Cardiff, Rumney

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Since i was about 13, chavs have destroyed the neighbourhood that i grew up in. I grew up in Harris Avenue, Rumney, Cardiff. What once was a normal street, with green trees, and a park to the back of the house, with kids playing has turned into a refuge of chav scum, with the only… Read more »

Barry Town – What’s left of it

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Ok so you have seen Gavin and Stacey? heard what a lovely seaside resort? YOU HEARD WRONG. I have lived here all my life and it isn’t the same place it used to be. These days it’s full of smack heads, speed freaks and the new popular drug – Fert. Nobody cares about having jobs… Read more »

Caerphilly County Burough

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Caerphilly Central Town – Going to town in caerphilly can be a risky game if you were to bump into some scumbag who would have the audacity to start giving you trouble for no reason, it may seem like a nice place to go shopping on a saturday, but saturday nights can be a good time… Read more »

Holywell, Flintshire

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Residing on the banks of the Dee Estuary, which marks the extent to which its pseudo- scouse populace could swim, Holywell is an ecclectic mix of sub cultures. It’s hub is an interbred community from the Strand estate, who would claim that their roots stem back to the ancient Druids. The truth is that their… Read more »

Swansea Shitty City

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Swansea shitty city….has lovely coastal areas and beaches…shame about the rest which includes the football hooligan racist culture and small minds womanizers, working for the weekend type of night life that is filled to the brim with orange tanned short skirt, false nails and eye lashes wearing bintola’s that think of nothing more than their image….then… Read more »