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Whitstable aka Sh*tstable

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Whitstable, a town full of nice little independent shops, a good harbour and lots of friendly people … until about 4:30pm, then the towns high chav population come out and turn the town to s**t every night, doesn’t seem to matter what day of the week it is, I have had beer bottles thrown at me at 5 ‘oclock on week nights for no reason, and the problem just gets worse throughout the night, been out in Whitstable many times and most of these times there is someone off their face on booze or drugs who wants to sell me something or start a fight with me. The main problem with chavs around here is that they always seem pissed off and think they have to take it out on anyone who isn’t them and there mates. These chavs will be seen basically anywhere in Whitstable, you can’t miss them, except maybe in Chestfield (the posh area), and Tankerton which is quite nice too. Its a wonder how there are always so many drunk people out in Whitstable as there isn’t even a single nightclub in the town. The closest thing Whitstable has to a nightclub is the brewery bar which I’m surprised is even still running as whenever there is a special event here, about ten fights get started and hundereds more people get stoned and pull whiteys. Other hotspots for chavs at night are the park, and the beach (seriously avoid the beach at night!). I think if Whitstable did just open something for young people that is half fun this problem wouldn’t be so bad. Tourists have also made the problem worse as they have made the town an expensive place to live forcing the locals to be poorer, so its no wonder a lot of the chavs here are so pissed off. Herne Bay which is right next to Whitstable is known for being a bit rougher and this may be true in the day, but definitely not at night!

By: Whitstable

Whitstable, Kent

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I have lived in Whitstable all my life and really can’t understand why so many posh people go there on holiday, I know its because people say ‘the town has character’ but seems like for all the wrong reasons, the town tries so hard to be different and in doing so young people have hardly anything to do. Which obviously pisses the high chav population off because every night you’ll find millions of drunk chavs around the high street, the park and the beach (seriously avoid whitstable beach at night!). But it isnt only a problem at night, I have once almost had a beer bottle thrown in my face and that was only at 5 in the afternoon! The closest thing Whitstable has to a nightclub is the brewery bar which I’m surprised is even still running as every night at least 10,000 fights get started and people are always getting stoned and pulling whiteys. You would have thought chavs would start to vanish when house prices here went up dramatically here (i think its just because a few celebs moved here), but if anything this has made the problem worse!

By: Whitstable

Wye, Ashford Chav village

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For many people wye may seem like a the perfect place to live quite in the day it has a coop firestation primary school a docters surgery dentist butchers three pubs and is also the location of the famous wife of bath restaurant and a university campus. So a lovely place maybe but it has a dark secret under its peacfull appearence one of these things being the grotty counsil estate little chequers(called little chavvers by myself) which the counsil conveniently hid behind the school row of housing and the park. In this vile hole live all kinds of filth. These people come out of the estate virtually every night drinking swearing loudly and fighting in the street and throwing beer cans and rocks at houses. They uashally make there way up to the bus stop opposite the coop next to the graveyard were they stay in a group of around 10 to15 of varying different ages. They are uashally there opposite my current flat until 12 or 1 in the morning smoking cannabis and drinking. Also several of them park ther s**tty cars there to. also peoples property is also going missing and vandalism happens atleast once a week. Also asides the local group of rowdy pikies car blast through wye at night at high speed. Also i forgot to mention there are peole on the estate selling drugs we no who you are so basically wye is a nice place in the day and a physical nightmare of drugs burglary drunkedness and ASB so DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: anoy

Margate – WHYYYY???

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This is a true story

In the summer of 2011 me and a mate came up with the seemingly brilliant idea of going to Margate for the night. We both had fond memories of visiting margate from our childhood. The funfairs, the beach, the bumper cars, it seemed to make sense. However as we are both in our 20s we understood we may not be able appreciate funfairs and bumper cars but still the beach and perhaps nightlife would be a reason to go there, or so we thought. When we arrived, immedietly I noticed the atmosphere seemed different from my memories as a child. The funfair was non-existent, and the place seemed rather desolate. I parked the car and booked in at a B&B. A small family run B&B, the owners of arab descent offering shisha. Seemed like a decent start. I went up to my room and was surprised to see such dated curtains and the carpet had seen better days. The overall decor was like something from the early 80s, but then again I wouldn’t be in my room much so me and my mate shrugged this of and joked about it.
We wondered outside about 7pm to grab a bite to eat. On the way I couldnt help notice a group of people congregated near a bus stop drinking. A few metres on I saw another group in a corner drinking. Abit further down another group doing the same. This may seem normal as its a saturday but I could see that these were not warm up drinks to prepare for a night out as they were not dressed to go out. They also were not down and outs, nor were they teens. They were just drinking in groups, looking like they were drowning there sorrows. Further down I saw a girl about 7 playing by herself outside, with no parents in sight. Alarms bells started to ring for me, this wasn’t the margate I remember. Me and my mate grabbed some fish and chips which were not bad and excellently priced, so my faith was temporarily restored. We walked further down to the Weatherspoons only to find that there were hardly any people in there. This seemed strange for a saturday night. I went to the bar to get a drink and on my way back to my table a lady walked up to me and asked if she could join me. I said ok why not. Things were looking up. She had two mates with her so they made their way upstairs to where me and my mate were sitting. There was more light upstairs, this was not a good thing as they didn’t look so good in the light of day. But hey, its all about personality so we got talking. One of the girls bragged about living in hackney east london and how she moved her when she was 14. Her friend sat there with her leg draped on the table displaying a flowery tattoo which covered most of her leg. She seemed determined for us to see this tattoo as she kept her leg on the table the whole time. The third friend sat there in a mute-like state not uttering a word. This was not fun! My mate went to get a drink. We continued talking until the girl with the tattoo accused me of being boring. As I am black and dress a certain way I think she expected me to be the typical stereotype, which I am not. I told her she was weird and we engaged in a teen-like argument which involved her saying she is going to call her mates down to beat me up. I laughed this of and called her bluff welcoming all challengers (the bravado kicked in). After a few mins of this I decided to walk away and sit on another table, I didn’t come here for this. I stayed on for another hour with my mate then we left. As we walked out I could see and hear those lovely girls being loud and abrasive, jeering etc. I gave them a winning smile and walked out.
We then walked towards the main nightclub which appropriately was called Escape. It was boarded up and some locals told us its closed due to the recession. We asked them where we can go, they said go ramsgate (a neighbouring town) or kabuki (up the road). I asked which is better, they said there both s**t. Decisions, decisions…. With that in mind we decided to walk towards kabuki. On the way we were greeted by two 40 something women (who looked to be in a drug induced state) growling at us. I replied “sorry what was that” She growled “CIGARETTE” I told I don’t have any. She and her friend ran off still shouting, what they were saying I will never know. We got to kabuki and it looked fairly lively despite being a small venue. We got a couple drinks but noticed the atmosphere was quite hostile. Being a londoner I’m accustomed to hostility when going out but did not expect this in margate. There was one character about 5ft 9, but a stocky bastard wearing a sleveless top, looked like he was in steroids. He was staring at me and my mate and everyone else and seemed to be out looking for trouble. Enough is enough… After an hour we decided to try the other “s**t” option of Ramsgate. We jumped in the car, my mate still had his pint in hand as kabuki seems to let people walk out with bottles and pint glasses. Thankfully I was driving and not my mate.
Within 10-15 mins I was in Ramsgate. Ramsgate looked a bit more upmarket and had a nice river, canal area. We went to a bar there which as my reliable source said lived up to its billing as “s**t”. At least the atmosphere was friendly so we had a couple there then left and went back to dreaded margate. As our hotel was there we had no choice but we contemplated getting our bags and getting the hell out of there, believe me. Here we go, back to Kabuki. My mate stayed in there but I had enough so I sat in my car listening to music. As I sat outside there was an almighty punch up spilling onto the streets outside kabuki. A couple of guys were eyeing up someones girl and a fistfight broke out with mates jumping in. One man was beaten real bad and another ran away. I called my mate and he was alright. I told him in know uncertain words “lets get the f**k out of here”. He came outside and we sat in the car contemplating our next move, its was about 2am. We had two choices, staying in that B&B and wait for daylight or hang around. I preferred the former but my mate went for the latter (between you and me, he’s insane). I drove up the road and saw two ladies with two guys, we pulled up and asked them where we can go for a drink. They said “theres a place up the road but its full of f**kin polish” (there words not mine), the girl then began swearing at one of the guys and tried to attack him, while the other girl was half lying on the bonnet of my car “what the f**k are you doing” I said. “get of my f**king car” I had about enough of this s**t. One of the guys pulled her of my car and I sped of and could see them still arguing and fighting behind me. I looked at my mate and he was laughing his head off. As we neared the polish bar we saw that nutter in kabuki with the sleveless top. As we drove past he was staring at us again “what the f**k is wrong with this guy” says my mate, I said “do you wanna ask him or shall I”, neither of us wanted to ask him so we drove on. We were now outside the polish bar but I told him enough is enough I’m of to bed. We went back to the B&B and rang the bell, after about 15 mins they let us in. I was too tired to complain, I jus went to my room.
Morning came and we decided to quickly get a fry up and piss off back to london. There were not many options as almost every shop was boarded up so back to the Weatherspoons it is. We sat outside and tucked in to our food. A young man about 22 in a electric wheelchair saw us eating and took a shine to my drink. This man had a tube in his neck and didn’t speak. He gestured at my pint glass as if to say GIMME THAT. I didn’t know what to think. He then started shaking my table, he tried to grab my drink. I said “hey stop, its only apple juice” he then muttered a noise resembling “ohh”. He was no longer interested in my drink (perhaps mistaking it for beer). I again looked at my mate, this time he wasn’t laughing his head off. He looked back at me and said “lets get the f**k out of here”. That was all I needed to here. I knew it was time to leave, so on that note we left, never to return again.

By: Maz

Chatham, Kent

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to start off, the word chav basically originated from chatham, as in the ‘Chatham Chav’.
you think of kent as a nice place, and it is, and medway also has its nice areas (mostly in the countryside) .. chatham is a dive! walking through the high street you meet a variety of people ranging from the cast of The Only Way Is Essex and Vicky Pollard.
its quite fun to be honest, if your ever bored with nothing to do.. take a trip to chatham high street.. 10 year old mothers.. 90 year old crack heads.. and of course the usual nutcases that every town has. we even got hit by the riots.. they were not protesting anything they just got bored so they set wickes scrap bins on fire. The kids are anything from 7-29 and their all either smoking, drinking or pissing someone off, you feel vulnerable and intimidated.
You’ll get threatening looks from people when you get your purse or phone out, as if they’re going to jump on you.
I will never stereotype anybody from medway but some of the people who hang around in chatham are filth, you see them all hanging around outside the job centre half-cut or high as a kite, stealing from the shops from as young as 8. groups of people of any age purely out for a fight and not enough police to go around.
Medway can be lovely, ive lived in cliffe woods/cliffe and hoo all my life and its nice but chatham and gillingham are given us southerners a bad name.
By: chloe hughes