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to start off, the word chav basically originated from chatham, as in the ‘Chatham Chav’.
you think of kent as a nice place, and it is, and medway also has its nice areas (mostly in the countryside) .. chatham is a dive! walking through the high street you meet a variety of people ranging from the cast of The Only Way Is Essex and Vicky Pollard.
its quite fun to be honest, if your ever bored with nothing to do.. take a trip to chatham high street.. 10 year old mothers.. 90 year old crack heads.. and of course the usual nutcases that every town has. we even got hit by the riots.. they were not protesting anything they just got bored so they set wickes scrap bins on fire. The kids are anything from 7-29 and their all either smoking, drinking or pissing someone off, you feel vulnerable and intimidated.
You’ll get threatening looks from people when you get your purse or phone out, as if they’re going to jump on you.
I will never stereotype anybody from medway but some of the people who hang around in chatham are filth, you see them all hanging around outside the job centre half-cut or high as a kite, stealing from the shops from as young as 8. groups of people of any age purely out for a fight and not enough police to go around.
Medway can be lovely, ive lived in cliffe woods/cliffe and hoo all my life and its nice but chatham and gillingham are given us southerners a bad name.
By: chloe hughes

  • ChathamLocal

    I love the way people constantly are giving Chatham a bad name and making every issue seem worse that it is, I live in Chatham and yeah it has it’s bad time just as well as everywhere you go does. When you get your purse or phone out people very rarely look at you as if there going to ‘jump on you’ and as for you saying you don’t stereotype anyone, that’s a lie. Every detail of what you have just explained is a stereotype, each time I see someone in there attempts to give Chatham a bad name they always, without fail come up with the same allegations, some things you say are very true but at the same time also very twisted, yeah you do see groups of people hanging around in the street, that’s part of childhood, and no they don’t ‘all’ go out looking for a fight, actually I know quite a lot of the groups that hang around in medway and a majority of them don’t get into fights at all, including me and my group of friends, though we don’t hang around on the streets anymore, the reason there are so many groups of people out on the streets is because there’s nothing for them in Chatham, there’s not much else to do, so please do something half decent with your life rather than ranting on and stereotyping about people you haven’t spoken to or given a chance, just instantly creating allegations towards people who don’t deserve it, Chatham has a bad name because of people like you who give people the wrong impression

    • abbie

      Well said. I am thinking of moving over to chatham from Margate and after reading what you have said it’s put a bit of hope in me. When I moved to Margate reviews were the same. Really getting slagged off when in fact I’ve actually really enjoyed staying here and had no problems at all. I won’t deny there are the few odd bunches of people but don’t you get them anywhere you go?

  • jay

    well i think it sounds great a town that never sleep im 21 and been 2 chatham and its nice place people are funniest education is below average middle classes are like celeb wannabe hard headed gruff with a bleak future chatham is a place were u go from nothing 2 a millionaire were the possibility are endless no gangs just communitys getting by

  • Ashton

    woah woah wow its that bad yano Yeah i was born in Chatham and ive done ok in life but im only 15 to be fair, yeah everyone must of committed a crime in their life if they haven’t well done, but there still is a chance to. All what Chatham is full of no is immigration people. Not like it used to be.

  • Raida

    well, i’m only 12 and growing up in chatham,pronounced cha(t)um, you do realise its a pretty chavvy town. But its not all bad only some particular areas. All my friends older brothers and sisters were chavs, I saw them after school and they looked and talked liked the typical chav. And in some schools(not naming any particular school) the maximum of the kids r chavs and some girls get pregnant in Yr 8 and 9 that explains a lot. But you know nowadays in england chavs are on the streets every night from like 6pm to 6am getting high and smokin fags.Its a shame.

  • Larjanus

    Most of my mum’s side of the family live in Gillingham (Victoria Street, Skinner Street etc) and I used to know the town well back in the 60s and 70s. It was a nice enough place back then, before the pedestrian precinct blocked off the lower end of the high street ( I used to haunt the tiny joke/magic shop by the little park as a kid!). Going back there for a family funeral a few years ago, I was shocked to see the state of the place. Houses boarded up and crumbling into ruin, flocks of unemployed halfwits lurking in every corner, packs of drunks/druggies at the intersection of Canterbury Street…in short, just like every other town in England now. No wonder all my cousins moved out as soon as they were old enough. What a pity.