top up their instant tan.

Cheltenham is the most racist place I’ve ever found in England. I worked there for about 18 months and regularly heard the words ‘c**n’ and ‘n*gger’ bandied about in the office.

The town is home to a ludicrous bunch of pricks who call themselves the ‘Cheltenham Volunteer Force’.
These bell ends have set up their own website with Lacoste and Stone Island logos and of course the obligatory Burberry check background.
The CVF even dared to take on the mighty Rushden Diamonds firm on their own patch. One of them managed to work out how to work
the camera to capture the big day out:

When they’re not masturbating furiously over Danny Dyer they like to indulge in serious political debate. You can find links to the BNP and English Defence League if you wait long enough for the pages to download (web design is a difficult skill to master when your knuckles scrape along the ground).

By: Olly Cocker

  • Harvey Crichton

    MAD! Obviously not down on the list for the GLOSVEGAS niofghtlight scene where Racism is a thing of the genuyine past. Looks like he got stuck in the office with some morons.It happens. I wonder whny they employed him.

    Ofcourse PEOPLE make places so to have a go at a place is to have a go at people ands their lives and who they are. Which is some serious prejudice. So excuse me for living in some dioablical areas of London and Liverpool as a student and also some millioanire`s houses but it is how you TREAT PEOPLE!

    Hester`s Way ROCKS!!!!! Some of the best people in the world live there!!!! I highly suggest the above commentator gets a new job. he obviously seems very unpolualr with people at work and in his place of abode. I find this Royal County one of the least racist places I have ever been. I say go up North for mad BNP offices and if I see an branch of their I`m burning it down!!!!! Zero Tolerence. They only allow them to opena nd congregate so they can bug them. Margaret Thatcher gave the order on that. Easier to control and shut them down by giving them a seeming legal front. Racism is just ridiculously wrong and you have no right to pin than on a town!! Idiot.

    • Geezer

      Harve y Chricton: Are you speaking/writing English? The original poster is probably right about Cheltenham if you are an example of it’s inhabitants, me personally I have nothing against Cheltenham except to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible, not truck friendly is Cheltenham!

      • http://chavetowns Joan

        I left Hesters Way over 40 years ago, thinking I would do better in Southend, how wrong can you be, next year this old lady is coming home,I’m looking forward to it, if anybody out ther remembers Joan Coates from the Whaddon Estate and later Hesters Way, please get in touch via this website…..would love to hear from you.